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THDP Ch. 48 Part 2 – Ninth-Grade Spirit Stones (II)

Meng Qi wanted to go to Beyond The Heaven’s relay station. Just now, the jade slip reminded her that her package has arrived. It should be the cold jade box she needed to store the jade cicada vine and the bamboo slips containing information about Medical Cultivator Conference.

Meng Qi turned away and walked outside, with Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo followed behind naturally. Su Junmo froze for a moment. He stomped his feet, but still chased after Meng Qi. Although he was a little worried about Lu Qingran, thinking of the Lord’s orders, he still did not dare to leave Meng Qi’s side for long.

“Aren’t you going to save the beauty?” Seeing Su Junmo followed behind, Chu Tianfeng asked him leisurely.

Su Junmo refused to reply.

“Meng Qiqi.” Chu Tianfeng approached Meng Qi, “Did you notice it? After you said you won’t go to save Lu Qingran, that Xue Chengxuan…became cold towards you.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi recalled. It seemed to be so. In these past two days, he was used to calling her whenever he did something. But when he was going to the snow cave, Xue Chengxuan asked her only perfunctorily.

“Heh…” Chu Tianfeng snorted coldly, “Meng Qiqi, don’t worry. If he comes to ask you to return the jade pendant and refused to give recommendation for the tournament, I will find a way to get it for you. Our Fentian Palace isn’t a medical sect, but some of our elders have high skill in medic, and also have a wide array of acquaintances. There will be a way.”

Meng Qi didn’t consider this.

Su Junmo was somewhat dumbfounded: “Xue Chengxuan won’t do it. He is Xue Clan’s eldest son. How can he ask back the thing he has given to others? But Meng Qiqi, are you really not worry about your senior sister? Although her attitude towards you before is a bit impolite, she just tried to defend her master, and not…”

“Shut up!” Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo turned around and shouted in unison. Afterward, they looked at Meng Qi worriedly.

Meng Qi’s expression was still indifferent: “I won’t go.” She thought for a while and added: “She will be fine.”


Soon after, the group arrived outside Beyond The Heaven relay station.

“Huh?” Su Junmo was accustomed getting yelled to shut up, and didn’t take it seriously. He saw the plaque above with the words ‘Beyond The Heaven,’ and asked surprisedly: “Meng Qiqi, you are going to Beyond The Heaven?”

Meng Qi already walked in. The person in charge of this relay station confirmed her mark of spiritual sense, then handed her two brocade bags.

“Thank you.” Meng Qi was a little surprised, but still took both bags. She opened the first bag and checked its content with her spiritual sense. There were indeed two cold jade boxes and a few bamboo slips. She put all of them into her storage space, and glanced at the other brocade bag.

What is this?

Meng Qi was puzzled. Recently, she didn’t order anything else at Beyond The Heaven. Still in confusion, she opened the bag, then once again checking the content with her spiritual sense…

It was ninth-grade spirit stones. A lot of it.

The aura contained in a ninth-grade spirit stone was equivalent to the full amount of spiritual aura that could be stored inside the body of a cultivator who had just stepped into the Great Ascension stage. So many aura was condensed in such a small stone. Naturally, it showed in appearance. Even though the stones were properly stored inside the bag, the moment Meng Qi’s spiritual sense penetrating in, she was almost….blinded by the flash!

Ninth-grade spirit stones?!

And so many! So flashy!

That was her first reaction.


Meng Qi was startled. Where did so many spirit stones coming from? The largest amount of money she ever earned was the two hundred or so eighth-grade spirit stones she got after selling the Beiming pill. But in this bag, there was at least two to three hundred ninth-grade spirit stones——this amount, even the prideful high ranking disciple from a great sect like Qin Xiumo or Chu Tianfeng might also be tempted.

“Excuse me.” Meng Qi walked towards the manager that handed her the brocade bag. “I wonder if there is a mistake here?” She definitely didn’t remember having anything to do with such an amount of spirit stones.

