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THDP Ch. 46 Part 1 – To Huajiang Manor (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.45 Part 3.

For a while, even Xue Chengxuan lost his speech. He looked at Meng Qi in a daze, never expecting that this girl he thought was interesting yesterday was actually the one he was looking for on his trip to Fentian City this time.

However, a Foundation Establishment…Xue Chengxuan’s expression was not as obvious as Murong Fei’s and Wen He’s. He cupped his hand to Meng Qi and said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist Meng is skilled and benevolent. This one admires you.”

“Fellow Daoist Xue overpraises.” Meng Qi returned the courtesy.

“I wonder how fellow Daoist cured the injury caused by immortal devouring vine?”

Chu Tianfeng said that Meng Qi could cure the immortal devouring vine. Su Junmo also testified the same. Xue Chengxuan had absolute trust in these two. He didn’t doubt the truth of this matter at all, nor did he try to inquire how Meng Qi, a small Foundation Establishment cultivator, had this ability.

“Brother Xue.” Su Junmo suddenly jumped in. “Although I’m not a medical cultivator, I also know the rules of your circle.”

“Right.” Xue Chengxuan nodded with a smile, readily admitted, “I momentarily forgot the rules.”

Meng Qi was at a loss. She was an orthodox medical cultivator, but after leaving Qingfeng Valley in her previous life, she never joined another sect. Afterward, she followed her Master. That man was very powerful and was always free and unrestrained. Not to mention the rules among medical cultivators, the man even never asked Meng Qi to fulfill the standard rules between master and disciple. Of course, it was also because the other party never acknowledged Meng Qi as his disciple.

Xue Chengxuan pondered for a moment: “Since fellow Daoist can heal the immortal devouring vine injury, then among the medical cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds, your knowledge should be extensive, and there is no shortage of medical skills scriptures.”

Although Meng Qi has lived for two lifetimes, in front of the heir cultivated by Feng Alliance, she still couldn’t mask her expression. Xue Chengxuan knew at a glance that this girl probably didn’t know the rules mentioned by Su Junmo.

Xue Chengxuan also didn’t intend to take advantage of Meng Qi. Instead, he smiled and explained patiently: “Two thousand years ago, the Devil Realm suddenly invaded us through the Starfallen Sea. In a short period, countless living beings in Three Thousand Worlds perished, including many cultivators. Fellow Daoist might also learn about this, but during that catastrophe, countless sects were wiped out overnight, especially medical cultivators, whose self-protection ability was lower than that of spell cultivators and sword cultivators. Later, even though the Devil Realm was finally driven back by our ancestors, countless knowledge has been lost, including many medical spells and formulas, and medical cultivation has regressed at least one thousand years backward.”

Meng Qi nodded. Of course she knew about it. In the entire Three Thousand Worlds, no one didn’t know the catastrophe of two thousand years ago. Legend said that the sun and moonlight of that year were almost dyed red by cultivators’ blood. Several sects closest to the Starfallen Sea were destroyed overnight alongside the knowledge they accumulated over the years. The loss was so massive that many cultivators still sighed when mentioning it.

Not only Meng Qi, but Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo’s expression also turned heavy. They came from large sects, with a history stretched for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. What happened that year was recorded in the history books of their respective sects. Later, the four realms in Three Thousand Worlds joined forces, and even the Demon Realm sent celestial demons to help the human race, and thus the Devil Realm’s invaders were defeated, wiping almost their entire army. Three Thousand World was victorious, but also paid hefty prices. Countless predecessors fell in that war.

The dead would never return. The ruined sects disappeared into the long river of history, and the lost knowledge remained lost.

Xue Chengxuan sighed softly: “Shortly after we drove the devil invaders away, the medical cultivators of the four realms came forward and formed an alliance. They also laid down rules. Once every ten years, the Medical Cultivation Conference will be held. It is to prevent the same mistake from happening again. The conference is used to promote the exchange of knowledge between medical sects and cultivators. This way, even if a great calamity ever happened again, some secret legacies, spells, and formulas will not be permanently lost.”

Meng Qi nodded solemnly: “Our predecessors are wise and visioners. Truly admirable.”

She has never been to the Medical Cultivator Conference and had little communication with other orthodox medical cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds. In Qingfeng Valley, no one taught her this. After Meng Qi saved Chu Tianfeng in her previous life, she was imprisoned immediately afterward and had no chance to have any contact with Elder Yan again.

In this life, when she was about to leave Qingfeng Valley, Elder Yan gave her all the records of his travels and medical notes. Although he said that it was to exchange the treatment method for the immortal devouring vine, Meng Qi knew that it was merely an excuse.

Meng Qi pondered for a while. She took out a bamboo slip from her storage space and held it in her palm. A soft light gradually surrounded her body, and she quickly wrote down the treatment method for the immortal devouring vine.

“Immortal devouring vine is actually not difficult to treat.” Meng Qi put the bamboo slip on Xue Chengxuan’s hand, and said generously: “Fellow Daoist Xue comes from a famous medical sect, and your knowledge is far better than mine. You should be able to find out the method by yourself. However, the injured cultivators cannot wait.”

Xue Chengxuan was moved. He stared at the bamboo slip in his palm, then raised his head to look at Meng Qi. The girl’s eyes were clear without impurity. He remembered her words from yesterday. This kind of open-minded and calm girl, indeed seemed to be someone who would do a thing like this.

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Xue Chengxuan didn’t know how to express his dilemmatic feeling. “I am not…” He really didn’t have the intention to arouse Meng Qi’s sympathy and made her take the initiative to hand over the treatment method.

He just……


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