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THDP Ch. 54 Part 3 – Killing Formation (III)

In no time, amid the rustling of leaves, a voice rang from behind: “Hey… isn’t it little sister Xing?” The voice of the man who called Sikong Xing with such a frivolous address was full of obvious sarcasm.

Just now, the voice was clearly still far away, but in the blink of an eye, it came from right behind Meng Qi. “There is also another little sister.” A folding fan fell on Meng Qi’s shoulder. The man used its handle to lift up Meng Qi’s jaw and took a look at her face. “…wrong! It’s a little beauty!”

Meng Qi raised her eyes and met the smiling face of a handsome young man. However, the man’s smile was so frivolous and made him looked particularly greasy. The man turned the handle of the fan, retracted it, and glanced smilingly at Sikong Xing on the ground: “Little sister Xing, don’t tell me that you were caught by such a weak Foundation Establishment cultivator?”

“Heh…” Sikong Xing snorted. She was indeed ‘caught’ by Meng Qi.

“Ah, there are many arrays here.” Sikong Changlie’s gaze swept around the area, then laughed disdainfully: “Little sister Xing has never been in Three Thousand Worlds before, and doesn’t know how cunning are the cultivators here. Did you get caught in her trap?” Without paying attention to Meng Qi, Sikong Changlie leaned over and used his folding fan to lift up Sikong Xing’s jaw. “I’ve told little sister Xing a long time ago that you should follow me and become my…woman. Yet you refused. Now, don’t you understand that this big brother was doing you good?”

Sikong Changlie smiled ambiguously. His gaze scanned Sikong Xing’s beautiful face and finally landed on her exposed calf. “Poor girl. Our red fox clan’s little princess is actually treated like this by someone who doesn’t know how to pity and cherish a jade. Tsk, tsk…” Sikong Changlie sighed softly, then leaned over to hug Sikong Xing’s waist.

With a small ‘plop!’ Sikong Xing raised her hand to hit Sikong Changlie’s chest.

The man easily avoided her palm. He took a step back and smiled contemptuously: “I know, ah. There is no way little sister Xing will be so obedient…”

At this moment, the two people responsible for protecting Sikong Changlie arrived with his original head guards and stood behind him. “It’s okay.” Sikong Changlie raised his hand, and the immortal devouring vine that belonged to him slithered up from the ground. “Playing with the beauty is so enjoyable. Big brother knows that little sister likes to be tied up. When you are happy, you will be obedient, right?”

With a triumphant look, Sikong Changlie smiled lewdly at Sikong Xing. The people behind him also grinned widely. Sikong Changlie’s three buddies, along with other red fox youths, came out of the forest and leisurely walked to him.

“Two beauties, ah…” One of the red fox youths licked his lips. “It seems that everyone will get a joyful share today.”

“Isn’t this person young Miss Sikong Xing? She is always very proud in the clan. I have long wanted to taste such a fiery beauty.”

“It’s not just you, but all the forty-nine brothers who came with young master also want to taste it.” One of the head guards laughed.

“Hahahaha…” A wave of smug laugh echoed over the open space.

“Little sister Xing and little beauty, let’s go with me.” Sikong Changlie smiled and stretched out his hand towards the two. “Don’t let my brothers wait impatiently. You probably don’t know, men who wait too long will be rough and easily hurt the beauties.”

“Young master.” One of the two guards who came under the order of Sikong Changlie’s father swept his gaze around. “Someone has set up arrays here.”

“Just a weak human cultivator’s arrays.” Sikong Changlie smiled contemptuously, “Why are you afraid?”

He was used to being arrogant in the Demon Realm, relying on his father’s position to run rampant in the red fox territory and bully others. After coming to Three Thousand World, none of the cultivators he encountered at Huajiang Manor was their opponent. In his eyes, the human cultivator was not their demon cultivator’s opponent. Those humans could only shrink inside the protection of the city’s barrier and dared not to come forward to face them. Once his father and that person behind him found a way to open the passage to Starfallen Sea, the entire Three Thousand Worlds would be theirs. At that time, no matter how many human beauties he wanted, all would be in his palm.

Sikong Changlie’s eyes flickered slightly and fell on Meng Qi’s face. Today, he would taste this rare cold and elegant beauty from the human race.

Sikong Changlie didn’t even glance at Sikong Xing and reached out to Meng Qi. Meng Qi slumped on the ground, as if she had been frightened and unable to move. However, she was secretly observing, waiting for Sikong Changlie’s subordinates to come out of the forest one by one.

Thirty nine… forty seven, forty eight, forty nine! When the last red fox demon entered the arrays, Meng Qi suddenly rolled over, avoiding Sikong Changlie’s hand that was about to touch her cheek. She jumped up and raised her hand to throw the spirit stones in her grip.

The spirit stones instantly fell on her feet. The first array lit up, completely activated!

In the blink of an eye, layers of light spread out along all the arrays Meng Qi prepared before. The speed was too fast, as if it happened simultaneously. In an instant, the whole ground of the open space was lit up, and all the arrays were activated.

Meng Qi pulled Sikong Xing back and entered the protective barrier she prepared beforehand.

“Interesting.” Sikong Changlie stood calmly on the spot, looking at Meng Qi with a dangerous smile. “Although I like delicate and charming beauties, the cold and thorny one gives me different tastes.” As he spoke, Sikong Changlie looked around casually. “Even if you activate all the arrays, there is nothing you—eh?!”

The leisureliness on Sikong Changlie’s face disappeared in an instant, replaced with the same kind of shock that Sikong Xing showed before: “This is…Four Poles Great array?!” His voice suddenly became sharp, and he turned at Meng Qi with an incisive glare: “Who are you?!”

Sikong Xing sneered. She stood beside Meng Qi, her red dress was as bright as a fire: “Sikong Changlie, you have seen the Four Poles Great Array, do you still ask who is she?”

“I don’t believe it!” Sagong Changlie’s expression changed drastically. Suddenly he shouted, “Even if she uses the Four Poles Great Array, then what?!” He laughed nastily at Meng Qi: “Only a small Foundation Establishment cultivator. Besides, that person…has fallen into the Starfallen Sea and is now missing, unable to even protect himself! Just wait, once the Demon Monarch’s Order reappeared, the Demon Realm will change its ruler! I’m not afraid of him!” While he said so, his eyes drifted around warily: “Even if he comes in person, I’m not afraid!”

“Sikong Changlie, has anyone taught you before? If you want to speak boldly, don’t shake your teeth, and don’t tremble so badly!” Sikong Xing mocked: “People who don’t know will think you are afraid!”


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  1. Well, aren’t Sikong Changlie and his associates just the worst sort of scum. No wonder Sikong Xing was so happy to get rid of them!

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