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THDP Ch. 47 Part 4 – Mysterious Man (IV)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 47 Part 1.

The mysterious man suddenly raised his hand and flicked his fingers. His movement wasn’t fast, but Qin Xiumo couldn’t follow it.

Although Qin Xiumo hadn’t fully healed, he still had the strength of a Golden Core cultivator. What’s more, he refined his natal sword after entering the Foundation Establishment stage. Since then, the sword has never left his body. One person and one sword understood each other perfectly. Even when Qin Xiumo’s injury was worse than now and his cultivation base temporarily fell, Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader, who supposed to have higher cultivation, could barely alter the projection of Qin Xiumo’s sword.

However, in front of the black-robed man, Qin Xiumo was like a kid playing with a wooden sword. The man simply raised his hand and flicked his fingers slowly. His hand was pale and slender, even looked sick and weak. But a light flied from his finger and accurately hit the tip of Qin Xiumo’s sword.

Qin Xiumo couldn’t avoid it at all.

“Ugh—” Qin Xiumo suddenly groaned. A drop of blood slid down from the corner of his lips.

Meng Qi was startled.

“Haha—” The black-robed man laughed and shook his head. “You are still too weak. Looking at your grandmaster’s face, today I will spare your life and your natal sword. Next time you dare to be so rude again, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”

When the man attacked Qin Xiumo, his other hand still held Lu Qingran’s hand. She didn’t dare to move, but quickly raised her eyes and glanced at Qin Xiumo.

“Let’s go.” The black-robed man tightened his grip on Lu Qingran’s hand, then took her out of the room.

Until their figures disappeared on the door, the room was still quiet. Li Anhe didn’t even dare to open his mouth. Xuanyun Villa was a sword sect, every sword cultivator would refine their own natal sword. Li Anhe was knowledgeable. Placed in Xuanyun Villa, Qin Xiumo’s natal sword was absolutely the strongest in his generation.

When the mysterious man and the woman called Lu Qingran said they could save the injured cultivators, he didn’t care about other things. But unexpectedly, the man was so powerful?!

Xue Chengxuan slowly sighed.

Su Junmo expression was grave. “That person…” He shook his head: “From his voice, he shouldn’t be that old. But his cultivation level is already so high. How amazing!”

Celestial demon clan was born with star shadow constellation in their body and used it for their cultivation. The star shadow constantly absorbed the aura around them, so they basically never stopped cultivating. Su Junmo could reach the Nascent Soul stage at his age, and was already an outstanding genius in Three Thousand Worlds. Even so, he couldn’t perceive the mysterious man’s cultivation level whose voice didn’t sound much older than himself.


For Su Junmo, this was a very high evaluation.

“But didn’t he just say that he spare you for your grandmaster’s sake?” Su Junmo turned at Qin Xiumo, and looked at the blood on the corners of Qin Xiumo’s lips sympathetically. “And he damaged your natal sword so easily!” In shock, Su Junmo almost forgot to preserve his aloof young nobleman’s persona. “He didn’t use any spell either…hey, hey, Meng Qiqi, Chu Tianfeng, Brother Xue! Did you see him activating a spell? I think he just lightly flicked his fingers, and his strength quickly overwhelmed a Golden Core Cultivator. He should be at the Spirit Severing…No! Maybe even stronger!”

“Right.” Once Su Junmo started nagging, he didn’t know how to stop. “Qin Xiumo, he just mentioned your grandmaster. Who is your grandmaster? Why did he spare your life because of your grandmaster? Did he simply tried to frighten us, or was he really being merciful? Did you take precautions? Did you resist? Or, is it because your internal injuries still haven’t been fully healed yet…”

Qin Xiumo: “…” Mother**cking noisy guy!

Meng Qi took a small porcelain bottle from her storage space and handed it to Qin Xiumo: “Take it first.”

“Okay.” Qin Xiumo opened the bottle and put its content into his mouth without hesitation. Although he was injured, his face was a little joyful: “You gave me the medicine again.” He swallowed the pill in his mouth, and then said, “I still have no money. Don’t forget to add it to my debt.”

Meng Qi: “… ”

“That person is really amazing.” Meng Qi said, looking up at Qin Xiumo’s natal sword. The long sword still floated in the air, but looked a little dimmer.

“He was already merciful.” Qin Xiumo said. “He constrained his strength at the last moment. Otherwise, my natal sword would be hit back into my body.” He narrowed his eyes and said slowly. “If that happens, my cultivation base would directly fall back to the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Meng Qi did not comment. She quickly scanned the memories in her mind, but still couldn’t remember. If there was such a powerful person next to Lu Qingran, she should hear some news about him.

“Uh…” At this moment, the three injured cultivators in the room suddenly groaned. They had been injured for a while, and the immortal devouring vine inside their body had consumed all their spiritual aura and began to attack their consciousness. Although the mysterious man spoke so rudely, it was the fact that if nothing was done, their conditions would soon really be no better than a fertilizer.

Li Anhe was overjoyed and rushed forward. The three cultivators slowly opened their eyes. Although their expressions were still a bit dazed, their eyes gradually regained their vitality, no longer blank and numb like walking corpses.

“Fellow Daoists, how do you feel?”Li Anhe asked.

“Uh…” A man in his forties slowly exhaled. “I…where am I? Ah!” He suddenly yelled out in horror: “I…I remember!”

He was so horrified that he was about to jump from the bamboo bed. But right after he lifted his body, he fell back again: “Why am I… why I don’t have any strength at all? Where’s my spiritual aura?! Why is my spiritual aura gone?!”

Seeing the man’s reaction, the other two also panicked. They quickly checked their conditions.

“My spiritual aura is gone!”

“I… my spiritual sea is empty. Since I began to cultivate, I never have this situation! What happened?! Where is my aura?!”

In an instant, the room became chaotic. The three injured cultivators were so weak that their voice was hoarse, but they were too anxious about their missing spiritual aura and tried to get up from the bed. Li Anhe couldn’t calm them, so he turned his head and asked Xue Chengxuan’s help.

“Fellow Daoists, please don’t be panic.” Xue Chengxuan stepped forward and calmly said: “I am Xue Chengxuan from the Feng Alliance. You were injured by the immortal devouring vine. It should…huh?!”

Xue Chengxuan suddenly turned his head and called Meng Qi: “Fellow Daoist Meng, please come and have a look. Is their condition the same with the people you cured before?”


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  1. Su Junmo…if you don’t talk for 1 chapter no one will think you are mute. I’m starting to get scared of your nonstop babbling powers too. And im at the 4th wall. Your powers are indeed incredible.

    Sigh. Female lead is as always good at finding guys that can help her. Mary Sue Halo says Hello. 🙄 its okay Mr. Mysterious all powerful and knowing guy, despite you being a badass, heavens are fair and just. They didn’t give you a brain to realize you grab a fisheye instead of a true pearl.

  2. Oh. No wonder that guy is so strong so young. He steals cultivation from others
    Also me thinks that guy is the guy who killed her in the previous life. And the ‘bad guy’ the other two were talking about
    Many thanks

  3. While others thought that the new male character stole the patients’ cultivation, I thought that the Lu Qingren’s treatment worked but it has _side effects._ XD

  4. Lu Qingran is so annoying!! Children who cry gets the treat but this woman is just have a persecution complex with no accountability whatsoever. Surprisingly that the boys that used to be LQR don’t know him but Meng Qi does. It’s all right. In the end LQR would also betray this mysterious man for someone “better”

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