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THDP Ch. 47 Part 3 – Mysterious Man (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 47 Part 1.

This woman was Lu Qingran.

Sitting next to her was a male cultivator in a black robe. He wore a hat with black gauze, completely hiding his face. The exposed hands were slender but abnormally pale. The man also turned his head towards Meng Qi.

Meng Qi couldn’t see the man’s face or eyes through the layer of gauze. She could only see the fingers that the male cultivator laid lazily on the armrest. The fingers suddenly bend slightly, and knocked the armrest in a careless manner.

In an instant, Qin Xiumo already jumped to Meng Qi’s side. He quickly moved his hand, and his natal long sword appeared in the air, ready to attack at any time. Qin Xiumo didn’t know who he was, but instinctively felt that the black-robed man sitting next to Lu Qingran was very dangerous.

A chuckle came from under the black gauze.

Xue Chengxuan heard Lu Qingran greeted Meng Qi, and looked at the two in surprise: “You…” He turned at Meng Qi. “Are you disciples from the same sect?”

“It used to be.” Meng Qi said with a low voice. Her attention was still on the small cauldron that exuded the light pink smoke.

What is it?

Meng Qi took a breath. The slightly bitter and astringent medicinal scent, mixed with an intoxicating sweet smell, incurred a strange feeling that could not be described.

What is it?

Meng Qi turned her head to glance at Xue Chengxuan. Since this knowledgeable Feng Alliance’s medical cultivator didn’t feel anything was wrong, it should be harmless. But she always felt a little strange, as if she had seen this thing somewhere, but now couldn’t remember it.

“This is the powder on the wings of the Canglan purple butterfly, mixed with three hundred years old coiled silk fruit, Tianluo crystal, and…” The man wearing the gauzed hat suddenly said, “The powder made from Kuchan bamboo.”

He has a nice, yet extremely cold, voice. If a cold jade hit a stone, its sound would make people feel a trace of chill rising from their back.

The man seemed to be observing Meng Qi: “Is my method correct?”

Without waiting for Meng Qi’s answer, Xue Chengxuan already opened his mouth: “The powder made from the first three medicinal materials indeed can expel the effect of many monster beasts and monster plants. However, since no one has tried it before, we don’t know whether it will also work with the immortal devouring vine.”

“Heh…” The man cultivator smiled coldly, “Try it and you’ll know.” He knocked on the armrest again. “Otherwise, these people cannot wait for you to hunt the five elements blue crane. The immortal devouring vine will turn them into a pile of fertilizer first.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Not only this small cauldron. Even the man’s tone of speech felt a bit familiar to her. Had she seen this person in her previous life? But why she couldn’t remember at all?

There were so many men coming and going around Lu Qingran, so it was normal if Meng Qi didn’t know all of them. But although this voice was so nice, his tone was cold and ruthless. There was no way Meng Qi would forget such a man if she ever met him before.

“In other words…” The male cultivator stood up. He was tall. Xue Chengxuan was already tall enough, but even without the hat, this man was slightly taller than Xue Chengxuan. “You people are no longer needed here.” He turned his head and reached out a hand towards Lu Qingran: “Let’s go.”

Xue Chengxuan’s expression changed slightly, but he said nothing. After all, Xuanyun Villa had no relationship with Feng Alliance. But because they were both located in the Western Realm, when the other party asked for help, Feng Alliance naturally lend a hand, especially after knowing that the problem was caused by a mysterious vine they had never seen before.

Xue Chengxuan stared at the mysterious man who refused to show his face, then at Lu Qingran. He just heard her calling Meng Qi ‘junior sister.’ Regardless of whether they studied under the same master or not, it was certain that the two came from the same sect, which was an Eastern Realm’s sect.

Three Thousand Worlds were divided into four realms, but none of the realms was strong enough to crush the other three. However, in these several last millennia, the Western Realm has been recognized to be the leader in medical expertise. And Feng Alliance stood in the peak of Western Realm’s medical cultivators. Unexpectedly, when he visited the Eastern Realm after so many years, this realm, which bordered the Demon and Devil Realm and thus had the slowest development among the four realms, actually produced so many young and talented cultivators.

Xue Chengxuan turned his head and looked at Meng Qi again.

Meng Qi watched Lu Qingran.

Lu Qingran hesitated, but slowly raised her hand and placed it on the man’s pale palm. She lowered her head, stood up slowly, and without looking at Meng Qi again, walked behind the man towards the door.

When the two passed by Meng Qi. Qin Xiumo snorted lightly, took a step forward, and protected her behind him. He stared at the black-robed man cautiously. The sense of danger became even more prominent when he approached.

As if feeling its master’s tension, Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword suddenly buzzed. Floating next to Qin Xiumo, its tip flickered with cold light.

The mysterious man turned his head towards Qin Xiumo. “Heh…” He sneered again, “Interesting.”

The man suddenly raised his hand and flicked his fingers. His movement wasn’t fast, but Qin Xiumo couldn’t follow it.


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