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THDP Ch. 52 Part 1 – The Hunt Began (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch. 51 Part 2.

Meng Qi’s idea was simple. These men were equally handsome, but because Qin Xiumo still owed her money, she could make him follow her words.

Qin Xiumo was startled, but soon the corner of his lips curled up. Did it mean that Meng Qi considered him to be more handsome than these two?

“…Okay.” He nodded. Without breaking eye contact with Meng Qi, his fingers began to fiddle with his belt, and he asked with a somewhat hoarse voice: “Are you sure I should do this?” Qin Xiumo glanced at Chu Tianfeng triumphantly.

Damn! Chu Tianfeng was a little aggrieved. His appearance, family background, body figure, and even cultivation talent didn’t lose to Qin Xiumo. Not to mention he was full of vitality now, unlike Qin Xiumo, a sickly patient who hasn’t been recovered yet.

But why did Meng Qi choose this guy over himself?!

“Yeah.” Meng Qi answered casually. She took out a porcelain bottle from her storage space and handed it to Qin Xiumo: “Sprinkle it on your body.”

“What is this?”

“Just in case you get injured by immortal devouring vine.” After explaining, Meng Qi continued to walk.

Chu Tianfeng took a step forward and walked side by side with her. He whispered: “Can he do it? What if they aren’t interested in him?”

“What are you talking about?” Qin Xiumo had already taken off his robe, exposing his upper body. He was severely injured when facing a tribulation. Afterward, to avoid the chasing from the former best friend who wanted to kill him, he escaped from the Southern Realm where his sect was located and stayed at the bottom of Qingfeng Valley’s cold pond for a long time. At this moment, his originally healthy tanned skin still looked a little pale.

However, Qin Xiumo was young, and he recovered well. His naked upper body showed no trace of fat, and looked firm and strong. While sprinkling the powder on his body, Qin Xiumo walked to Meng Qi and asked: “Is this okay?”

Meng Qi glanced at him lightly. Her gaze was clear without the slightest ripple. She turned to look at Su Junmo: “How? Is this okay?”

“…ah.” Su Junmo’s eyes flashed. He didn’t know what to say. “It’s okay.” Meng Qi’s eyes were clear and calm. She obviously showed no ripples when looking at the half-naked Qin Xiumo. But did she know?! The white tiger clan was a rarity in the Demon Realm. Once they found a partner, they would become a celestial demon royal family for life. Their possessiveness was absolutely outstanding among three races of human, demon, and devil.

Su Junmo tried to guess Meng Qi’s mind. Although she had no special feelings for Qin Xiumo, she obviously thought that he was good looking. If the Lord knew…


Su Junmo couldn’t help but shiver.

“Su Junmo, Su Junmo?”

“Huh?” Su Junmo was too deep in his thought, and it took Meng Qi several calls before he came back to his sense. “What?”

“You… be careful. Look at the road when you walk.” Meng Qi stared at Su Junmo for a moment. This guy seemed to become weird since they left Huajiang Manor. His eyes always moved between herself and Qin Xiumo, and even more strangely, he was still quiet even after they were away from the crowd.

“Oh…oh, okay!” Su Junmo nodded and seriously began to observe their surrounding.

All four of them were cultivators, and their speed wasn’t slow. They quickly left the vicinity of the city and entered the depths of the forest. The deeper they walked, the denser the forest was. Branches and leaves blocked the sun, and the surrounding gradually became dim. Sunlight occasionally shone in tiny light spots from between the foliage. But except for the wind blowing leaves and some bird’s tweet, the forest was silent.

“Huh?” Su Junmo suddenly speeded up and walked towards a big tree not far ahead. “This…” He reached his hand to touch the traces on the trunk, then gestured to Qin Xiumo. “Look at this.”

“Sword aura.” Qin Xiumo had dual cultivation in swordsmanship, and his natal weapon was a sword. As soon as he stepped forward, he could see seven to eight marks on the trunk, with traces of sword aura.

“The one who did it, are they stronger than you?” Su Junmo asked.

Qin Xiumo sighed: “…It’s a Nascent Soul cultivator.” He emphasized: “Although the cultivation base is higher, the swordsmanship is not as good as mine.”

“I see…” Su Junmo nodded. He suddenly leaned over and picked up a leaf from the ground. The leaf was yellow, with a dark brown bloodstain on it. Thanks to Su Junmo’s sharp eyes, he discovered the dried bloodstain on such a small fallen leaf.

He took the leaf to the tip of his nose and smelled it: “It’s the red fox! Heh…” Su Junmo sneered. Those guys have been really arrogant recently. It seemed that after the Lord disappeared from the Demon Realm, they couldn’t hold their ambition.

“Let me see.” Meng Qi stepped forward and took the blood-stained leaf. She turned over the withered yellow leaf and examined it carefully: “This is from an injury caused by sword aura.”

Meng Qi raised her head. The leaves on the trees nearby were green. However, this fallen leaf was withered, despite its shape that still very intact.

“How powerful…” Meng Qi murmured. She has seen such sword aura, or to be precise, spiritual aura. When used to attack, it’s not only causing physical injuries, but also cut off vitality. A master of sword aura could draw spiritual aura from the enemy they injured or even anything else harmed by their sword aura to restore their condition. Such an opponent was almost invincible and extremely terrible.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped, and an image flashed through her mind. But it went so fast. Before she could catch it, the image has gone.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Xiumo asked.

“Nothing.” Meng Qi shook her head, “Let’s be more careful.” She looked around: “It seems that someone has been here first. This bloodstain…” Meng Qi gently touched the leaf with her fingertip: “…should be from several hours ago.”

“Huajiang Manor’s Cultivator Alliance has issued a mission to hunt down the demon cultivators who secretly trespassed the boundary and bring the immortal devouring vine to Three Thousand World. With such a generous reward, there must be many cultivators who come to take the mission.” Su Junmo seemed to regain his vitality. “Let’s hurry!”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She thought of Ji Wenyuan. There must be many other cultivators like him, hunting the demon cultivators for the reward.


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  1. why do i feel like Meng Qi’s master is the uncle and Xiao Qi ( the little white tiger) is the tiger of the orig fl in the past life?

    1. Su junmo’s perpetual confusion never gets old hahahaha I wonder if he will ever remember his past life.

      Thanks for the chapter!!

  2. Among those male characters, I find the joy of Su Junmo’s creative imagination. He should have kneel down like a servant and then wail like a fox.

    My beautiful image of a fox has been shattered by him. I can’t unseeeeee.

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