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THDP Ch. 46 Part 2 – To Huajiang Manor (II)

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Xue Chengxuan sighed, “After the establishment of the Medical Cultivator Conference, one of the rules established is regarding the exchange of medical knowledge. Whether it was between individuals or between sects, the party who proposed the exchange should offer another knowledge double in value. And, no one can force anyone to do the exchange.”

After speaking, he took out two bamboo slips from his storage space and held them before Meng Qi: “Fellow Daoist Meng is kindhearted. However, I cannot break the rules of the medical cultivation society. These are the Yinyue sword method and the formula for Nine Huiyang Pill.”

Still staring at Meng Qi, Xue Chengxuan said: “Although Yinyue sword method is a swordsmanship art, it is very suitable to use with the medical knife we familiar with. The formula for Nine Huiyang Pill is based on the original Huiyang Pill, but with higher efficacy. I want to use them in exchange for the treatment method of immortal devouring vine. If fellow Daoist Meng dissatisfied, I would exchange it for something else.”

“Brother Xue!” When Murong Fei and Wen He heard the ‘Nine Huiyang Pill’ and ‘Yinyue sword method,’ their expression changed. The two spontaneously shouted at Xue Chengxuan, trying to dissuade him.

Neither of these belonged to the Feng Alliance or Xue clan. The Yinyue sword method was an offensive skill learned by Xue Chengxuan. Years ago, when he went out to real-world practice, he encountered this method by chance when collecting medicinal material in a deep valley. Perhaps some predecessor left it behind, but the sword technique was very suited to be used with a medical knife, as if being tailored for medical cultivators’ use.

After Xue Chengxuan mastered the Yinyue sword method, not only medical cultivators, but also sword cultivators have come over the years to ask for some hands-on guidance, only to be defeated by him.

But he was going to give it out?!

They only met this Meng Qi yesterday, and this girl was indeed just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Who knew whether her treatment method would really be effective to cure the immortal devouring vine injury or not.

As for Nine Huiyang Pill, this was also the formula that Xue Chengxuan improved by himself based on Xue clan’s Huiyang Pill. Feng Alliance rule was the person who improved a formula has its ownership. They could choose to keep it by themselves or hand it over to their sect in exchange for contribution points. In addition, all sect disciples who wanted to learn this formula must spend a certain amount of sect contribution point to redeem the formula. Eighty percent of those points would go to the one who made the original improvement.

In a place like Feng Alliance, contribution points could be used for many things. Some precious heavenly treasures, rare materials that hard to find in the other place, and various secret spells and formulas could be exchanged with the contribution point.

In Murong Fei and Wen He’s eyes, although Ninth Huiyang Pill’s formula was precious, its value was still far from the Yinyue sword method. Because Xue Chengxuan didn’t hand the method over to the sect, no one else in the Feng Alliance has learned it. Now, he actually wanted to give it to a Foundation Establishment girl he just knew for one day.

How could they not be surprised!

Meng Qi saw Murong Fei and Wen He’s reaction. She glanced at the bamboo slips on Xue Chengxuan’s palm and said: “It’s too expensive.” She reached out and took the bamboo slip that recorded the Nine Huiyang Pill formula: “One is enough.”

Her cultivation talent was too average. Even if she tried hard to learn offensive technique, the progress was too slow. By looking at Murong Fei and Wen He’s nervous face, this Yinyue sword method should be very precious and strong, so it would only be wasted in her hand.

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Xue Chengxuan smiled bitterly. “This one is Feng Alliance’s Xue Clan’s eldest son. I cannot break the rules of the medical society.” He reached out his hand, covering his left hand with the sleeve of his robe, and held Meng Qi’s hand through the layer of his sleeve: “I hope fellow Daoist Meng can accept it.” Xue Chengxuan put both bamboo slips into her palms.

When Xue Chengxuan held Meng Qi’s hand, Qin Xiumo, Chu Tianfeng, and even Su Junmo stepped forward immediately. The three men glared at Xue Chengxuan’s hand with scorching eyes.

With a loud ‘clang,’ Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword instantly appeared mid-air.

Su Junmo began to doubt. Wasn’t Xue Chengxuan a gentleman? What did he want to do? How dared he did that to the future Demon Queen? Did he no longer want to live?!

Chu Tianfeng’s expression was extremely dark. His eyes were alternating between Meng Qi’s face and Xue Chengxuan’s hand. His right index finger and thumb were already in a position, ready to launch a spell without a moment’s notice.

However, before any of them could move, Xue Chengxuan already released Meng Qi’s hand and backed away several steps. He held the bamboo slip that Meng Qi gave him and quickly scanned the content. His eyes flashed: “Huh?”

Murong Fei and Wen He looked at Meng Qi warily, waiting for Xue Cheng to reveal any suspicion, so they could immediately apprehend this little Foundation Establishment girl.

“What a clever idea!” Xue Chengxuan’s eyes widened in surprise, “This…fellow Daoist Meng, you possessed not only a kind heart, but also a bright mind. Truly admirable! With this method, even a healer in the Foundation Establishment stage can perfectly perform it. Um…the Suixin spell is a bit troublesome. But there is another way to hunt the five elements blue crane without damaging the five elements spiritual property in its blood.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi became curious, “What method is it??”

“With Great Ascension Illusion spell.” Xue Chengxuan was about to take out another bamboo slip, but suddenly startled. A little guiltily, he said: “Fellow Daoist Meng, I am sorry. This is Feng Alliance’s spell and cannot be taught to an outsider.” He explained: “Great Ascension Illusion spell is very useful to preserve the spiritual property in a monster beast’s body. In addition….” Xue Chengxuan pondered for a moment: “A cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage can refine Great Ascension Illusion powder, which has a similar effect. But this formula is also Feng Alliance’s property, and I cannot give it to you.”

“I see…” Meng Qi didn’t show much interest when she heard the name Yinyue Sword method that made Murong Fei and Wen He nervous. But after Xue Chengxuan told her about the Great Ascension Illusion powder, her face was full of yearning.


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