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THDP Ch. 54 Part 2 – Killing Formation (II)

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After setting up the arrays, Meng Qi returned. “Okay,” she said: “Then let’s do it as we discussed earlier. Sikong Xing, do you have a way to call Sikong Changlie here?”

“Yes.” Sikong Xing nodded and took out a small silver bell from her sleeve. “When this bell rings, it means that I am in danger. Sikong Changlie will definitely come to gloat at my sorry figure.”

“Then you three should hide first.” Meng Qi said to Su Junmo and the others: “Wait for my signal, and then attack at the same time. The main target is Sikong Changlie and the two eighth realm, fourth-rank demon cultivators.”

“What about you?” Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo, and even Su Junmo asked in unison.

“I have to stand by in the arrays. Otherwise, who would activate it?” Meng Qi said nonchalantly.

“No!” This time, all four opposed simultaneously. Even Sikong Xing shook her head and expressed her disagreement: “This is too dangerous. Sikong Changlie is very strong. If you aren’t careful, you may die under his hands.”

“No.” Meng Qi rebut. “I’m just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and also a young female.” If Sikong Changlie was really as arrogant and haughty as Sikong Xing said, he wouldn’t put her in his eyes at all.

“Still no!” Chu Tianfeng objected immediately, “Who knows what he might do?!”

“Yes! I won’t agree!” Qin Xiumo also said.

“Left behind at least one more person.” Su Junmo added immediately.

Sikong Xing was touched. If Meng Qi didn’t have complete trust in herself and the information she gave them, Meng Qi wouldn’t take so much risk. With lips curled up in a smile, Sikong Xing said: “Don’t worry. There is me here. I will protect Meng Qiqi.”

As Sikong Xing spoke, she walked towards the center of Meng Qi’s arrays formation. She raised her wrists and looked at Meng Qi with her starry eyes: “You can tie me.”

Meng Qi shook her head and sat down nearby. Sikong Xing happily sat next to her, holding her knees in her hands, and looked up at the three men who were still unconvinced. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Although I am from the red fox clan, the master who taught me cultivation is a member of the black tortoise clan, so…”

As Sikong Xing spoke, she raised her index finger and middle finger together, activating a spell to create a barrier. The barrier was not big, with dark blue light flashed in pulse. And it looked like a thick…tortoise shell?!

“Uh…” Su Junmo had a rare moment of speechlessness: “Why don’t you learn red fox spells?”

“My father said that as a demon, protecting one’s life is the most important thing. When I was young, he asked his good friend to teach me the spells and black tortoise clan techniques. Growing up, I studied many spells beneficial to temper my body and also has to consume so many pills. Even if Sikong Changlie suddenly goes crazy, I guarantee that I can protect Meng Qiqi well.” Sikong Xing assured. “At least, enough to hold on until you all come back.”

Qin Xiumo didn’t comment and directly summoned his natal long sword instead. The sharp sword swiftly attacked the tortoise shell barrier. With a clang, the barrier easily took the blow without the slightest sign of damage.

Three bursts of flame popped out from Chu Tianfeng’s fingers. The bright red flames quickly encircled the barrier, trying to break in, but to no avail. Sikong Xing smiled and sat leisurely next to Meng Qi. Until the flame extinguished, there was no single change on the barrier.

“Awesome.” Su Junmo didn’t try. He was a celestial demon and knew how powerful the protective techniques of the black tortoise clan were. Su Junmo lightly flicked the barrier with his fingers: “It seems that you learn quite a bit from the black tortoise clan.”

“Of course. My master taught me for twelve years and passed down many live-saving techniques to me.”

“Alright then, we should go.” Su Junmo was relieved. But he still glanced deeply at Sikong Xing, exchanging a look that only was understood by the two of them. Then he turned at Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo: “Sikong Changlie’s group use immortal devouring vine. It’s easy for them to notice their immediate surrounding. We each should choose a hiding place with enough distance, but still close enough so we can come back in half an incense stick of time. After Sikong Xing lured Sikong Changlie in, we must return quickly.” Su Junmo waved his hand, and the three chose a direction and rushed away.

Sikong Xing watched them gone, then raised her hand to dissipate the barrier. She then turned to Meng Qi and asked with a smile: “Those two people, do they like you?”

“No.” Meng Qi said, “We only team up to earn spirit stones together.”

Hearing Meng Qi’s reply, Sikong Xing giggled, but didn’t say anything. She actually wanted to say that it was a pity Meng Qi was together with that person from the white tiger clan. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to have a few more lovers.

Sikong Xing hummed a song softly. After waiting for a while, she stretched her hand and took out a small silver bell. ‘Ting…’ the bell rang crisply and far away. It was not loud, but Sikong Xing was very confident.

Meng Qi didn’t ask anything. She took out another batch of seventh-grade spirit stones and hid them in her grip.

Still humming happily, Sikong Xing tore a part of her skirt, revealing a white and slender calf.

Meng Qi: “…”

Sikong Xing smiled, then laid down on the ground and messed up her hair. She blinked at Meng Qi and stuck her tongue out: “Sikong Changlie is very lascivious. This little trick is useful.”

Meng Qi smiled back. After getting along for a while, she didn’t dislike Sikong Xing. Although this demon girl’s action was a bit bizarre, she was always open and honest, and her crystal clear eyes harbored no deceit.

Sikong Xing was about to giggle. Halfway through, her expression suddenly turned serious: “They come.” She whispered.

Meng Qi watched how quick Sikong Xing put away her relaxing posture just now and hurriedly laid back on the ground with disheveled hair and gasping breath. Her skirt was partly torn open, exposing her slender calf weakly. Her whole appearance looked very helpless and pathetic.

Meng Qi’s grip on the spirit stones suddenly tightened.


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  1. Thank you for the translation! Loving the story so far! Really interesting to see the interaction between “normal” and “FL halo” interact (eg the Xue eldest brother). Also love how the two who remember (Chu/Qin) keep trying to throw Su Junmo under the bus (FL).

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