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THDP Ch. 51 Part 2 – Four Poles Great Array (II)

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After some thinking, Chu Tianfeng made up his mind in an instant and said solemnly: “Huajiang Manor is so close to Fentian City. If we don’t solve these demon cultivators, they might run into Fentian City and attacking people there. I will go with you!”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Who said I’m afraid?!” Qin Xiumo snorted at Chu Tianfeng coldly. “I was thinking that hunting one by one is too troublesome. I want to find a way to gather them in one place and annihilate them in one swoop.”

“Heh—” Chu Tianfeng sneered, “Then, have you figured out a way?”

“…Go and take a look first.”

When these two attacked Su Junmo or other people, they were particularly united. However, once the outside problem was resolved, they didn’t even bat an eyelid to beat each other immediately.

“Meng Qi, let’s go.” Qin Xiumo said: “The demon cultivators should not dare to enter the city. After all, there is a protective array here. Without a token from Cultivators Alliance, they are unable to enter…”

“Mm.” Meng Qi nodded. She knew this. If demon or devil cultivators wanted to come and go freely in Three Thousand World, they must get an identity token from Cultivator Alliance as Su Junmo did. Otherwise, although they could still roam freely in the wild, the city’s protective array would be triggered to attack once they entered a city.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Chu Tianfeng said, “I heard from my father that both demon and devil cultivators have ways to hide their aura from the array formation. Unless the city has a higher method of detection, it’s impossible to find out.”

“Those who can enter Three Thousand Worlds via the crack in the boundary are fourth-rank at the highest, which is equivalent with Nascent Soul stage in human cultivation. Can they still hide from the city’s protective array? Don’t forget, all the places that can be called a city in Three Thousand World had their defensive mechanism built by the top weapon refinery sects from the Cultivator Alliance.” Refusing to give up, Qin Xiumo argued.

“The method of hiding one’s aura isn’t necessarily restrictive to cultivation base.” Chu Tianfeng didn’t back off. “Perhaps low-level demon cultivators can train some specific spells to an extreme proficiency, allowing them to disguise themselves. Isn’t Meng Qiqi the best example here? Some spells can be trained far beyond the level of the cultivation base and become a life-saving method. Have you forgotten?”

Qin Xiumo’s lips raised slightly, and his eyes became cold: “You compare the demon with Meng Qiqi?”

Damn! Chu Tianfeng was furious. He obviously didn’t mean it, but he was too hasty. Chu Tianfeng opened his mouth. His brain was spinning rapidly, trying to find a rebuttal.

Su Junmo, who had been dumbfounded on the side, suddenly opened his mouth: “Are you going to hunt down the demon cultivators who bring immortal devouring vine here? Then I must also go!”

“Meng Qiqi, take me with you!”

Chu Tianfeng closed his mouth and glanced at Qin Xiumo, who nodded slowly. “Even if you go, what can you do?” Chu Tianfeng asked: “There are three of us. Me with spell, Qin Xiumo with sword and spell dual cultivation, and Meng Qiqi with her medical skills. It’s enough.”

Qin Xiumo added: “Yes. And we are only going to hunt down third-rank demon cultivators, so don’t need to bother you. Three people are enough. Adding the fourth one will only lower the number of spirit stones each person gets.”

“Didn’t you just say that you want to gather all those guys together and solve them all in one go?” Su Junmo said. “I have a way. You three can cooperate with me, and we can also kill the fourth-rank demon cultivators. This way, everyone will get more spirit stones.”

Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng looked at each other. But they had no choice but to look at Meng Qi.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded, “The term will be the same as I said just now. We will get even distribution according to contribution.” She didn’t care who she cooperated with. If Su Junmo joined them and increased the number of spirit stones each person got, it was a good deal.

Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth and asked unwillingly, “What is your method?”

“I also have an idea.” Meng Qi said, “Let’s talk on the way.” She took out a bamboo slip, quickly wrote something on it, and handed the slip to Su Junmo.

“Huh?” Su Junmo opened his eyes in surprise. “This is feasible, but this great array…” He was a bit frightened. The method proposed by Meng Qi was very simple. He and the others would lure the enemy in, using Meng Qi as bait to activate the Four Poles Great Array and trapped the demon cultivators that got lured in.

But it was the Four Poles Great Array, ah!

Su Junmo didn’t know what expression he should make at this moment. This array was a true secret of the celestial demon’s white tiger clan. Not every clan member was eligible to learn it. Even after following his Lord for so many years, Su Junmo only heard about this array mostly in passing, and even the Lord only used it a handful of times. As for how to set up the array, he didn’t have the slightest clue. He didn’t know, and should never know!

“This great array…” Su Jun Mo murmured and glanced at Meng Qi, half tentatively and half surprisedly. His mind was full of doubts. However, not even the Lord could break the celestial demon’s rules. In other words…

“I cannot…”

Su Junmo subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief when Meng Qi began to speak. Sure enough, Meng Qi didn’t know how to set up the array. Otherwise, he didn’t know whether he should really kneel down and bow before her highness Demon Queen.

“…set up the complete formation of the array.” Meng Qi finished her sentence.

Su Junmo’s knees softened. He really wanted to kneel!!!


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    1. Previously there’s a killing order for those who bring immortal devouring vine to the Three Thousand World

  1. Is Su Junmo implying Meng Qi’s master intended to have her as a queen. That might explained why her “master” never acknowledged her as a true disciple. Since her master literally broke the celestial demon rules to teach Meng Qi these secret techniques and skills from the demon clan.

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