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THDP Ch.42 Part 3 – Medical Cultivator Conference (III)

“Brother Su.” Meng Qi and her group had just stepped into the garden when the flower vine in front of one of the gazebo swayed open, and a young man in a dark blue robe came from inside.

“It’s really brother Su!” The man saw Su Junmo and immediately walked towards the group with a bright smile. “I heard my younger sister said that you are coming to the Eastern Realm. My friends and I are still guessing whether we will encounter brother Su. But didn’t expect to coincidentally meet you in Fentian City.”

The blue-robed man smiled even brighter: “If my sister knows, she must regret not coming to Fentian City with me.”

Su Junmo smiled slightly: “Brother Xue is joking.”

“These two are?” The young man surnamed Xue turned his head at Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo. His eyes flashed in surprise. The man in black was in the Golden Core stage. The woman was….eh? Foundation Establishment?

The young man’s smile didn’t change: “Brother Su, why don’t you introduce me to the two fellow Daoists?”

Su Junmo glanced at the young man before introducing him to Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo: “This is fellow Daoist Xue Chengxuan.” After a pause, he added: “He is from Feng Alliance’s Xue clan, and the number one among his family’s younger generation.”

“Brother Su is joking. I’m not worthy.” Xue Chengxuan smiled slightly, “But as the eldest son, my age is indeed the number one.”

Western Realm, Feng Alliance, Xue clan…


Meng Qi’s calm expression suddenly changed. Her eyes brightened, and her face looking at Xue Chengxuan was different from before.

Su Junmo didn’t know how to describe Meng Qi’s current expression. It wasn’t flattering, but similar to a sword cultivator who stepped into Xingluo Pavilion, an Eastern Realm’s spell cultivator who visited Fentian Palace, or himself before the Demon Realm’s Celestial Tree….In short, it was a kind of joy someone naturally showed when seeing the holy land of their cultivation path.

Su Junmo glanced at Xue Chengxuan silently. The time he spent in the Western Realm wasn’t short, and he was familiar with the four major clans of Feng Alliance. Although Xue Chengxuan was being modest just now, his talent in cultivation and medical skill was extremely high. Not only among the Xue clan but even looking at the entire younger generation of Feng Alliance, Xue Chengxuan was extremely outstanding.

“This is Meng Qi from Qingfeng Valley, and this is Qin Xiumo.” Su Junmo introduced his two travel companions.

“Fellow Daoists.” Xue Chengxuan politely greeted them.

Qin Xiumo replied indifferently.

“Fellow Daoist Xue.” Meng Qi returned the greeting, then looked at Xue Chengxuan with bright eyes. “Even in the Eastern Realm, I have long heard about Feng Alliance’s name.”

Xue Chengxuan smiled slightly. He didn’t dislike Meng Qi’s gaze. Although her eyes were obviously very bright, they were devoid of any scheme or greed. “Is fellow Daoist Meng also a medical cultivator?” Xue Chengxuan couldn’t help asking.

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“If you don’t mind, how about join us.” Xue Chengxuan turned sideways and made an inviting gesture: “This time, I am out for a trip with two colleagues. After receiving notice from our elders, we came to the Eastern Realm. As a fellow medical cultivator, we can share our knowledge, which can be considered as a small Medical Cultivator Conference in advance.”

Xue Chengxuan smiled politely. He was handsome, polite, and hailed from the famous Xue clan. Also, both his talent in cultivation and medical skill was very high. At such a young age, he has reached the fourth realm of the Nascent Soul stage, and his medical cultivation was in the fifth rank. Not only the position of Xue Clan’s next clan head, he was even rumored to be the future Feng Alliance’s leader. Therefore, Xue Chengxuan has always been popular with the young female cultivators in the Western Realm.

Meng Qi nodded: “Then, we will bother you.”

Su Junmo: “…”

He looked at Meng Qi and Xue Chengxuan. Having been with this girl for almost half a month, he naturally knew some things about her. Su Junmo wasn’t blind. He was smart and sensitive by nature, so he could clearly see that Meng Qi didn’t like socializing. Along the way, she didn’t talk much with even Qin Xiumo, and generally ignored himself.

But now, she was smiling at Xue Chengxuan…not good!

“Please come in.” Xue Chengxuan stepped aside to open the gazebo’s entrance, then gestured towards Qin Xiumo, “Fellow Daoist Qin, please come in.”

“Brother Su…” He smiled at Su Junmo, “Both of my colleagues inside also know brother Su. They will be very happy to meet you here. Please come in.”

Su Junmo didn’t have any choice. He nodded, and after entering the gazebo, rushed to sit next Xue Chengxuan, separating him from Meng Qi. Indeed, Su Junmo knew the two people inside. They were also members of Feng Alliance, Murong Fei and Wen He. Xue clan, Murong clan, Wen clan, and Li clan were the four major clans of Feng Alliance.

Xue Chengxuan introduced Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo to the two. Since they both knew Su Junmo, along with Xue Chengxuan’s hospitality, the atmosphere soon became harmonious.

“Is fellow Daoist Meng also going to the Medical Cultivator Conference?” After exchanging some latest news with Su Junmo, Xue Chengxuan smiled at Meng Qi, “If so, we can go together.”

“Medical Cultivator Conference?” Meng Qi knew about this conference. However, after leaving Qingfeng Valley in her previous life, she traveled Three Thousand Worlds alone before meeting her master by chance, and thus never joined any sect again. Therefore, she only heard that this Medical Cultivator Conference was a grand gathering held once in ten years by Three Thousand Worlds’ top medical cultivators, but never attended in person.

“Right.” Xue Chengxuan was a little surprised, but quickly explained: “This year is precisely the tenth year. At the beginning of next month, Xingluo Pavilion will host this year’s Medical Cultivator Conference in Xingluo City.”

“Xingluo Pavilion’s Xingluo City?” Meng Qi was very surprised.

“Yes.” Xue Chengxuan nodded with a smile.

A trace of awkwardness flashed on Murong Fei and Wen He’s faces. No matter how strong Xingluo Pavilion was, people would still be surprised to hear that a sword cultivation sect would host a conference for medical cultivators. When they first heard about it, their expressions were similar to Meng Qi.


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