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THDP Ch. 50 Part 1 – Debt (I)

At every city in Three Thousand Worlds, there was an office of Cultivators Alliance. Similar to Medical Cultivators Alliance, they wouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of big sects, but would help solve the problems and mediate conflicts between cultivators——including debt settlement.

Meng Qi couldn’t find Lu Qingran, so she went to the Cultivators Alliance with the IOU marked with Lu Qingran’s spiritual sense. She only needed to hand the IOU over to the alliance, and they would collect the debt on her behalf, taking ten percent face value as the fee.

The Cultivators Alliance in Huajiang Manor was located in the eastern part of the city, not far away from Ruyi Inn. Meng Qi walked in and stated her business with the man in charge. The man took the IOU from Meng Qi and saw the amount written on it. He was a bit surprised. The man raised his eyes and glanced at Meng Qi. The girl was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, she had an IOU of three ninth-grade and 500 eight grade spirit stones?

The man quickly hid his surprise. Without asking further, he said: “According to the rules, the alliance will take ten percent of the IOU’s value as the fee.”

“I know.” Meng Qi nodded, “When can I get the money?”

The auction would be held in two days. The price of Blazing Feather was on the scale of the hundreds of ninth-grade spirit stones. To be honest, what Lu Qingran owed her was just a drop in the bucket. However, even a small amount was better than nothing. She had to gather as much money as possible.

“If you need it quickly, there is an extra fee of one hundred eighth-grade spirit stones.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded, “Can I get it in one day?”

“You may come again tomorrow evening.” The man then proceeded through the procedure and let Meng Qi marked her spiritual sense on the IOU.

“Thank you.” Meng Qi handed back the IOU to the man and left the alliance office. What else could she do? Meng Qi stopped near the city center and fell into deep contemplation. To earn enough spiritual stones in a short time, what else could she do? Refining Beiming pill? But the price wouldn’t surpass the last auction. Even if she doubled or tripled the quantity, it wouldn’t fetch enough——a few hundred eighth-grade spirit stones would not help much.

Meng Qi stared blankly at the sky. The names of the pills that she could refine at this moment flashed quickly through her mind. She knew that if she was willing to sell the method to imbue spells into medicines, she would be able to get a large sum of money instantly.

But she must not!

Although Meng Qi also contributed to the research, the arrays needed for the method were mainly her Master’s creation. Without Master, there was no way she could achieve it. Master was a great expert in array, and no one else would have so many fantastic ideas and such deep knowledge. Meng Qi was very grateful that the man was willing to teach her many things. That’s why she was not qualified to sell the method.

Without selling Master’s arrays, what else could she do…

Meng Qi calculated the contents of her storage space. She was just a cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage. Except for spirit stones, there was nothing valuable in her possessions. Even if she forced Qin Xiumo to pay off his debts, it was still far from enough.

“What makes you so worry?” Qin Xiumo asked. He has been waiting outside and saw Meng Qi came out of the building with a deep frown, seemingly at a loss. “Is it because your spirit stones aren’t enough?” He guessed.

“If I can buy it directly, it might be okay. But buying it from the auction floor is almost impossible.” Meng Qi said.

“Is there a way to buy it directly?” Qin Xiumo asked, “Do you know who brings the Blazing Feather for auction?”

“Of course I don’t know.” Meng Qi shook her head. “The auction house will protect the seller’s identity.”

“How high will the price be?”

“Hard to say. According to Su Junmo, at least five hundred ninth-grade spirit stones.” Meng Qi answered. “It’s far from enough.”

Qin Xiumo tried his best to think for a way, but he was also equally at a loss. Even before he got betrayed and had to leave the sect, a few hundred ninth-grade spirit stones were not a small number for him. “Does it have to be Blazing Feather?” He couldn’t help asking again.

“Yes.” Meng Qi replied in a low voice. She pondered for a while, then began to walk to Cloud Immortal Pavilion. No matter what, she should refine some pills first, and see how much it could be sold.

Cloud Immortal Pavilion was selling almost all varieties of Three Thousand Worlds common-grade medicinal materials and herbs. Meng Qi spent two hundred eighth-grade spirit stones on buying a bunch of materials needed to refine pills and drew arrays. When she finally walked out of the shop, her storage space was almost full.

Meng Qi returned to the small courtyard she rented, released Xiao Qi from the beast house, then took out all the spirit herbs and spirit plants she just bought. The bitter smell of medicine instantly filled the room.

Xiao Qi jumped onto the bed and turned around to look at Meng Qi. He watched her getting busy and began to draw Lihuo fire array, then preparing the small medicinal cauldron.

The arrays Meng Qi drew this time were a bit more complicated. A total of six arrays overlapping complexly. One by one, each array surrounded the other and together formed the shape of a hexagram. At the very center, there was a separate array, with the small cauldron placed on it.

Xiao Qi felt that nothing could surprise him now. Meng Qi could even use their white tiger clan’s star array, not to mention other arrays. Xiao Qi watched the little girl moved around and fro busily. He probably knew what she was going to do.

She wants to buy Blazing Feather…

She wants Blazing Feather to heal him.

Xiao Qi’s azure eyes gradually became gentle. He stared at Meng Qi, thinking that she looked like a hardworking little rabbit. She was so cute, making people even want to…rub her soft hair.


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