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THDP Ch 44 Part 3 – Master, Do You No Longer Want Me? (III)

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The white-robed man stepped into a courtyard. There were only two buildings in the courtyard. One of them had open doors. The man walked in with Meng Qi in his arms and carefully put her down on the spacious bed inside the room.

The bed was covered with soft brocade and a bed curtain decorated with a landscape motif. When Meng Qi’s small body was placed on the bed, she looked so small, making people felt soft.

The man suddenly raised his hand to rub Meng Qi’s head——just like she always did to him.

He quickly withdrew his hand and couldn’t help but feel funny. What did he want to do to a little girl?! Although Meng Qi did some unspeakable things to him, after all, she was a kind-hearted girl.

And she didn’t know that he…

“Meng Qi.” The white-robed man called with a low voice. His voice was clear and cold, and it was pleasant to the ears. When he deliberately lowered his voice, it had a hint of soothing effect.

As if he was coaxing Meng Qi, the man leaned slightly. He looked into Meng Qi’s eyes and asked softly, “Can you hear me?”

In her daze, Meng Qi nodded slowly.

As if praising her, the white-robed man reached out his hand and rubbed Meng Qi’s hair again. This time, he didn’t retract his hand so quickly, and his slender, dry fingers stayed between her hair for a while.

“Meng Qi, tell me.” He asked patiently, “Who taught you about your arrays?”

When the man saw Meng Qi entering Beyond The Heaven, he deliberately followed behind, just to ask this question. For this reason, he didn’t hesitate to manipulate the teleportation array to send her to the highest floating island and even used a little trick to make Meng Qi more drunk than usual. Otherwise, no matter how strong Ruyi Inn’s wine was, one cup wouldn’t be enough to make Meng Qi so drunk.

“Who taught me the array…” Meng Qi repeated his words in a murmur. Her head was too dizzy. For a long time, she couldn’t react to the words. “What array?” She stared blankly into the white-robed man’s eyes.

“The array you used to refine medicine, the protective array, the array to draw aura from spirit stone, and….” The man’s eyes flickered, his gaze fell on Meng Qi’s wrist: “The one engraved on your medical knife.” He asked, “Who taught you?”

“…who taught me?” Meng Qi was looked puzzled. She stared at the white-robed man in a daze. Eyebrows like a sword, and eyes like stars. This face was certainly loved by heaven. It was flawless without blemish and impeccably perfect.

Really, really, really beautiful!

“Yes.” The man smiled at her slightly. But the smile was devoid of emotion and did not reach his eyes. “Who taught you those arrays?”

He had to figure this out. Meng Qi was just a cultivator in the Qi Condensation stage. Even though she was now in the Foundation Establishment stage, she was still a small and insignificant being. But when she showed her moves, none was not astonishing: from the Lihuo great fire array she used for refining medicine to the array engraved on her medical knife, and even the protective array. The most important thing was that she even knew the star array of the celestial demon’s white tiger clan.

The man himself was an expert in array. Even among celestial demons, he was outstanding. He could tell at a glance that Meng Qi definitely received guidance from a talented teacher. And this talented teacher, almost certainly came from his white tiger clan.

The man’s eyes became slightly cold. He really wanted to see which clan member actually taught such an important array to a young human cultivator in the Qi Condensation stage.

Meng Qi’s eyes reddened. She suddenly reached out and grabbed the man’s robe tightly. “Master!” Meng Qi’s called with a choked voice. She didn’t cry, but clenched the robe in her hand tightly and tried to lift her body into the man’s arms.

“Master…” Meng Qi’s thin shoulders trembled slightly. Her voice was shaken: “Do you no longer want me? Hick….” A low sob flowed from her lips, but soon was forcibly held back.

The man’s body stiffened. Completely had no clue how things suddenly turned like this. He slowly lowered his head, only to see the girl’s thin and slender shoulders. She must endure her very hard. Her shoulders twitched lightly, but her cry was almost inaudible. Only occasionally, one or two small sobs came from her mouth.


The white-robed man was totally stunned. He has never accepted a disciple. He has been alone for thousands of years, doing everything he liked without restrain. Why someone suddenly grabbed him and called him master?!

“You…” He looked at the girl who was crying very sadly, but tried hard to not let her cry came out. The words that had reached his lips were instantly swallowed again.

“You…” The man raised his hand stiffly, letting it hanging in the air for a long time before finally patted Meng Qi’s shoulder gently: “Don’t cry.”

“Woohoo…” This time, Meng Qi was not at all obedient. “Master, I miss you so much. I have been looking for you for a long time, but I don’t know where to find you.” She choked: “I’m waiting…waiting to see you again.” Meng Qi raised her head and looked at the man with her red eyes. Her long eyelashes were wet with tears that also wet her small and white face. She looked pitiful, but adorable.

The white-robed man has seen many sides of Meng Qi. The girl usually was calm and unperturbed, sometimes a little cunning. But it was his first time seeing her like this. When a usually strong and brave person were shedding tears, it was actually this pitiful. He had seen many beauties who were more beautiful than Meng Qi cry, but they never aroused the same feeling from him.


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A certain white-robed man: “Which clan member dares to teach such important arrays to a weak human girl?!!”

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