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THDP Ch.42 Part 4 – Medical Cultivator Conference (IV)

“But Xingluo Pavilion, isn’t it a sword cultivation sect?” Meng Qi asked confusedly.

“It’s indeed so.” Xue Chengxuan nodded with a smile, “I heard from my father that Xingluo Pavilion’s new pavilion master has made a promise. During these ten years, he will go to the Starfallen Sea to hunt monster beasts and bring back anything that can be used for medicine.”

“I see.” Meng Qi suddenly understood, “No wonder.”

The majority of medical cultivators were immersed in improving their medical cultivation and only learned some basic offensive techniques for self-defense. Starfallen Sea was the place said to be connected with Three Thousand Worlds, Demon Realm, and Demon Race. There were many kinds of rare flowers and plants, monster beasts and spiritual beasts, many of which could be used to refine medicine, and some were even classified as a legendary class. However, the Starfallen Sea was extremely dangerous. Cultivators below Spirit Severing stage would only meet with certain death there. Even Spirit Severing cultivators could hardly survive, let alone hunting for monster beasts. If someone really wanted to explore the Starfallen Sea, they at least had to be in the Void Comprehending stage.

Naturally, there weren’t many cultivators that strong in Three Thousand Worlds. Moreover, people with that level of strength, how many would be willing to go to the Starfallen Sea and collect medicinal ingredients for medical cultivators?

“It still inappropriate.” Murong Fei was pretty young, and all his dissatisfaction was written on his face. He snorted: “This matter will probably become the biggest black spot in the history of our medical society.”

“Right.” Wen He also looked upset, “I don’t know what the elders are thinking. Both sword cultivators and spell cultivators have always been taking the lead in Three Thousand Worlds. Since three hundred years ago, array cultivators and weapon refiner cultivators are also starting to gain momentum. On the contrary, us medical cultivators have become less and less important. This time, our most important conference is going to be hosted by a sword cultivation sect, isn’t it saying that medical cultivators are going to become a mere vassal under the sword cultivators and spell cultivators.”

Xue Chengxuan didn’t comment. He looked at Meng Qi instead: “What is fellow Daoist Meng’s opinion?”

“I think it’s good.” Meng Qi said truthfully: “This pavilion master of Xingluo Pavilion is actually willing to enter the Starfallen Sea for ten years to hunt down monster beasts and collect medicinal ingredients. Even if Xing Alliance gives him a special seat, I think he deserves it.”

Murong Fei and Wen He looked at Meng Qi in surprise.

What did this Foundation Establishment girl just say?

Did she really suggest such a ridiculous thing?

This was Xing Alliance, a board whose members had to be recommended by the major medical sects, and was responsible for connecting the medical cultivators in the Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern Realm. Although since its first establishment Xing Alliance has never interfered in the sects’ internal affairs, but once there was an emergency, it had the commanding right over the whole medical cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds. In normal time, the Xing alliance was responsible for connecting the medical sects, so its members were almost exclusively the leader or elders from the most influential medical sects.

Is this girl trying to joke?!

“Hahaha…” Xue Chengxuan slammed his palm and laughed heartily. He stood up, lifted his wine cup, and personally filled Meng Qi’s cup with wine: “Fellow Daoist Meng surely has an interesting opinion. I have to toast you a cup.”

Xue Chengxuan raised up the cup in his hand and drank a toast. He then smiled lightly at Meng Qi: “I drank it. Fellow Daoist Meng, up to you.”

Ruyi Inn’s wine was sweet and not that strong. Although Meng Qi wasn’t good at drinking, she still politely finished the content in her cup.

“How refreshing.” Xue Chengxuan sat down. He turned at Murong Fei and Wen He, who were dumbfounded, and sighed, “You guys aren’t farsighted enough.” He said: “As medical cultivators, what is our aim? Is it to improve our skill and knowledge, or to bicker over superficial gain?”

Murong Fei and Wen He were startled.

“Even if some medical cultivators might be strong enough to enter Starfallen Sea and retreat alive, but how many can go hunting the monster beasts inside?”

“My master can.” Wen He murmured. “But other people…” He shook his head, “Two of our elders probably can, but I’m not sure.”

To young disciples, Starfallen Sea was simply a legendary place that they never experienced in hand.

“So now we have someone who is said to be the strongest sword cultivator in the Eastern Realm, who is willing to go to the Starfallen Sea for us for ten years. And in exchange, he only asked to host the Medical Cultivator Conference in his Xingluo City. We are obviously the ones who benefitted more.” Xue Chengxuan smiled at Meng Qi: “Does fellow Daoist Meng think so?”

Meng Qi nodded vigorously: “Yeah!”

Xue Chengxuan’s smile deepened: “If only we can use one Xing Alliance seat for another ten years of hunting….” He looked at Meng Qi. “Our profit will be tremendous.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded again. She even wanted to say, if only they can use the position of Xing Alliance’s deputy leader in exchange of Xingluo Pavilion’s permanent help, the medical cultivators all over Three Thousand Worlds should all be dancing in joy.

That was Starfallen Sea…there were many rare medicinal ingredients that only be found in old tales, not to mention the legendary items that were only recorded in ancient texts. There were even legends that some medical cultivators who perished there left behind jade slips that recorded their medical knowledge. In other words, for the medical cultivators, the Starfallen Sea was a place filled with immeasurable treasures.

Xue Chengxuan kept smiling at Meng Qi. His eyes were much softer than before: “Fellow Daoist Meng, if it doesn’t hinder your plan, you might as well travel to Xingluo City with us. Before the conference begins next month, many medical cultivators from the four realms will go to the city in advance, and there are also many sects who actively recruit talented people at the conference.”

Meng Qi was moved. She has never participated in such a grand event. Medical cultivators from all over Three Thousand Worlds would gather. Simply hearing it was exciting enough. Maybe she could even find a way to cure Xiao Qi there.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded and agreed.


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