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THDP Ch. 46 Part 4 – To Huajiang Manor (IV)

“During the Medical Cultivator Conference, there is a custom for major medical sects to select talented cultivators that excel in the Grand Tournament to join their sects.” Xue Chengxuan turned his head to look at Meng Qi, and asked softly, “Fellow Daoist Meng, is your sect also going to participate?”

Meng Qi shook her head: “I don’t have a sect.”

She was not the kind of person who would retract her decision. Since she had made up her mind to leave Qingfeng Valley, she no longer has any ties with it.

Xue Chengxuan’s eyes lit up. In fact, after he found out that Meng Qi didn’t even know the basic rule laid down by the medical cultivator society, he suspected that she wasn’t part of a big sect. Unexpectedly, she didn’t even have a sect.

“Then, your master…”

“I don’t have a master yet.” Meng Qi shook her head again. She still hasn’t met her Master, and the other party has not yet agreed to accept her as a disciple. Meng Qi couldn’t be so cheeky and claimed to be his disciple.

“Ah, cough, cough…” Xue Chengxuan originally wanted to boast about Feng Alliance, so Meng Qi would take the initiative to propose to join the alliance. But before the words could come out, he swallowed it back. This girl was open-minded and smart, and her point of view was different from ordinary people. He didn’t want to backfire the situation.

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Xue Chengxuan cupped his hands. “As Feng Alliance Xue Clan’s eldest son, I invite you to participate in the Grand Tournament held during the upcoming Medical Cultivator Conference. I wonder if you are willing?”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded, “I will try.”

“Brother Xue.” Murong Fei finally couldn’t hold it. “She is still at the beginning of the Foundation Establishment stage. To qualify for the tournament, one at least has to be in the peak of Foundation Establishment, right?”

“No problem.” Xue Chengxuan took out a piece of jade from his storage space. “Xue clan always has an extra quota. Fellow Daoist can take this jade pendant to sign up, and no one will stop you.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi took the jade pendant. The small jade pendant was exquisitely carved, and felt warm on the palm. “Thank you.” Meng Qi bowed at Xue Chengxuan, “After reaching Xingluo City, I will definitely go to sign up.”

“Good.” Xue Chengxuan nodded happily, “I’m waiting for your good news.”

Xue Chengxuan’s wooden boat was much faster than Meng Qi’s little paper crane. The two spent the time discussing and felt that time flew quickly. In less than half a day, the boat arrived and descended outside the gate of Huajiang City.

“We are here.”

The group got off the boat. Meng Qi raised her head and looked at the wide and tall city gate of Huajiang Manor. This place was much larger than Qingfeng Town, but still smaller than Fentian City. Even so, it was also a big city. In addition, Huajiang Manor was located at the border of Eastern and Western Realm, so many cultivators were coming and going. In her previous life, Meng Qi had been here several times. In her memory, Huajiang Manor has always been prosperous, but today it looked extremely bleak.

When they arrived, it was already dusk. The setting sun shone brightly on the horizon, making Huajiang Manor’s city gate looked even more desolate. The streets were made of large bluestone, but all the shops on both sides were closed. Meng Qi and her group walked along the main street for a while, but didn’t see any pedestrian, let alone an open shop.

“Tsk…” Chu Tianfeng lived in Fentian City, so he was a frequent visitor. He looked around and said, “When I was here three months ago, it was very lively. What did Xuanyun Villa do?”

The Xuanyun Villa he said was located next to Huajiang Manor. The rules in Three Thousand Worlds stipulated that the sect nearest to a city would be responsible for protecting its safety.

“Xuanyun Villa’s sect leader and elders were injured last month. They are still in seclusion to recuperate and cannot take care of this matter. Xuanyun Villa’s disciples actually came out to hunt the demon cultivators who use immortal devouring vine, but the enemies are too cunning. Ordinary disciples cannot track them. Xuanyun Villa already issued a request for help, and nearby sects will send reinforcement soon.” Wen He explained.

Chu Tianfeng nodded. Because Huajiang Manor was within Western Realm’s territory, Eastern Realm’s sects, including Fentian Palace, didn’t receive the help request from Xuanyun Villa. Otherwise, he would already hear about this.

“Where are the injured?” Meng Qi asked.

“Follow me.” Xue Chengxuan took the lead and took everyone in the direction of the city center. Xuanyun Villa owned a courtyard here, and the cultivators injured by the immortal devouring vine were temporarily settled there.

Meng Qi and the others walked into the gate of Xuanyun Villa’s courtyard. The disciples who were guarding the door saw Xue Chengxuan and hurriedly greeted him. After saluting in a hurry, the two disciples couldn’t conceal their excitement and said: “If you don’t come back tonight, eldest senior brother would have sent someone to Fentian City to find you.”

“What happened?” Xue Chengxuan politely gestured to Meng Qi to follow him, then walked towards a building inside the courtyard.

“This morning, two cultivators were passing by Huajiang Manor. After seeing the injured victims, one of them said that she could heal them. She recognized the injuries to be caused by immortal devouring vine, and also accurately described the symptoms. However, the woman’s cultivation was still in the Foundation Establishment stage. Eldest senior brother doesn’t dare to believe her easily, so he wants you to come back as soon as possible.”

Xue Chengxuan was startled and immediately turned his head at Meng Qi. Another Foundation Establishment cultivator who could heal the immortal devouring vine?!

Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng also exchanged glance, and saw a familiar doubt in each other’s eyes.

“The woman who said she could heal the immortal devouring vine, is she a young female cultivator?” Qin Xiumo suddenly asked with a lazy tone.

“Yes.” The disciple of Xuanyun Villa turned his head in surprise and looked at this unfamiliar black-robed man. The man looked very handsome, but also seemed a bit dangerous. After a bit of hesitation, the disciple added: “She is indeed a very young female cultivator. About twenty years old, and she looks…very beautiful.”

Qin Xiumo sneered. He raised his jaw and said to Meng Qi: “Your senior sister….seems to be grabbing your business again.”


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  1. How did she escape? They were too generous on a small sect. She has the gall to scam another person again. Of course she’ll heal them then run before it gets worse

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