“No.” The manager took the brocade bag, reconfirming the spiritual sense marked on it, and said firmly: “The spiritual sense marked here exactly matches yours. Fellow Daoist, there is indeed no mistake.” The manager returned the brocade bag to Meng Qi. He then smiled and said: “Did fellow Daoist perhaps buying too many things and forget about it? Sometimes we encounter young female cultivators like you. They bought too much at one time, and when all the ordered items arrived, they cannot remember when they bought it.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She frowned and seriously began to dig her memory. Suddenly, several fragmented images flashed through her mind. She was crying, and there was a man in a white robe whose face she couldn’t clearly see standing before her. The man seemed to be talking to her, told her to stop crying, and gave her something. It seemed to be…a brocade bag?

Meng Qi lowered her head and stared at the brocade bag in her hand. Wasn’t that the dream that she had when she was drunk before? Did that really happen, and also in Beyond The Heaven?!

“Thank you!” Meng Qi hurriedly thanked the manager, threw the brocade bag into her storage space, and ran towards the entrance.

“What takes you so long?” Chu Tianfeng saw Meng Qi came out and was just about to talk to her.

But Meng Qi already dashed away hurriedly: “I have something to do. I’m going back first.”

There was also a Ruyi Inn in the city center of Huajiang Manor. This inn has branches all over the world, and its owner was rumored to be very powerful. Relatively speaking, this inn was a very safe establishment.

Meng Qi rushed a waiter to gave her an independent courtyard, then entered the room and closed the door. She remembered being drunk and had a dream about her Master. If…Meng Qi held Beyond The Heaven jade slip with a trembling hand. If it was not a dream, but a reality, did it mean that she met Master in Beyond The Heaven?!

A white light flashed, and Meng Qi instantly appeared outside Beyond The Heaven City.

But, where should she go to find Master?

Meng Qi stood in front of the city gate hesitantly. At that time, she went to find Xue Jinwen. What happened next?

Meng Qi couldn’t remember at all. She only remembered that the sky was very close, and white clouds floated by her side. On the green mountains in the distance, there seemed to be clouds pouring down like a waterfall.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped. She quickly walked towards the city gate. “Excuse me.” Meng Qi nodded at one of the staff and asked, “Where can I see a cloud waterfall here?”

“Cloud waterfall?” The person she asked was stunned and looked back at Meng Qi in surprise. “If you are lucky, you may see it from the highest floor in Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. But it’s not guaranteed, and you can’t see it every day. After all, it’s that place….” The man raised his finger and pointed at the highest island floating at the corner of the city. “The cloud waterfall is located there.”


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  1. Some novels show the Protagonist increase in power with his cultivation rank.
    She shows by increasing the the spirit stones grade.

  2. It’s interesting to be reminded that even though characters acknowledge Meng Qi’s worth, they still fall under LQR’s golden halo unless they have a memory of their past life!

  3. OMG AN ENCOUNTER WITH HER MASTER THAT SHE FINALLY REMEMBERS!! Maybe she’ll take it as a way that she needs to be stronger to meet him hhh

    Come on Xue guy and Su Junmo come and rescue the beauty and die on your own ignorance

  4. Damnit XCX, I was starting to root for you as MQ’s perfect match! Looks like it’s still “master” who’s the only person she can depend on… (and QXM, still the best sidekick of all)

  5. It’s really annoying that Su Junmo continues to pester Meng Qi to save Lu Qingran just because he has a favorable impression of her. How would he feel if someone caused him to be doubted by his entire sect and sect master as a traitor and accused of trying to kill everyone. He certainly wouldn’t feel fine when facing that person again, even after the truth was revealed and his innocence restored.

    It’s almost like Su Junmo is trying to emotionally blackmail Meng Qi into helping, and if she doesn’t help, then she’s a vicious and cruel person; she isn’t close to Lu Qingran and doesn’t owe her anything, so why should she be concerned about her. The same could be said for Xue Chengxuan—if they feel that Lu Qingran is being threatened and needs help, then they should try to save her themselves rather than trying to force someone who has no relationship with her to save her just because they used to be disciples from the same sect. From his cold reaction to Meng Qi after hearing her choice, my positive impression of Xue Chengxuan has gone down.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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