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THDP Ch.43 Part 1 – Drunk (I)

“Good.” Xue Chengxuan said. “Fentian City is the closest to the Western Realm. From here, it will take around seven days to reach Xingluo City. We stopped here to visit some friends and will depart in three days. Does fellow Daoist Meng perhaps have another plan?”

Xue Chengxuan’s attitude was gentle and warm, but Murong Fei and Wen He who was looking from the side were surprised. Among the younger generation of Feng Alliance, Xue Chengxuan was the most talented and capable. It was a known fact that the elders had high hopes for him, and he was the most promising candidate to become the future leader of Feng Alliance.

Murong Fei, Wen He, and Xue Chengxuan had a good relationship. Growing up together, they knew that even though Xue Chengxuan always treated others gently, he still didn’t have a Dao companion. Xue Chengxuan was polite to female cultivators but equally so to everyone. Although he looked warm and affable, he has never been too close to any particular person.

Wen He had a younger sister at home. His clan has long wanted a Wen daughter to be Xue Chengxuan’s Dao companion. This way, the Xue and Wen would be tied by marriage. In the future, they would support each other, which would benefit both clans.

When the elders of two clans brought forth this matter, Xue Chengxuan simply dealt with a smile. Towards Wen He’s younger sister, he treated her politely and gently, but without getting too close nor too estranged, no different than before. No one could pick up faults, but they clearly saw that Xue Chengxuan didn’t have unnecessary thoughts towards the girl.

It was Wen He and Murong Fei’s first time to see Xue Chengxuan taking the initiative towards a female cultivator.  They glanced at each other, and couldn’t help looking at Meng Qi again. This Foundation Establishment girl looked pretty good. However, Qingfeng Valley…They remembered Su Junmo’s introduction just now and tried hard to recall, but failed to recognize any medical sect with this name.

Qingfeng Valley was too small. The successive sect leaders were just Golden Core cultivators. Moreover, it was located on the Eastern Realm’s east border, far away from the Western Realm. It was no wonder that Murong Fei and Wen He, two high ranking disciples of the Western Realm’s great sects, never heard about such a small and unknown sect.

They looked at Xue Chengxuan in confusion. This was a talented young man who was valued by Feng Alliance’s elders. Countless young female cultivators in the Western Realm couldn’t move him in the slightest, was it possible that he fell in love at first sight with a Foundation Establishment girl?

Xue Chengxuan ignored his two friends’ reaction, and patiently waited for Meng Qi’s reply.

“Hmm….” Meng Qi carefully considered her plan. She came to Fentian City only for the jade cicada vine on the cliff outside this city. Moreover…

She watched with satisfaction how Su Junmo remained quiet since Xue Chengxuan appeared.

Anyway, she definitely wanted to go to Xingluo City. If she accepted this invitation, she could talk with Feng Alliance’s medical cultivators along the way, which absolutely would be better than having the noisy fox blabbering nonstop about Demon Realm’s gossips.

After thinking for a while, Meng Qi ignored Su Junmo’s desperate eye signal and nodded: “Many thanks for fellow Daoist Xue. Should we meet at the city gate in three days?”

“Good.” Xue Chengxuan smiled softly. “By the way, what is fellow Daoist Meng’s business coming to Fentian City? Maybe I can help a bit. Although my visits to Fentian City aren’t many, I still have some friends here who can help.”

“Many thanks for fellow Daoist Xue.” Meng Qi smiled back, “I can handle it myself.”

Although Meng Qi’s expression was as calm as usual, she began to be dizzy. Looking at Xue Chengxuan, she felt that the man had split into two.

Is it because of the cup of wine just now?

Meng Qi hardly touched wine before. In fact, it was hard for cultivators to get drunk, but Meng Qi was still in the Foundation Establishment stage. Ruyi Inn’s wine was made from ten kinds of spiritual flowers and spiritual herbs. Although the taste was sweet and light, its effect wasn’t half-hearted. Even a Golden Core cultivator who wasn’t used to drinking could become drunk after just a few cups.

Meng Qi subconsciously raised her hand to grip the table.

Qin Xiumo was originally sitting on the side indifferently, taking no care about Xue Chengxuan’s group. But he was the first to notice Meng Qi’s abnormality. He suddenly stood up: “Let’s go.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi raised her head at Qin Xiumo. Her eyes were hazy, “Go…” She shook her head: “Go where?”

“Go back to rest.” Qin Xiumo replied.

“Oh, okay.” Meng Qi nodded obediently, her white cheeks were dyed in crimson.

Qin Xiumo’s fingers twitched slightly. He was used to seeing Meng Qi’s usually serious and calm appearance, seemingly rejecting people thousands of miles away. But now, she looked more like a girl of her age, and surprisingly also looked….cute? Was she really drunk? Compared to when she was sober, Meng Qi seemed to be very obedient now.

Qin Xiumo coughed lightly. He then reached out an arm to pull Meng Qi up. Sure enough, the girl obediently got up and stood beside him. “We just had a long journey. She is tired and now drunk. I will take her to rest.” Qin Xiumo took Meng Qi’s hand and walked out of the gazebo.

“I’m sorry.” Xue Chengxuan hurriedly stood up and sent the two out of the gazebo. He looked at Meng Qi apologetically: “I don’t know that fellow Daoist Meng cannot drink, it’s my fault.” Xue Chengxuan hurriedly ordered the waiter who was waiting outside: “Send the two people to rest. Put their tabs on mine.”

“Yes.” The waiter smiled and led Qin Xiumo toward the backyard, “This way, please.”


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  1. I really liked the chapter thank you for updating, I was having a bad day and you just made it a hundred times better.

  2. First of all thanks to the translator who made a wonderfull job, also to the donators. Thanks

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