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THDP Ch. 51 Part 1 – Four Poles Great Array (I)

Meng Qi quickly received the spirit stone that Lu Qingran owed her from the Cultivator Alliance of Huajiang Manor.

“Fellow Daoist, please confirm the amount.” The Golden Core cultivator handed her a brocade bag with a smile. “According to the rules, ten percent has been deducted by the alliance.”

Meng Qi nodded. She quickly glanced at the spirit stones inside the bag. In fact, this amount wouldn’t help much. But she had only one day more and still couldn’t find another way to make money.

“Shu Qian, these are the inner cores from two third-rank demon cultivators. And also the immortal devouring vines they brought.” When Meng Qi was about to leave, another person came. Even before he walked in, his loud voice already rang: “It’s so strange! Huajiang Manor is far away from the Demon Realm. Why are so many demon cultivators appearing here out of nowhere?! And they even have this kind of weapon, damn it! Fortunately, I was well prepared. Otherwise, those motherf**kers would already get on me—huh? Someone’s here?!”

When his last word fell, the man finally entered the hall. Meng Qi turned her head to take a look. It was a sturdy-looking cultivator, seemingly about 30 years old. His appearance was actually quite handsome, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and short black hair, making him look a little wild. The man had a beard and wore a short martial suit, which matched his brash voice and words just now.

The ‘Su Qian’ this person called was the smiling Golden Core cultivator who had just finished Meng Qi’s order. He was obviously very familiar with this newcomer: “Ji Wenyuan, I have told you before. Be careful with your words when you are in the alliance.”

“Sorry, sorry.” The male cultivator named Ji Wenyuan apologized with a low voice. This apology was for Meng Qi. “Huajiang Manor is a small place. There are very few people here. I don’t know that fellow Daoist is visiting our office. I’ve been rude.” He scratched his head embarrassedly.

Meng Qi shook her head and smiled politely. Her eyes fell on the two immortal devouring vines on the ground. As a weapon, they looked so unusual. Its shape was a vine full of green leaves and blooming flowers with a color corresponding to its strength level. However, the vines before her were halfway turned into ashes, as if being burnt by something.

“Hey, give me the money.” Ji Wenyuan said to Su Qian: “Two third-rank demon cultivators. This time I also brought back their immortal devouring vines. The reward should be more.”

Su Qian shook his head amusedly and threw a brocade bag: “Take it.”

“Let me see…” Ji Wenyuan probed the bag and muttered: “One third-rank demon cultivator is one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones…eh? Four hundred? Wow! Is this immortal devouring vine so valuable? If only you told me earlier, damn—ah, no, if I know it earlier, I would bring it back before!”

“Thanks.” Ji Wenyuan threw the bag into his own storage space. After briefly cupped his hand towards Meng Qi, he turned around and strode out the door.

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. After Ji Wenyuan left, she took the initiative to ask Su Qian: “Excuse me, fellow Daoist. Does the alliance provides a monetary reward for people who hunt down demon cultivators and immortal devouring vine?”

“Yes.” Su Qian still smiled at Meng Qi, but his eyes squinted. A cultivator still in the Foundation Establishment stage had just recovered a debt of a few ninth-grade spirit stones, but she still didn’t feel enough?

Su Qian was a cultivator who was about to enter the Nascent Soul stage. Even so, he would be very happy after earning a few hundred seventh-grade spirit stones. He was a little surprised but still smiled: “The reward for one third-rank demon cultivator is one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones. For the fourth-rank, it is one hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. If you also bring back the immortal devouring vine, the reward would be doubled.” After a while, he hesitated and paused. “For a second-rank demon cultivator, it is one hundred sixth-grade spirit stones. However, demon cultivators of this rank don’t bring immortal devouring vine into the Three Thousand Worlds.”

“Thank you.” Meng Qi cupped her hands politely. She then turned around and left the alliance building.

Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng, both dressed in black cultivator robes, were leaning against the alliance building’s outer wall, waiting for her. Su Junmo stood on the other side. His expression was normal, but his eyes clearly glared at the other two.

Hearing the footsteps, they turned at Meng Qi simultaneously.

“Ah…” Meng Qi hesitated for a moment. “I want to hunt down the demon cultivators who are attacking people around Huajiang Manor.” She went straight to Qin Xiumo: “The Cultivator Alliance will pay us based on the number of demon inner cores and immortal devouring vine we bring back. Consider me hiring you. In addition, we will split up the rewards equally according to contribution.”

Qn Xiumo hesitated: “How much the reward is?”

“One hundred seventh-grade spirit stones for one third-rank demon cultivator.” Meng Qi said. She was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and Qin Xiumo has not been fully healed yet. His cultivation level was just the third or fourth realm of the Golden Core stage. Hunting third-rank demon cultivator was their limit.

Qin Xiumo hesitated. If he wasn’t careful, could it be possible that his debt would be paid off in one go? This wasn’t good.

“Hey? You want to hunt down demon cultivators and immortal devouring vines?” Chu Tianfeng saw Qin Xiumo’s hesitation and sneered inwardly. He knew very well what this guy was thinking. It’s nothing more than being afraid of accidentally overdoing it and paying back his debt in one go. Seeing that Meng Qi didn’t even look at himself, Chu Tianfeng stepped forward and said: “If he is afraid, I’ll go with you!”

During this period, Chu Tianfeng also learned a few things about Meng Qi’s temperament: “Of course, after the alliance pays us the rewards, we will distribute the spirit stones fairly according to the level of contribution.”

Chu Tianfeng could see that Meng Qi was short of spirit stones recently. As Fentian Palace’s young master, he naturally received an abundance of resources from his sect. However, even though Chu Tianfeng didn’t lack any cultivation resources, it didn’t mean that he raked in money either. The number of spirit stones he had was not that many. He still had many valuable artifacts given by his sect, but those couldn’t be exchanged for spirit stones at will. Meng Qi took back Lu Qingran’s debt, which was a huge amount on the scale of ninth-grade spirit stones. Yet, she still lacked money…

Chu Tianfeng really didn’t dare to pat his chest and say that he would make up for the rest. At most, he could only take out a few hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. But Meng Qi would definitely refuse to accept for nothing. Not to mention that this amount probably was not enough.


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  1. Seeing these three worrying about money together after all of the high-rolling rich people in the previous chapters is really funny to me, it’s like the rich kids from the countryside go to the city and end up huddling together trying to figure out if they have enough money to afford dinner and end up agreeing to just buy a big meal and share it.

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