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THDP Ch. 47 Part 2 – Mysterious Man (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 47 Part 1.

When Meng Qi thought of those ordinary people she saved, her heart became warm, and her eyes gradually turned gentler.

So was her choice in this life correct? Although she still saved the male cultivators who would be entangled with Lu Qingran, because she demanded payment from them, the karmic relationship was cut off, so she didn’t take the luck from Lu Qingran, this darling of heaven.

Everything had turned out to be better.

As for why Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng were dissatisfied with Lu Qingran, Meng Qi only had one thought: she didn’t care! Whether they loved Lu Qingran, or their love turned into hatred, making them depressed and distorting their emotions, it has nothing to do with her!

What she cared the most now was about the Medical Cultivator Conference. Thinking about Feng Alliance’s library, Meng Qi’s heart tickled.

She wants to go! So, she needs to work hard!

Meng Qi completely blocked the three men’s arguing noise. What they said later, she didn’t bother to listen at all. Meng Qi walked very fast. Xuanyun Villa’s courtyard in Huajiang Manor was quite large, occupying the best street in the city. Walking from the main hall to the room where the injured cultivators were located, the time was enough for Chu Tianfeng and the others to argue three times over whether Lu Qingran was worth pursuing or not.

Still turning a deaf ear, Meng Qi knocked on the door.

The door opened with a squeak, and a man in his thirties who wore the uniform of a Xuanyun Villa disciple walked out from inside.

“Excuse me, fellow Daoist. You are?” Seeing an unfamiliar girl suddenly appear, the man looked at Meng Qi with a bit of surprise. But he soon saw Su Junmo.

“Fellow Daoist Su.” The man took two steps forward and cupped his hands to Su Junmo, who finally quieted down again. “Fellow Daoist’s name is far and beyond. Li Anhe of Xuanyun Villa is grateful for your visit.”

Su Junmo nodded at him. “Fellow Daoist Li is too polite.” After a pause, he said: “I’m coming with Brother Xue. After all, immortal devouring vine comes from the Demon Realm.”

“Yes.” Li Anhe nodded.

“This fellow Daoist wants to see the injured cultivator.” Su Junmo pointed at Meng Qi, “Can she?”

“Of course.” Li Anhe quickly stepped away, his attitude towards Meng Qi was completely different from before. “Fellow Daoist, over here, please.”

Meng Qi nodded back and quickly walked inside. “Ugh…” Right after she stepped into the room, Meng Qi couldn’t help frowning. The strong sweet scent similar to peaches instantly surrounded her, making people feel intoxicated and hard to breathe. Xuanyun Villa should be using an artifact that could block this scent. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to not smell it outside the door.

“How many people are injured?” Meng Qi asked.

“There are a total of 67 people. Four are placed here, and a few are in the other room. The rest were all sent to Xuanyun Villa’s mid-level peak, where there is a cave that can completely isolate the spiritual aura. Before fellow Daoist Xue went to Fentian City, he instructed us to put the slightly injured cultivators there. The people in the cave are now in better condition than the people here.”

Because Meng Qi was backed by Su Junmo, Li Anhe didn’t hide anything from her. He frowned: “Last night, I returned to the sect to check on them, and they also…” Li Anhe shook his head and sighed. None of these injured cultivators were disciples of Xuanyun Villa. However, Huajiang Manor was on the foot of Xuanyun Villa’s mountain. According to Three Thousand Worlds’ rules, Xuanyun Villa was responsible for Huajiang Manor’s safety. Therefore, these injured cultivators were also their responsibility.

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. The fragrance here was so strong, much heavier than Lan Zhuxuan and the others. Meng Qi frowned and quickly walked forward. There was another bedroom inside, and when Meng Qi walked nearer, the smell became stronger.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, who followed her in, also frowned. Just smelling this fragrance made people felt sick.

Li Anhe also frowned and said, “Since they were moved in, the fragrance here has become more and more intense.” He shook his head and said: “This morning, there are two fellow Daoists passing by Huajiang Manor. They said that they smelled the fragrance from people injured by immortal devouring vine here, so they specifically came to help us heal them.”

Meng Qi nodded. She quickly walked past the room and entered the bedroom. Xue Chengxuan heard someone was coming and turned his body. Seeing Meng Qi, he smiled at her and gestured silently.

Inside the room, three bamboo beds were arranged parallelly. On the floor in the middle, there was a low table with a small bronze cauldron on it, and light pink smoke curled out from the cauldron. The fragrance in the bedroom should be the heaviest, but the sweet smell was countered by the light bitter medicinal scent, so it wasn’t as bad as the adjacent room.

Meng Qi stared at that the small cauldron for a moment, thinking that it was a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen it before. She turned her gaze at the corner of the room. There were two people, a man and a woman, sitting side by side on the chair.

The female cultivator on the left was in her twenties. Her hair was like a waterfall, and was tied up by a small pearl hairpin. She wore an elegant light yellow long skirt, with a slender waist and limbs. Even when sitting, she looked elegant and graceful. What’s more, she even has a very beautiful face.

The female cultivator met Meng Qi’s eyes, and her petite face turned pale in an instant. Her long thick eyelashes trembled slightly a few times, and she seemed to force herself before she managed to squeeze a smile: “Junior sister Meng Qi.”

This woman was Lu Qingran.


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