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THDP Ch.43 Part 4 – Drunk (IV)

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“Eh?” Xue Jinwen walked towards Meng Qi and squeezed her cheek, “Did you drunk?”

“How does sister Xue know?” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“If you use jade slip to visit Beyond The Heaven when drunk, you will be even drunker.” Smiling lightly, Xue Jinwen explained: “The owner once said, Beyond The Heaven isn’t paradise separated from the world, but more like a momentary dream. If someone comes here when drunk, they will get even drunker.”

“For this reason?” Meng Qi muttered.

“What is your purpose coming today?” Xue Jinwen stared at Meng Qi for a moment, then asked with a smile: “Did you hear about the Medical Cultivator Conference?”

“Mm.” Meng Qi nodded. She was a wandering cultivator in her previous life, and her master wasn’t a medical cultivator. Although she had heard about the conference, it was no more than passing news.

“Then, do you know?” Xue Jinwen said: “This year’s Medical Cultivator Conference is in Xingluo City, hosted by Xingluo Pavilion.”

“I know.” Meng Qi nodded. A bit wobblingly, she tried to support her body on the door frame.

“Come in, sit down first.” Amused, Xue Jinwen took her to sit in front of a bookcase. “Xingluo Pavilion is the number one sword sect in the Eastern Realm. I have heard many medical cultivators complaining over this these day, saying that it is sweeping the face of medical cultivators.” She chuckled: “My father and other elders at home also argued for a long time about this matter. Later, my elder brother came forward and finally convinced them to accept this proposal.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded: “I know.” After a pause, she said: “Xingluo Pavilion Master promised to enter the Starfallen Sea for ten years. No matter how it is calculated, we are taking advantage of this deal.”

Xue Jinwen was startled. A hint of surprise flashed in her enchanting eyes, and she couldn’t help laughing out: “If my elder brother meets you…yes, he surely will make you a confidant. Did you know? He also said the same words to our father. Yeah…” Xue Jinwen used Meng Qi’s tone: “He also thinks that we are taking advantage.”

Meng Qi’s brain suddenly buzzed. She felt like she should remember a certain thing. But her head was really dizzy. The thought simply flashed by and quickly passed through her mind without her being able to clearly grasp.

She shook her head and realized that she was indeed had became dizzier than before. “Sister Xue.” Meng Qi said: “I want to find something, can I ask your help?” She quickly added: “I will pay you spirit stones separately. Sister Xue has helped me many times.”

“Since you call me sister, no need to be so polite.” Xue Jinwen pinched Meng Qi’s cheek again. She found that the drunk Meng Qi was really cute and nice to pinch. “Say it, what do you need?”

“Books about Medical Cultivator Conference, and an ice jade box.”

“Okay.” Xue Jinwen nodded, “At this hour tomorrow, you should come here again.”

“Thank you, sister.” Meng Qi nodded at her.

“Alright.” Xue Jinwen looked at the girl drunken and hazy look. She smiled and shook her head, “You should go back and rest now.” She helped Meng Qi stood up: “How much alcohol did you drink? How did you get so drunk?”

“One cup.” Meng Qi shook her head again.

As Xue Jinwen said, after coming to Beyond The Heaven, she felt her drunkenness became heavier and heavier. What Meng Qi didn’t know, however, this wasn’t completely Beyond The Heaven’s fault. The wine she drank had a great effect. Xue Chengxuan’s group ordered one of the best wines in Ruyi Inn. Once, a cultivator in Foundation Establishment stage came to Ruyi Inn and drank three cups of this wine. They collapsed to the ground and was drunk for one day and one night. For Meng Qi, who wasn’t used to alcohol, one cup was enough to make her drunk.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you to the teleportation array.” Xue Jinwen shook her head and helped Meng Qi stood up. When they walked out of the courtyard, the cultivators who were staring at Xue Jinwen saw her came out with someone else, and their eyes instantly lit up. But soon, they looked away in disappointment. The person who accompanied Xue Jinwen was just a very young little girl, didn’t seem to be able to refine something as special as those Beiming Pill. She was probably Xue Jinwen’s friend, who came to visit her at Beyond The Heaven.

The corners of Xue Jinwen’s lips raised slightly. What was the use of them squatting here for days? Even when seeing Xiao Qi, they couldn’t recognize her as the person they were looking for.

Xue Jinwen accompanied Meng Qi to the teleportation array. Meng Qi forced herself to stand up straight and said to Xue Jinwen: “Sister Xue, I can go by myself. You should go back.”

“Okay.” Xue Jinwen nodded at Meng Qi with a smile. She brought back the Beiming Pill she got from Meng Qi to her home, which caused an uproar. Xue clan from the Western Realm was the leader among medical sects in Three Thousand Worlds. But even so, none of them could figure out how the pills were refined. The elders in the clan wanted to ask Xue Jinwen for information about Xiao Qi. Only her elder brother stood against the crowd and prevented the elders from questioning her again and again.

From a young age, Xue Jinwen knew that her elder brother would be the future head of Xue clan, and also a strong candidate for Feng Alliance’s leader. The clan elders had high hopes for him, and he was indeed talented and has never disappointed. It was just people, even their father who regarded her elder brother the most, sometimes couldn’t understand the young man’s thought. But this was also okay. With such an elder brother, her time in Xue clan wouldn’t be too unbearable. She could still stay at home happily.

Xue Jinwen watched Xiao Qi stepped into the teleportation array. Xue Jinwen just turned around and was about to leave when she suddenly turned back quickly. “Hey!” Xue Jinwen wanted to stop Xiao Qi, but the teleportation array had been activated, and the girl’s figure disappeared.

Xue Jinwen stunned for a moment, and quickly walked into the array.

Meng Qi thought that she didn’t make a mistake. But when the light dissipated and she walked out of the teleportation array, she discovered that she had arrived at an unfamiliar place.

This place is…

She looked around, only to see blue sky and floating clouds, that seemingly was much higher than when she was at the Profound Auction House’s floating island just now. She then looked up, but couldn’t see any floating islands in the sky above.

Where is here?

Her head had become dizzier, and she wobbled forward. After merely a few steps, Meng Qi’s feet suddenly felt soft, and she staggered down.


A white-robed man suddenly rushed from behind. A trace of helplessness flashed across his face when he steadily reached out his arms to catch Meng Qi’s falling body.


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  1. Tky Hehe Is it her master, the owner of beyond heaven and the white tiger, to rescue the damsel in distress? and that Chen guy, Xue Chengyang is Xue Jinwen’s brother ?! So he’s not mean? But if he is bad and is Jinwen’s older brother ….

  2. Her intelligence seems to wax and wane…sometimes I think she is very smart and others she is just plain idiotic….

    1. Koffean, I just want to say, your taste in novels is A++. Binging your translations has made my past two weeks.

  3. thanks for the chapter.

    But you would really think that our MC, being so involved with medicine, would know of some method to combat the effects of alcohol.

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  5. I can imagine an AU where MQ ends up with XCX instead and there are shenanigans of XCX and XJW talking about “XCX’s beloved, the promising young Meng Qi” and “XJW’s good friend, the genius healer Xiao Qi”, not realizing they’re talking about the same person.

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