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THDP Ch. 54 Part 4 – Killing Formation (IV)

“Humph!” Sikong Changlie snorted coldly, “You are trying to delay time. I won’t let you!” His hand raised, and immediately, all the eight fourth-rank demon cultivators including himself began to move.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and waved out another spiritual stone from her hand. A blue smoke came out, and a dense swarm of bees once again filled the entire open space.

“Young master, please step back. Leave it to us.” The two eighth realm, fourth-rank demon cultivators sent by Sikong Changlie’s father took a step forward. The two inhaled sharply, and surging spiritual energy swept away in all directions. The bees were blown into dust in an instant and couldn’t get near them.

Meng Qi groaned. The difference in their cultivation base was too large, and she knew that she was challenging her limit right now. Before, Sikong Xing was totally frightened by the Four Poles Great Array and was never at enmity with Meng Qi from the start, so she quickly surrendered. If they fought head-on, Meng Qi was totally not Sikong Xing’s opponent.

Seeing the two guards suppressing the bees easily, Sikong Changlie grinned and said: “What about the Four Poles Great Array? It turns out to be just like this.” He already calmed down and quickly deployed the spiritual energy inside his body, followed by all other red foxes.

The unleashed spiritual energy surged in all directions, sweeping the surrounding leaves like the raging wind. Sands and rocks flew all over the open space, and even the arrays’ light began to weaken.

At this rate, the arrays formation would be completely destroyed in less than half an incense stick of time. Anxiety flashed across Sikong Xing’s face. She stood beside Meng Qi and glanced at the forest.

Sikong Changlie chuckled: “Waiting for reinforcement? I’m afraid it’s too late!” He suddenly jumped up. At the place where he stood just now, a dense sword piercing the from the ground. It was one of Meng Qi’s utilization method of the Four Poles Great Array, trying to take advantage of Sikong Changlie’s inattentiveness to attack him.

“Ugh——” She suddenly groaned. Blood seeped out from the corner of her lips.

“Are you okay?”

Meng Qi shook her head. She wiped off the blood from her lips and threw another spiritual stone to the arrays. She was about to force the arrays to launch another wave of attack. No matter what, she had to hold on until Su Junmo and the others arrived.

“Don’t be afraid.” A man’s gentle and calm voice suddenly rang in her ears. Meng Qi was startled and looked around subconsciously. Except for Sikong Xing, who was still staring anxiously at her, there was no one else around her.

“What’s wrong?” Sikong Xing asked.

“No…” Meng Qi shook her head, thinking that she had misheard just now. Although the voice only said three words, it was so familiar to her. She had been listened to that voice for three years in her previous life and would never mistake no matter how many times she reborn.

Meng Qi shook her head. She must be too anxious. But now was not the time to be in a daze. Meng Qi was about to force the arrays to launch another attack when the voice rang in her ears again: “Let Sikong Xing protect you with the black thunder seals.”

Meng Qi paused and said subconsciously: “Black thunder seal. Sikong Xing, use black thunder seal to protect me.”

Sikong Xing was taken aback, but hurriedly draw a formation with her hand. Thunder and lightning flashed, protecting Meng Qi in the center.

The voice in Meng Qi’s ears said again: “Hold a ninth-grade spirit stone with your left hand.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi’s voice was a bit hoarse. Without hesitation, she took out the spirit stone from the storage space and held it in her left hand.

“Relax your body, and don’t think about anything.” The voice continued.

“Okay.” Meng Qi’s eyes were slightly hot. She obediently relaxed her whole body. In the next second, her body began to move very quickly.

The slender figure in the blue robe suddenly rushed toward the edge of the arrays formation. Sikong Xing didn’t dare to relax and focused on enveloping Meng Qi’s body with the black thunder seal. Protected by thunder and lightning, Meng Qi’s small body began to move with unprecedented agility.

Meng Qi first took out a handful of materials from the storage space, then swiftly moved along the edge of the arrays that Sikong Changlie and his group had almost completely destroyed.

She moved so quickly that Sikong Xing didn’t even have time to see what she was doing. Meng Qi’s figure shook and immediately flashed in another direction. She kept adding something to the arrays. Sometimes dropping a spiritual stone, sometimes putting down some materials, and sometimes even just modifying a section of the array.

Meng Qi actually didn’t do much, but she was too fast. No matter how fast she was, she seemed to move very smoothly. Her blue sleeves danced all over the place. Against the lit up arrays as the background, there was some kind of unparalleled majestic in this beautiful scene.

Not only Sikong Xing, but even Sikong Changlie and his red fox subordinates also stared in surprise. The girl was obviously just a small Foundation Establishment cultivator, but her movements were so imposing. The red foxes inside the arrays were stunned for a moment, but Sikong Changlie suddenly reacted: “Quickly break the arrays! Don’t let her continue!”

“Heh——” A chuckle came from Meng Qi’s mouth. “Just some arrays…why are you afraid?” She raised her eyes. A cold gaze directly fell upon Sikong Changlie.

Meng Qi raised her left hand. The ninth-grade spirit stone in her palm shone radiantly and flew towards the array under her feet. The array instantly lit up, with Meng Qi standing in the middle. The black thunder spell around her slowly dissipated, and she pointed out toward the sky, using herself as a guide. It was obviously daytime, but others could clearly saw faint starlight falling like water, covering Meng Qi’s body.

Sikong Changlie was dumbfounded! Even the two guards sent by his father to protect him also stared at Meng Qi in surprise: “What is this?! What happened?!”

Inside the array, the blue gas had obviously disappeared, and the dense bees had also turned into dust and dissipated. However, the arrays not only weren’t dimmed, but became brighter than before. The people trapped inside the arrays felt a momentary chill from the ground below their feet, and were about to lose their will to keep fighting. Even the two special guards were no exception. This feeling was something they had never felt before. The surrounding arrays were obviously the same as before, but something was different.

Sikong Changlie was about to go mad by fear: “It-it’s the killing formation! The main killing formation of Four Poles Great Array!” His voice was so sharp and was shaken slightly with fear. Sikong Changlie’s teeth were accidentally knocked together with a loud sound. “Wh-white tiger…white tiger sovereign…no! His Majesty the Demon Monarch comes to preside over the killing formation!”


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  1. Now I desperately want a reunion of Meng Qi and her master. I wonder if Meng Qi’s memory of her past life is incomplete or even distorted.

  2. I’m waiting for she to cry out “Master, where are you? Why won’t you let me see you?
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!

  3. Aghhh master is so cool … Meng qi really lucky to meet this man. Can’t wait the moment they meet again >,<

  4. Thinking about it suddenly…. wouldn’t it be weird if MQ accidentally called him master when the other demons can hear, and the other demons end up looking at MQ’s skills and her current age and ‘Xiao Qi’ ends up saddled with the reputation of “training” a wife for himself?

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