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THDP Ch.5 Part 1 – His Change (I)

Eh? Meng Qi blinked and looked at Chu Tianfeng in surprise. He actually defended her?!

Meng Qi was hesitant for a moment, but she held back the arguments that already reached her lips and kept silent. A single word from Fentian Palace’s Young Master was better than her one hundred arguments.

Meng Qi remembered that she was imprisoned in the dungeon for three months in her previous life. In the end, the Sect Leader let some people investigate before she was finally proven to be innocent.

In fact, the truth was easy to find out. When Chu Tianfeng and Lu Qingran were injured, she was at Qingfeng Valley. At that time, an expert from Fentian Palace personally verified no trace of devil aura was found in Meng Qi’s body. The most important thing was that her cultivation level was not fake. Whether it was sneaking out of Qingfeng Valley or hiding devil aura on her body, there was absolutely no way for Meng Qi to deceive those experts.

So if it wasn’t for Demon Realm’s invasion at that time, Meng Qi would not be imprisoned for three months long. She didn’t resent Qingfeng Valley or the Sect Leader. But after restarting her life, she just didn’t want to waste those three months.

Chu Tianfeng’s words didn’t only calm Meng Qi down but also shocked Lu Qingran. She didn’t seem to expect Chu Tianfeng to speak for Meng Qi. She stumbled for a moment before murmured: “But….”

“Not her.” Chu Tianfeng shook his head firmly. He then looked up at Meng Qi, who was still deep in thought.

Suddenly, Meng Qi lowered her head and met Chu Tianfeng’s eyes. The young man’s face was cold as usual. Even with the sudden poison attack, his black-robed figure was still straight and firm. But when he looked at Meng Qi’s eyes, an unknown emotion flashed through his eyes. He turned his gaze away quickly, seemingly was uncomfortable and reluctant to keep staring at her.

Lu Qingran hesitated for a moment before once again said, “But Tianfeng, your poison…”

Lu Qingran was the most talented disciple of Qingfeng Valley. When Chu Tianfeng was injured after protecting her, she did try to treat his wounds. Because his black robe acted as additional armor, the injuries themselves weren’t that bad. But the problem was the poison. Lu Qingran knew that this poison was far beyond her ability.

Meng Qi had only joined the sect for half a year. Even if she was talented, there was no way she could cure a poison several ranks higher than her own cultivation level. Even Lu Qingran’s own master was probably cannot cure it…

“The one who was together with the devil beast that day was at least at the Golden Core stage. She couldn’t be your Junior Sister.”

“But …” Lu Qingran still wanted to retort.

“She can’t hide her cultivation from me.” Chu Tianfeng guessed Lu Qingran’s doubt and briefly explained. His voice was still cold. Although he was defending Meng Qi, he never again took a glance at her.

“Alright.” After a moment of silence, Lu Qingran finally got the clue and nodded. Chu Tianfeng kept speaking on Meng Qi’s defense. It was clear that he wanted to protect her. Since Chu Tianfeng trusted Meng Qi that much, it showed that this Junior Sister was really innocent. Lu Qingran believed in this powerful man who risked his own life to protect her.

She turned her head to look at Meng Qi, somewhat ashamed.
“Junior Sister Meng, I’m sorry.” Lu Qingran apologized sincerely: “I was just too worried about Tianfeng. He was injured to protect me. That devil beast was too strong. I was too anxious…”

“It’s okay.” Meng Qi waved her hand and cut off Lu Qingran’s words, “Everything is clear now.”

To be honest, she was very wary about Lu Qingran’s legendary ‘heaven’s favorite daughter’ physique. In Meng Qi’s previous life, it even indirectly caused her death. In this life, Meng Qi has long made up her mind to cultivate herself as much as possible. After the danger has passed and she has enough strength, she would leave Qingfeng Valley and even leave the Eastern Realm.

Meng Qi remembered her Master told her that he came from a hidden sect in the Western Realm. Three Thousand Worlds were very large. Although the difference between Eastern Realm and Western Realm was only one world in writing, for ordinary cultivators like Meng Qi, it was extremely difficult and dangerous to find people across multiple realms. But it’s okay. She could slowly take a journey to the west while improving her cultivation little by little.

Meng Qi heard from her mysterious Master that Western Realm has a very powerful medical sect. In that sect, there was a very high-level medical cultivator who already reached the peak of the eighth rank. There was also a medical cultivator who has been perfecting the art of pill refining, whose motto was ‘anything in this world could be used as medicine. There were also countless other like-minded cultivators dedicating themselves to cure people all over the world.

Ever since then, Meng Qi has always longed to go to the Western Realm. At that time, her cultivation was on the verge of Golden Core formation. Her Master also promised that after she successfully formed her core, he would take her to the Western Realm and helped her to get admitted into a medical sect.

It’s a pity…

She shook her head.

For Meng Qi, everything in front of her now was as transient and ephemeral as a fleeting cloud. Now that the doubt was explained clearly, she wouldn’t have to once again spend three months locked in the dungeon. And this heaven’s darling? Of course, she would like to minimize their interaction as much as possible.

“Junior Sister Meng, I …”

“It’s alright.” Meng Qi waved her hand, once again preventing Lu Qingran’s words. She then stood up and said to Chu Tianfeng: “Let’s go to the cold pond.” Without the cold pond’s help, Meng Qi wasn’t sure whether she could completely eliminate the poison.

Chu Tianfeng nodded. He stood up in silence, walked behind Meng Qi, and followed her out the door.

“Tianfeng.” Lu Qingran didn’t care that her body was still weak after several days unconscious and stood up. “Is there anything I can help?”

Lu Qingran was indeed beautiful. Even among the countless beauties in Three Thousand Worlds, she was still outstanding. Elegant eyebrows, cherry-colored lips, beautiful nose bridge. Her big eyes were as brilliant as the shining stars. Her petite face was delicate and pretty, like legendary women in ancient paintings. All in one, she was like an immortal fairy. Simply standing there with her pale and small face was enough to emit a fairy-like aura no mortals may have.

Meng Qi strode past Lu Qingran without sparing her a glance, quickly followed by Chu Tianfeng. His expression was a little complicated. This proud and firm Young Master of Fentian Palace was, until a moment ago, an infatuated young man who kept guarding Lu Qingran for several days. But now, as if he had completely forgotten her, he walked past the girl without even took another look. Even when she called his name, he ignored her and quickly followed Meng Qi, leaving the small courtyard behind.


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  1. Lol. That was quick… why didn’t he use his brain before. Lu Qingran is annoying.

    Why didn’t she ask Meng Qi if she could assist? Why Tianfeng? All her actions seem quite calculated.

  2. I really don’t understand why, in stories where mc is the bad guy or cannon fodder – the suspected-to-be-heroine will be someone with a missing brain. Can’t they just be smart and evil equipped with protagonist halo? The problem with dumb heroine is all those supporting her will be missing at least half a brain too, to believe such a character. At first I kinda resent mc for not hating the heroine, who cause her to suffer and indirectly cause his death, yet it also shows how insignificant the heroine’s impact to her. I like her easy going attitude.

  3. Lol why accuse her though? There’s how many disciples yet she straight up accuse her of being involved like id be pissed

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