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THDP Ch. 53 Part 1 – Sikong Xing (I)

Meng Qi seemed to be frightened by the red fox woman. She quickly hid behind Chu Tianfeng, poking her head slightly to glance at the woman. As soon as their gaze met, she hurriedly turned away and muttered: “Who are you? I…I won’t go with you.”

She looked delicate and timid, very pitiful, and very much in line with her identity as a weak Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Just now, Chu Tianfeng watched her laying out arrays diligently on the open space and knew her plan to hunt demon cultivators to earn spirit stones. He had been accustomed to Meng Qi’s calm and cold appearance, and was a bit uncomfortable seeing her current acting. For some reason, seeing her like this actually made him….feel an indescribable chillness on his back.

He knew that Meng Qi was luring people…no, luring fox, all in order to earn spirit stones!

“Little sister.” The red-clothed woman smiled sweetly. With a slight wave of her hand, Chu Tianfeng’s flame circle completely disappeared, not leaving behind even a sliver of smoke. The woman took a step forward, and the immortal devouring vine in her hand raised its head and coiled on her arm, like a venomous snake spitting out its letter.

Seeing this, Meng Qi shrank back behind Chu Tianfeng, only poking out her small head to peek timidly.

“He can’t protect you.” The red-clothed woman pursed her lips. The smile in her eyes deepened. As if to prove her words, she walked a few steps forward and waved her hand again. A dozen shadows instantly rushed towards Chu Tianfeng and Meng Qi, stopping in the center of the open space.

“Even with the array you worked so hard to set up just now, you can’t do anything to this sister.” The woman said smilingly. She had observed Meng Qi and Chu Tianfeng for a while and naturally saw what Meng Qi did just now. But it was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator who was not even using a magic weapon. Even if the girl laid out a trap, she was not afraid.

Hearing her words, Meng Qi and Chu Tianfeng’s expression instantly changed. Meng Qi clearly saw that the woman was still several meters away from them. However, in a blink of an eye, the slender hand, was so soft as if it was boneless, had already brushed her cheek. The slightly cold fingers brought over a flowery fragrance. As soon as the fragrance hit her nose, Meng Qi’s head felt dizzy. Her body shivered, and the red-clothed woman smiled even more happily: “Don’t worry, this big sister will treat you well. I like a pretty and cute girl the most. Especially your look…” She was getting closer. Without putting Chu Tianfeng in her eyes, she inhaled deeply near Meng Qi’s neck: “Really.”

This was the second time the woman approached Meng Qi without warning. She was incredibly agile. Every time she moved forward and then away, it was just in a blink of an eye.

But this time, Meng Qi swiftly threw away all the spirit stones in her palms. The crystal clear stones instantly flew to all the arrays she previously set up on the entire open space. This throwing technique alone, Meng Qi has practiced no fewer than thousands of times. Her Master taught her the Four Poles Great Array was mainly to trap enemies, especially those whose cultivation level was much higher than herself. For that kind of situation, even one breath worth of time might decide life or death.

Master made her memorize the array thoroughly. So much that as long she had enough material, she would be able to set it up in the shortest time possible. Not only that, he also especially taught Meng Qi a throwing technique and supervised her on practicing it repeatedly, so that she could instantly throw the spirit stones to the places needed to activate the arrays.

The red-clothed woman was initially surprised, but soon laughed amusedly. In the end, it was just a Foundation Establishment…

However, before she even finished her thought, her complexion changed: “This is?!”

The open space, which was very calm just now, suddenly was lit up by a fluorescent light, which rushed straight into the sky and trapped the woman in the very center. Her expression changed inexplicably, and even the ten or more subordinates she just summoned were also trapped in the array formation.

“Why can you use it?!” The red-clothed woman suddenly gaped at Meng Qi, but she had already pulled Chu Tianfeng’s arm and quickly retreated under his protection.

Surrounded by light, the red fox woman could only see two shadows jumped directly outside the arrays’ encirclement.

“Stop!” The woman’s expression changed drastically, and her smile had disappeared completely. She stared at Meng Qi and asked incredulously: “Where did you learn this array?” The woman moved her hands and attacked the array frantically. She wanted to break off this encirclement and hurried to grab this little Foundation Establishment cultivator for questioning.

She was careless!

She saw this girl set up the arrays before, but looked down at her low cultivation base. She merely thought that an array used by a person in the Foundation Establishment stage could do nothing to them, so she didn’t care in the slightest.


“Aaaahhh!!!” The red-clothed woman had just taken one step forward when a blue gas suddenly gushed out. In an instant, apart from the glimmer of the spirit stones, only the light from the blue gas remained in the entire open space. This gas was a bit pungent; just one smell was enough to know that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Hold your breath!” The woman’s eyes instantly became cold, and she hurriedly commanded her subordinates in a stern voice. “Stand still.”

She wouldn’t be afraid of the poison used by a little Foundation Establishment cultivator, even if the other party…

“Ugh——” Before she could even finish her thought, the woman suddenly groaned. At her command, her subordinates didn’t dare to move. They all gritted their teeth to hold their breath as much as possible; eyes filled with shock and fear——

All of a sudden, their faces were swarmed with densely packed bees. Even the red-clothed woman was no exception. Those bees were too dense and too many. They were so overwhelming and almost existed as real objects inside the arrays that filled the whole open space.

Once the bees stung, they immediately disappeared into a light smoke. But the pain was real. In an instant, all the demon cultivators under the red-clothed woman had their faces full of red swellings.

Even more frightening was that there were too many bees squirming around. Many even entered from their sleeves or simply stung them through the outer robes. Most of the sting couldn’t penetrate through their clothes, but there was always a small amount of exception that could reach their skin. Coupled with other bees crawling along their sleeves and collars, in the blink of an eye, all the demon cultivators except for the red-clothed woman tumbled to the ground and cried in pain.


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