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THDP Ch. 53 Part 3 – Sikong Xing (III)

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Su Junmo could easily imagine how much fear the red fox clan’s descendants held towards the Four Poles Great Array. He just didn’t expect that Sikong Xing, this woman who was so proud of her beauty and always acted so fearlessly and domineering, would ever show such a blatant fear and submissiveness like now.

Su Junmo slowly walked to Meng Qi’s side. Seeing Sikong Xing trembling on the ground, he couldn’t help but cough a little: “Do you want to…let her go?”

“She is a fourth-rank.” Meng Qi replied indifferently. “The immortal devouring vine she brought is the same price as her.”

“Ah…cough, cough, cough…” Su Junmo was stunned, but soon realized what Meng Qi meant.

Sikong Xing was even more stunned. She subconsciously raised her head. Inside the arrays, it gradually became quiet. The bees slowly disappeared, and only a few were still flying slowly in the air.

Not to mention Si Kongxing, even her subordinates were no longer being attacked. But they were still lying on the ground weakly. Their strength seemed to have been hollowed. Their spiritual sea was empty, and the red swellings on their face and all over their body were still painful and itchy. But all of them tacitly laid on the ground unmoved, for fear that something worse would happen if they dare to move.

“My Lady.” Sikong Xing stared at Meng Qi blankly. “This servant is indeed a fourth-rank demon cultivator. This servant is willing to offer my soul to you. From now on, I am loyal to my Lady, will serve you wholeheartedly, and will never dare to betray you for life.”

“Cough…” Su Junmo couldn’t bear seeing it anymore. Compared to Sikong Yan, he didn’t dislike this Sikong Xing. This girl was a bit domineering, but as far as he knew, she never hurt anyone in Three Thousand Worlds cultivator before. In the Demon Realm, she even had a name for offending the strong to save the weak. Among female demons, Sikong Xing’s reputation was excellent. Many who was getting bullied went to ask for her help.

“You…” Su Junmo wanted to help Sikong Xing, so he spoke to her: “When did you come to Three Thousand World?”

“Just today.” Sikong Xing replied, then she lowered her posture again. “This servant has never hurt any human cultivators and doesn’t have any hostility either. This servant’s father sent me here to find my mother, who left us to return to Three Thousand World one hundred years ago.”

“Meng Qiqi.” Su Junmo turned to Meng Qi, “She is indeed different from Sikong Yan. You can trust her.” He paused. After getting along with Meng Qi during this period of time, Su Junmo felt that he has understood some of her line of thought: “Speaking of which, you and she are pretty similar. Sikong Xing treats female cultivators very well. If she found women being bullied, she always stands up for them. In the Demon Realm, Sikong Xing’s reputation among women are very good.”

Meng Qi did not respond.

Su Junmo continued: “Aren’t you also very good to the female cultivators? You are always ruthless to males, but very generous to female.”

“Really?” Meng Qi didn’t feel so. She used to treat everyone equally, but now she has to prevent herself from getting a misfortune and thus demanded payment from male cultivators.

“What’s more, Sikong Xing’s father is quite different from other red foxes. In their clan, he is a well-known rich man. Sikong Xing is his only child, and she always has a lot of spirit stones!” Su Junmo said quickly. As he spoke, he winked at Sikong Xing.

Sikong Xing was stunned and couldn’t react immediately. It was indeed an indisputable fact that her father was famous for his wealth. But demons respected strength. Many people mocked their father and daughter openly, saying that it was useless for them to lie on the pile of spirit stones, and they were the biggest idiot of the red fox clan!

Su Junmo sighed softly and began to explain: “She…” He pointed to Meng Qi, then said to Sikong Xing and the subordinates behind her: “…wants to exchange you for spirit stones reward. You, plus the immortal devouring vine you bring in, are priced two hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. For your subordinates, it is one hundred seventh-grade spirit stones per person.”

Sikong Xing felt suddenly felt dizzy. Because of her father’s hobby of collecting spirit stones, she has always been laughed at by other people in the red fox clan. But this Lady also liked spirit stones?

For some reason, a warm feeling suddenly rose in Sikong Xing’s heart. It seemed that the grievances and ridicules she had received since childhood was nothing. Such a powerful person who could use the Four Poles Great Array and be followed by Su Junmo actually also liked spirit stones!

Sikong Xing immediately took out a brocade bag from her storage space item and held it with both hands respectfully: “My Lady, this is one hundred ninth-grade spirit stones. This servant is willing to use them to buy this servant and subordinates’ lives….” Sikong Xing bit her lower lips slightly. After thinking for a moment, she continued: “In fact, these people aren’t this servant’s subordinates. They are all demon cultivators saved by this servant. Because they were grateful, they volunteered to follow this servant.” She bowed respectfully to Meng Qi: “They are here only to help this servant. Begs my Lady to forgive them.”

“Meng Qiqi.” Su Junmo continued to persuade: “Sikong Xing is indeed not a bad fellow. Just let her go.”

Meng Qi’s gaze fell on Sikong Xing’s face: “Give all the immortal devouring vines to me, and I can let you go.”

“Many thanks to my Lady.” Sikong Xing bowed deeply.

The demon cultivators who followed Sikong Xing also got up strenuously and knelt down: “Many thanks to my Lady.”

“You don’t need to call me ‘my Lady.'” Meng Qi waved her hand. “Also, don’t call yourself ‘this servant.’ I don’t need a subordinate. I trust Su Junmo, but in the future, you cannot bring any immortal devouring vine to Three Thousand Worlds again.”

“Yes. Sikong Xing lowered her head. “I understand.”

Sikong Xing then looked up at Meng Qi and took out another brocade bag. She waved her hand once, gathering all the immortal devouring vine from herself and other demon cultivators. With head bowed, she respectfully held up the two brocade bags with her palms.


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