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THDP Ch. 53 Part 2 – Sikong Xing (II)

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“Uh…” Chu Tianfeng could feel his back numb. He didn’t know how to describe the scene he saw right now. His ears were full of buzzing sound, and countless bees were flying around in front of his eyes. Chu Tianfeng subconsciously turned to look at Meng Qi, but found the girl was also staring into the arrays attentively.

“How terrible…” Meng Qi murmured, “But so amazing!”


Chu Tianfeng wanted to complain. Great sister, ah. Before you used it, didn’t you know how powerful it is?!

“Four Poles Great Array! It’s Four Poles Great Array!” The red-clothed woman screamed frantically. Her voice was so sharp, as if piercing through the clouds: “Why are you…Who are you?!”

The woman could no longer care about her subordinates, who were still wailing on the ground. She hurriedly used a spell. A transparent barrier instantly separated her from the densely packed bees, barely protecting her body. However, the barrier was too thin and too close to her skin, so she could still clearly see the bees crawled up and down.

The red-clothes woman was shocked and scared, and she was totally in a panic now. The name of Four Poles Great Array was a too great deterrence. In fact, she only needed to calm down a bit to find out that with her cultivation base, the array formation could only trap her for at most one incense stick of time.

But she didn’t dare to move!

Countless thoughts flashed quickly in her mind. She stared at Meng Qi with an inexplicable astonishment. This girl looked very young. Her cultivation base was merely at the Foundation Establishment stage, but she looked so calm and unperturbed. Her eyes, they were as clear as the cold mountain spring. But now, separated by a hoard of flying bees, the red-clothed woman felt that this young girl was so terrifying.

Gradually, she began to overlap Meng Qi’s figure with the image of those great celestial demons whose names she didn’t even dare to mention. “I…” She murmured, trying to open her mouth strenuously. But her knees were so weak that she almost couldn’t stay standing.

Those great celestial demons, all were the most outstanding members of the royal white tiger clans. Especially that person…

The red-clothed woman instantly shivered and didn’t dare to continue her thought. She suddenly fell into one knee and said hoarsely: “My Lady, this servant is willing to subject myself to you. Begging my Lady to spare our lives.”

“My…Lady….” Chu Tianfeng was stunned. He was a Golden Core cultivator. Although he wasn’t specialized in arrays, he could see that regardless of the fear the red-clothed woman showed towards Meng Qi’s array, she only needed to protect herself temporarily with the barrier she used now, and she would be able to break the array in the span of at most one incense stick of time.

Meng Qi stared down at the red-clothed woman, her eyes narrowed slightly. This woman was the leader of this group. Seeing how easily she dealt with Chu Tianfeng, she must be at least a fourth-rank demon cultivator. And the immortal devouring vine next to her…she was undoubtedly the most expensive reward!

Meng Qi spent a lot of money to buy materials for the arrays. If she didn’t catch a few fourth-rank demon cultivators, she wouldn’t even be able to recoup her initial cost. But now, Su Junmo has not back yet. She couldn’t corner this woman too far.

Meng Qi raised her eyes and looked at the red fox woman: “What’s your name?”

“This servant is Sikong Xing.” She replied respectfully.

“Sikong Xing!” Before Meng Qi could respond, Su Junmo’s voice suddenly came from the big tree behind. “You actually dare to cross the boundary. Has Sikong Yan been killed by the ancestor’s will before he has time to tell you?!”

“Su Junmo?!” Sikong Xing looked up towards the voice, and the last doubt in her eyes disappeared. Su Junmo actually followed this Foundation Establishment cultivator. What else was there to doubt?!

Sikong Xing once again knelt down. This time, her whole body fell submissively on the ground, and her tone towards Meng Qi was full of reverence: “This servant begs for my Lady’s pity.”

Su Junmo: “…” He suddenly choked. His eyes immediately swept over the ground. Gosh! He also wanted to kneel. It was really the Four Poles Great Array!

Su Junmo has followed the Lord for a long time. Although he wasn’t proficient in arrays, he naturally saw and learn a lot. The Four Poles Great Array was the most famous killing array in the Demon Realm. The four poles in its name corresponded to the four directions: east, west, south, and north.

Ten thousand years ago, the white tiger clan’s ancestor used this Four Poles Great Array to fight against four great celestial demons with the same cultivation base as himself. After stepping into the Four Poles Great Array, the four great celestial demons encountered different situations:

One was trapped in the same place for a long time, unable to move forward or retreat.

One was overtaken by countless weapons.

One entered a battlefield and has to desperately fight against an endless horde of demon cultivators.

One was attacked by millions of poisonous insects that filled every inch of the ground, sky, and anything between.

After that battle, the name of the celestial demon white tiger clan, together with the Four Poles Great Array, shook the entire Demon Realm and allowed them to secure their position as one of the royal clan. Later, successive generations of Demon Monarch all came from the white tiger clan, and they also occupied more and more seats in the Demon Realm’s Council of Elders. If it weren’t for their low number of offspring, which made their population much lower than other celestial demon clans, the whole governmental body of Demon Realm, including all the leaders of the Nine Heavens, would probably be monopolized by white tiger demon.

Su Junmo somewhat understood why Sikong Xing was so scared. One of the four great celestial demons trapped and killed by the Four Poles Great Array ten thousand years ago was the ancestor of the red fox clan. After the red fox’s ancestor was killed, the Lord’s ancestor held the Demon Monarch’s order and demoted the red fox clan from the celestial demon noble to the ordinary celestial demon. Even until now, the red fox clan has been unable to recover from this damage. Otherwise, they wouldn’t cultivate the immortal devouring vine secretly.


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  1. Times like this I keep on wondering what exactly her Master was thinking when he taught her this? And what did he do when she died? Is he the one behind her rebirth/transmigration? He seems like a huge array nerd, shouldn’t be impossible.

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