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THDP Ch. 51 Part 3 – Four Poles Great Array (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 51 Part 2.

Su Junmo’s knees softened. He really wanted to kneel!!! He had imagined many possibilities before. Although he secretly felt that Meng Qi might be the future Demon Queen, after all, it was still the ‘future.’ A more probable possibility was that this little Foundation Establishment woman was just the Lord’s lover in Three Thousand Worlds. Even if the Lord’s return to the peak in the future, it would be difficult to bring her back to the Demon Realm. Not to mention that people from the Celestial Demon Council of Elders would oppose, but there was also the Lord’s great uncle from the white tiger clan. Even if the Lord favored Meng Qi, the possibility of her becoming the Demon Queen was slim.

But the Four Poles Great Array…this was strictly only passed on to the white tiger clan members, and not even everybody had the chance to learn it. Presently, the number of a white tiger clan member who could use Four Poles Great Array could be counted with the fingers of one hand: Lord’s great uncle, uncle, Lord himself, a white tiger’s elder, and Lord’s cousin.

And now, he had to add a Meng Qi!

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi with some despair——should he kneel? Or not?

He decided to struggle a bit: “Can you tell me exactly what do you mean? Does it mean that you can only set up the array partially?”

Meng Qi glanced at Su Junmo. The fox’s expression was so strange. Despair mixed with heartbreak, and there was also unwillingness and struggle…was it because of the Four Poles Great Formation?

Meng Qi was somewhat unsure. When Master taught her this array, he said that it was useful for trapping enemy, but didn’t say anything special. The complete Four Poles Great Array could even trap a cultivator three stages higher than herself. Of course, a cultivator with such a wide disparity of power would be too strong for Meng Qi to trap. Still, it would give her a chance to escape.

However, a lot of materials were needed to set up Four Poles Great Array, and the requirement for the cultivator themselves was also very high. Namely, spiritual aura.

Both to set up and activate an array formation, the spiritual aura was absolutely essential. Some key parts of a big array had to be done in one go and would fail if stopped middle way to wait for the cultivator’s aura to recover. Meng Qi’s current cultivation base and spiritual aura in her body were far from enough to use the complete Four Poles Great Array. At most, only ten percent of the original.

Fortunately, Meng Qi’s cultivation in her previous life was also not so high. So Master taught her several modifications of the Four Poles Great Array. These modifications made the array much simpler, but also weakened its effect. With Su Junmo, Qin Xiumo, and Chu Tianfeng, Meng Qi calculated that half an incense stick of time would be enough.

“I don’t have enough cultivation base to deploy the complete version of the array.” Meng Qi said. “So for now, I will only use the modified version.”

“Momomo…modified?!” Su Junmo stuttered. He had never seen the Four Poles Great Array, but instead met a cultivator who said she couldn’t use the complete array for the time being because of her insufficient cultivation base.

What the hell?!

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded. “Wait for me.” They had just passed the Cloud Immortal Pavilion. Meng Qi walked inside: “I’m going to buy something.”

This time, she spent five hundred eighth-grade spirit stones and bought the materials needed for the Four Poles Great Array. In fact, Meng Qi never cared much about money and never hesitated to spend it before. But today, she couldn’t help but feel distressed whenever she thought of the Blazing Feather. Therefore, they must hunt more demon cultivators and immortal devouring vine. Otherwise, after splitting the rewards, she might even lose money here.

Meng Qi clenched her fist and became more determined. Since Su Junmo joined them, they would have a way to hunt down the fourth-rank demon cultivators. And she was willing to risk the danger.

Outside the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, Su Junmo looked at Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng sluggishly. “You two…” He took a deep breath, and for a moment, even wondering whether it was simply two different arrays with the same name. After all, among the cultivators in Three Thousand World, there were some who specialized in the artifacts and weapon refinery. They were also experts in array formation. In the past two to three hundred years, this field developed well and seemed to be on the rise once again.

Su Junmo passed the bamboo slips to the two in silence and watched their expression without blinking.

“What is this?” Chu Tianfeng finished reading first, feeling a bit at a loss, “Meng Qiqi seems to be really good with arrays.”

“Yeah.” Qin Xiumo nodded.

“Have you never heard of this array?” Su Junmo asked again.

“No.” Chu Tianfeng shook his head, “Fentian Palace is a spell sect. We don’t specialize in arrays and never heard about this one.”

“Neither do I.” Qin Xiumo shook his head.

“…” Su Junmo suddenly felt a little frightened. If Meng Qi really used the Four Poles Great Array, did it mean that the Lord has already admitted that she was…

“Let’s go.” Meng Qi came out of Cloud Immortal Pavilion. She walked towards the three: “Su Junmo, based on your opinion, where should we go first?” Since the four have decided to work together to earn spirit stones, they were a team. Therefore, Meng Qi didn’t hold back and directly asked Su Junmo, who was the most familiar with demon cultivators.

“Huh?” Su Junmo was still a bit dazed. He turned his head to look at Meng Qi. In his eyes now, this girl’s identity has changed once again. After a while, he met Meng Qi’s clear and calm eyes, and his gaze instantly quivered: “…yes…attribute…”

Meng Qi: “???” What attribute?

“…it should be the red fox clan again.” Su Junmo was also a bit vexed, and said quickly: “Their species’ attribute is fire, and they like to stay in the east.” He pointed at the east gate. “Let’s go to the east first.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded.

The four quickly walked towards the east gate. Huajiang Manor was also considered a prosperous city. Although it wasn’t as good as Fentian City, it was far better than Qingfeng Town. The news that demon cultivators used immortal devouring vines to attack people was suppressed by Xuanyun Villa, and ordinary residents of the city still didn’t know. However, Xuanyun Villa put out a request to Cultivator Alliance, issuing a mission to hunt down the demon cultivators in exchange for spirit stones.

All the way to the east gate, the atmosphere was still normal. Immortal devouring vine generally didn’t harm ordinary people. After all, they wanted spiritual aura for nourishment.

After leaving the east city gate, there was a continuous mountain range in the distance. Coupled with lush forest, the scenery was full of greenery.

“Those guys like to hide in the dense forest, but…” Su Jun pondered, not sure what to say.

“I have read notes about red fox clan in the book.” Meng Qi said. In fact, most of her knowledge about the red fox was told personally by Su Junmo. “They like good looking people. The more good looking, the easier it is to arouse their interest.”

Her eyes slowly swept across the three men and finally fell on Qin Xiumo’s face: “Qin Xiumo, take off your robe.”

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    1. I have a feeling that the one that refuses to acknowledge himself as her master may have had something to do with her reincarnation/time reset.

  2. Hm, maybe one of those 4 is an Antagonist: ML’s great uncle, uncle, cousin or a white tiger elder.
    Or the mysterious man is from the phoenix clan, this could explain ML’s wound…

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