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THDP Ch 44 Part 1 – Master, Do You No Longer Want Me? (I)

Xue Jinwen stepped into the teleportation array that Meng Qi had just used. A light flashed, and in the next moment, she was standing in front of a tall building with carved decorations. The building looked beautiful and majestic, and a mysterious fragrance came from inside, filling the air. This was Beyond The Heaven Restaurant, located on the second highest floating island.

Xue Jinwen looked around, but didn’t see Meng Qi anywhere.


She was only a step behind. They used the same transportation array one after another. Moreover, Xiao Qi was drunk and couldn’t even walk steadily, so she shouldn’t be away that fast.

But outside the building, apart from a few waiters in duty, there was no other figure.

Did she see it wrong?

Xue Jinwen looked around thoughtfully. She clearly saw Meng Qi entered the teleportation array leading to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. The one that led to the city gate was on the left.

But, she might be wrong.

Xue Jinwen shook her head. She turned back and returned to the floating island where the Profound Auction House was located. Xiao Qi asked her to find an ice jade box and records regarding Medical Cultivators Conference. This request wasn’t difficult.

After considering for a moment, Xue Jinwen left Beyond The Heaven and returned to Xue residence.

Xue clan was one of the four influential clans that controlled the four largest medical sects in the Western Realm. Almost every medical cultivator of Three Thousand Worlds knew about Xue clan, and their sect has existed for thousands of years.

Xue Jinwen came out of his room and walked towards the library building.

Xue clan was also one of the four major sects of Feng Alliance. In the past five hundred years, every Feng Alliance’s leader came from Xue clan. On top of that, Xue Jinwen’s eldest brother was the current most promising candidate for the next leader. It could be said that Xue clan has begun to become the number one member of Feng Alliance.

Xue Jinwen entered the library building. The knowledge accumulated by such a long-lasting, influential clan was naturally extensive. Even Xue Jinwen couldn’t imagine that she would be able to read all of these books one day. The library was located in a twelve-story wooden building, with spiraling stairs that went upward until abruptly stopped before the top three floors. Besides this, there was also a protective array set up by the Xue clan’s ancestors, which protected the library.

“Third Miss.” The disciple in charge of guarding the library nodded and greeted Xue Jinwen. Although his expression wasn’t respectful, he was still polite.

Xue Jinwen returned the greeting and walked to the library’s fourth floor. The books on this floor were about the history of Three Thousand Worlds’ medical cultivation, classical quotations, and biographies of famous medical cultivators. Xue Jinwen looked along the rows of bookshelves almost as tall as the ceiling and finally stopped on the innermost row.

Medical Cultivators Conference.

Xue Jinwen looked at the words engraved on the bookshelf. This was what she searched for. She might find similar records in Beyond The Heaven, but no place had a more complete collection than the Xue clan.

Xue Jinwen was really fond of Xiao Qi. These weren’t family legacies that had to be kept secret, so she simply went home and planned to copy the records about the Medical Cultivators Conference for Xiao Qi.

“Third younger sister.” Xue Jinwen was about to take the bamboo slips when a woman’s charming voice came from behind. “What are you looking for?”

“Medical Cultivators Conference?” The woman didn’t wait for Xue Jinwen’s reply and looked at the words engraved on the bookshelf. “Third sister, do you also want to go to this year’s Medical Cultivators Conference?”

Xue Jinwen’s hand stiffened, and her eyes dimmed. Her back was still turned, so the woman who called her ‘third younger sister’ couldn’t see her expression at the moment. Xue Jinwen closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, the corners of her lips had already raised into her usual charming, lazy smile. She turned around and respectfully curtsied to the woman: “Eldest sister.”

Standing next to the bookshelf was a tall and slender beautiful woman in a goose yellow dress. Her facial features were charming, and her long black hair rolled into a simple and elegant hairdo, decorated with a few small pearls. Looking at her appearance, the woman called ‘eldest sister’ by Xue Jinwen was even more beautiful than her younger sister. Moreover, she also looked very dignified and elegant.

This person was Xue Zichen, Xue Jinwen’s eldest sister.

The woman glanced lightly at her younger sister: “Father did not say that he will take you to the conference this time.” After a pause, she said: “Father wants you to concentrate on your cultivation. Your younger sister is five years younger than you. At that age, she already formed her golden core. Her medical cultivation are about to break through the third rank to the fourth rank. As a member of Xue clan, you can’t be left behind, do you understand?”

“Yes.” Xue Jinwen smiled sweetly, “Eldest sister is right. I must concentrate on my cultivation and live up to father and sister’s expectations.”

“When you reach the fourth grade, I may ask father to take you to the next conference ten years later.” Xue Zichen moved her sleeves, “Go back.”

“Thank you, eldest sister.” Xue Jinwen curtsied, turned around, and went out of the library.

Xue Zichen did not leave. She stayed there and looked at the row of tall bookshelves before her. Xue Jinwen’s footsteps gradually drifted away, and the library building finally became quiet once again.

“Come out.” Xue Zichen turned her eyes slightly to one side. A smile appeared on her face: “Still want to hide?”


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  1. Xue Jinwen has such a terrible family and it’s because of their attitude toward her that even the servants don’t respect her. I hope she can stand strong on her own and reject her family who clearly doesn’t care for her.

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