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THDP Ch. 49 Part 2 – Blazing Feather (II)

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Meng Qi retracted her gaze and was about to start eating. Suddenly, there was a loud noise from another table: “Blazing Feather?! Are you sure?!”

Meng Qi suddenly turned her head. The guest over there probably also found himself too brash and hurriedly nodded around to express his apology. When he spoke again with other people at his table, he lowered his voice. Meng Qi’s distance with them was pretty far, so she couldn’t even hear what those people were saying.

She beckoned to a waiter and asked, “Excuse me, what is it about the Blazing Feather that guest just said?”

“Oh.” The waiter explained with a smile, “The Heaven Auction House will hold this month’s last auction in two days. That Blazing Feather is one of the lots that has just been announced.”

“Is it really a Blazing Feather?” Meng Qi asked for confirmation.

“Yes.” The waiter smiled and said confidently: “Blazing Feather is the feather of Celestial Demon’s Phoenix Clan. Although it is extremely rare, since Heaven Auction House dares to list it, it will definitely appear on the auction day.”

Meng Qi nodded. The auction would start in two days…the time was scarce. She quickly calculated the number of spirit stones on her hands.

For someone still in the Foundation Establishment stage, Meng Qi was very rich. Even excluding the ninth-grade spirit stones she got today, her wealth definitely surpassed the majority of Foundation Establishment cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds.

If the Blazing Feather was sold at face-value, she probably still could afford it. However, once this kind of rare treasure appeared on the auction floor, the price would inevitably soar tremendously. After all, the same also happened to Meng Qi’s Beiming pills.

The Blazing Feather happened to be one of the ingredients for treating the jackdaw grass poison, and she needed it so much to cure Xiao Qi’s injury. Meng Qi stood up suddenly, no longer had the mood to eat. The checkout method in Beyond The Heaven Restaurant was very simple. After signing the bill, the guest only needed to go to any Beyond The Heaven relay station in Three Thousand Worlds and paid the owed spirit stones to the staff there.

Meng Qi quickly signed the bill, then walked out hastily. She soon left Beyond The Heaven and returned to her room at Huajian Manor’s Ruyi Inn.

When Meng Qi opened her eyes, Xiao Qi was lying lazily next to her on the bed, having come out of the beast house when she was still in Beyond The Heaven. Hearing the movement, the little tiger turned his head and opened his eyes.

“Be good.” Meng Qi petted his head. “In two days, Beyond The Heaven will auction the Blazing Feather. I will definitely buy it.”

Meng Qi took out the bag of ninth-grade spirit stones from her storage space item. These spirit stones…Meng Qi gritted her teeth. If she missed the Blazing Feather this time, who knew how long the next one would appear. For now, she could only borrow these spirit stones. In the future, after she found out who gave it to her, she would find a way to repay it back fully.

She probed the bag with her spiritual sense. Inside, there was a total of 300 ninth-grade spirit stones. But was it enough? Meng Qi never bought a Blazing Feather before and had no idea how high the auction price might be.

Meng Qi pondered for a while, then walked towards the door. As soon as the door opened, Qin Xiumo, Chu Tianfeng, and Su Junmo were standing in the corner of the courtyard. In a rare moment of quietness, Su Fox wasn’t talking.

“Su Junmo.” Meng Qi called. “I want to ask you something.”

“What?” Su Junmo’s face was a bit dark. It was truly rare for him to answer with just a single word.

“Blazing Feather.” Meng Qi paused, “If I want to buy it on the auction floor, how high do you think the price might be?”

“Blazing Feather?!” Su Junmo’s eyes widened, “Is it really Blazing Feather? The Blazing Feather of our celestial demon’s phoenix clan? It’s going to be auctioned?! Oh, heaven. Oh, heaven…”

“How many spirit stones do you think the price might be?” Meng Qi asked.

“That’s a phoenix feather! Do you know that the number of the phoenix clan is even smaller than the white tiger clan? They can reborn from the flame and are basically immortal. Thus, they aren’t interested in reproducing. Of course, other great celestial demon clans, the ones you people called our royal clans, basically don’t have much interest in producing offsprings. Thus, their number dwindled and dwindled. I remember——”

“How many spirit stones?” Meng Qi almost lost her patience.

“Let me finish first. Which part did I talk about just now? Ah, right. Celestial demon’s phoenix clan is also a member of celestial demon’s royal clans. Besides the phoenix and white tiger, azure dragon and black tortoise are also ranked royal. You know, in the catastrophic battle ten thousand years ago, the Qilins made a great contribution…”

“…How much?” Meng Qi interrupted Su Junmo again. She only had two days until the auction, and she still had to find a way to earn as many spirit stones as possible. Meng Qi didn’t have the patience to listen to Su Junmo’s endless speech about the history of great celestial demons’ difficult reproduction.

“…If a Blazing Feather was sold normally, it would be around 100 ninth-grade spirit stones. But on the auction floor, the price would soar multiple times. This kind of item has many buyers but no seller. I think it will be hard to get with less than 500 ninth-grade spirit stones, and there is a good chance that the final price might even be doubled.”

“For one item?!” Even Chu Tianfeng was shocked. “No matter how rare it is, isn’t the price too high? After all, it’s just a feather, not the flesh or blood of a phoenix. How can it be so expensive?!”

Meng Qi and Su Junmo stared at Chu Tianfeng. “What do you know?” Su Junmo instantly forgot that he was still angry with these guys. “Come on, I’ll tell you something. Your Fentian Palace is a spell sect focusing on fire-based spells. But do you know what does it mean for Fentian Palace if you people can refine Blazing Feather into your natal magic weapons?”

Meng Qi walked out of the courtyard. Su Junmo’s voice was still chirping in the background, but her mind has started to brainstorming ideas to earn spirit stones.

Qin Xiumo ignored the other two and immediately chased after Meng Qi. “How many spirit stones do you still need?” He asked in a low voice.

“Every little bit will help.” Meng Qi turned around and looked at Qin Xiumo suspiciously, “Do you want to pay your debt now?”

“Uh…” Qin Xiumo was dumbfounded. He truly didn’t have spirit stones at hand, but he reminded Meng Qi: “You still have another IOU in your hand. Just let her pay it back.” He paused. An odd smile appeared on his face: “Even if she has no money, the person she is with will surely pay it back for her.”

“You’re right.” Meng Qi agreed. She pulled out Lu Qingran’s IOU from her storage space. The black-robed man that accompanied Lu Qingran was so powerful. He surely would be able to help her pay back this debt.

Meng Qi strode out of Ruyi Inn: “I’m going to collect the debt.”


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I’m feeling a rare moment of compassion for Lu Qingran….

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  1. I will love to see the sour look on Lu Qingran’s face when her debt collector asks for what’s owed in front of her newest beau. Be awkward to explain how she got that debt.

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