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THDP Ch. 52 Part 2 – The Hunt Began (II)

Now that they had found the right direction, the group of four continued to move forward. After walking for about two incense stick of time, they arrived at a relatively open space surrounded by dense mountainous forest without no end in sight.

On the way, they occasionally saw the bloodstains left by red fox demons and the similar sword aura they had seen before.

“Just right here,” Meng Qi took a look around. “I will stay here to prepare. You guys go and lure the enemy.”

“No!!” Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo opposed in unison: “I’m staying with you.”

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head, “Even if I encounter a fourth-rank demon cultivator, I can hold on for one incense stick of time. It’s enough for you people to come back.”

“Still no!” Chu Tianfeng was anxious, “What if they all attacked at the same time?”

“I still can hold on for one incense stick of time.” Meng Qi replied confidently. She had used the Four Poles Great Array to trap enemies before. If the opponent was a Nascent Soul cultivator in the seventh or higher realm, there was a possibility that she couldn’t hold on for one incense stick of time. But against demon cultivators, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“No!” Su Junmo also opposed, “I will stay.” If it was a real Four Poles Great Array, once those stupid red foxes saw it, they would be too frightened to even move, let alone entered it. But what if Meng Qi was simply bragging? Or that the array she knew was not the white tiger clan’s Four Poles Great Array, but merely another array with the same name? At that time, if something really happened to her, the Lord would skin him alive!!

He didn’t dare to take the risk!

“Believe me, I’m alright by myself.” Meng Qi felt helpless. She also knew that her cultivation base was simply too low to convince them. However, she also had another consideration. If the red foxes were really nearby and saw that she was alone, they wouldn’t hesitate to jump on the prey.

“Anyway, you are not allowed to stay alone!” Chu Tianfeng said directly: “Pick one of us to stay with you. The remaining two will lure in the red fox demons.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Her eyes swept across their faces. Their attitude was unyielding. It was rare for these three to stand on the same front, and didn’t even attack Su Junmo. Meng Qi started to ponder. She absolutely didn’t want to be alone with the noisy fox. She also needed Qin Xiumo to lure the enemies. Then…

“Young Palace Master Chu.” Meng Qi made a decision and looked at Chu Tianfeng: “Then I will ask you to accompany me.”

“Okay!” Chu Tianfeng was very happy. His eyebrows raised, and the corners of his lips curled up. He jumped next to Meng Qi and waved to the other two: “Go, don’t waste time, lest that sword cultivator rob Meng Qiqi’s reward money.”

Qin Xiumo: “…” He and Su Junmo exchanged a glance, then turned around and walked deeper into the forest.

Meng Qi watched the two left, then took out many materials from the storage space and began to set up arrays on the open space. This was one of the modified versions of the Four Poles Great Array. Because it was very useful to trap enemies and save her life, when Master taught Meng Qi, he forced her to learn it by heart. It was not an exaggeration to say that as long as the materials were sufficient, Meng Qi could set up this array perfectly with eyes closed.

Meng Qi grabbed the materials and began to get busy. Her thin and slender figure resembled a working sparrow, diligently drawing the array while skillfully throwing various materials at the large and small formation eyes. The Four Poles Great Array itself was extremely complicated, but this first variation wasn’t that hard. A Foundation Establishment cultivator like Meng Qi could draw each part of the array without running out of aura.

Inside the beast house, Xiao Qi laid down lazily. His azure blue eyes didn’t reveal any mood at all. He could clearly see what Meng Qi was doing. The slender figure was busily drawing array on the open ground. After drawing one part, Meng Qi would stop and wait for her spiritual aura to recover.

Ah, this time, it’s the Four Poles Great Array…

Xiao Qi’s mind already numb. He no longer felt surprised. Four Poles Great Array was one of the secret techniques of the white tiger clan. Although it was far less precious than their star array, knowing how to set up this array meant that Meng Qi was a recognized member of the celestial demon white tiger clan.

Of course, it actually was pretty natural for Meng Qi, who knew the star array, to also knew the Four Poles Great Array. But who taught her? The range of suspects seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. Except for himself, there were only four clansmen who knew how to deploy Four Poles Great Array.

Great uncle and elder has long retired and no longer dealt with worldly affairs. They also hadn’t left the Demon Realm for thousands of years, so it obviously wasn’t them.

So, was it his cousin brother or uncle?

Xiao Qi narrowed his eyes slightly and watched Meng Qi’s busy movement outside. It didn’t take long for her to finished setting up seven or eight copies of Four Poles Great Array, almost covering the entire open space densely.

Xiao Qi almost laughed angrily. It was the enemy-binding technique of his white tiger clan, used by the high-ranking clansmen to trap any creatures of the three realms. Back then, the celestial demon white tiger clan dominated the world, and when people heard the name of Four Poles Great Array, they would shudder and flee without a second thought. But she was using it just to trap some puny red foxes, and even to earn spirit stones!

Alright, Meng Qi actually wanted to earn spirit stones for his sake.

Xiao Qi scratched his fluffy claws on the ground, suddenly feeling a little itchy.

“They come!” Chu Tianfeng, who had been standing by, suddenly yelled in a direction. He quickly walked to Meng Qi’s side and raised his hand to activate a spell. A circle of blue flame instantly ignited around him, protecting the entire open space.

“Haha.” Sweet laughter came from all directions. Amidst the laughter, an enchanting and charming woman’s voice rang: “I am so scared…”

With a bang, the blue flame suddenly diminished. Chu Tianfeng groaned lightly and took a step back. His face was a bit pale.

Meng Qi gripped a handful of seventh-grade spirit stones in her hands, having prepared at least two to three hundred of these. Meng Qi held her breath, stood beside Chu Tianfeng, and flared up a small firework.

The firework flew into the sky and exploded. This was the communication tool Su Junmo gave them. After seeing the fireworks, the other two would come back immediately.

“Ah…” Amidst the sweet laughter, a red fox woman in a long red dress walked out. “What a cute little sister. This big sister likes it.” She lifted her slender hand, and a thick immortal devouring vine raised its tip and pointed straight at Chu Tianfeng.

“Little sister, let’s go with this big sister. Big sister will treat you well. Men here all are bad guys who deceive women, don’t get fooled by them.” The red fox woman smiled at Meng Qi. Her eyes were drifting charmingly.

“Go away!” Chu Tianfeng raised his hand furiously. A flame rose into the sky and rushed towards the red fox woman.

“Ouch~” The red fox woman moaned coquettishly. Under the flame, her originally beautiful face became even more charming. She squinted her eyes and smiling at Meng Qi, her silk-like eyebrows were raised: “Little sister, did you see it? These men can only shout and scream. How boorish. They don’t deserve you. Let’s go with big sister.”


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