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THDP Ch. 55 Part 1 – Counterattack (I)

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Sikong Changlie’s face was ashen. Facing the killing intent that was soaring inside the array, he was almost frozen with fear. His hands hanging on the side trembled slightly, and he lost the courage to continue fighting.

Drops of sweat rolled down on Sikong Changlie’s jaw and fell on a piece of red-blood jade he wore on his lapel. “You…” His teeth knocked with each other, and his voice was so hoarse that he was almost unable to speak.

“Young master!” The two special guards stepped forward and whispered: “Let’s kill her! It’s just a small Foundation Establishment….”

“Shut up!” Sikong Changlie shouted tremblingly. He stared at the young human girl with shock and fear. The red fox clan’s ancestor slaughtered by the Four Poles Great Array was the direct ancestor of Sikong Changlie’s family. Therefore, he grew up listening to the legend of the Four Poles Great Array. In addition, for thousands of years, the white tiger clan has been dominating the Demon Realm and producing successive Star Monarchs. Since childhood, his father’s story deeply planted the fear towards the Four Poles Great Array into his bone.

“Young master.” Sikong Changlie’s head and deputy guards also took a step closer and whispered: “What should we do?”

The killing intent now had enveloped the whole space. None of Sikong Changlie’s subordinates was spared. They felt an indescribable chill that dissipated their fighting spirit. Uncontrollable fear began to emerge from their limbs, seeping into the deepest part of their heart.

“Ki-killing formation…” Sikong Changlie’s lips trembled, “Only that person…”

He stared at Meng Qi incredulously. The girl in the blue clothes stood just outside the arrays. Her long black hair was tied up by a wooden hairpin, and her finger was pointing up to the sky. A layer of starlight enveloped her body gently. Her small and beautiful face was as cold as frost. Her eyes were like a snow-capped mountain and frozen lakes, extremely cold.

“I…” Sikong Changlie never imagined that one day, a small human cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage could make him feel such extreme danger and fear. So much that he didn’t even dare to move. “We…” He stared at Meng Qi’s raised hand. Once she waved it down, they would…

Meng Qi’s gaze suddenly swept over the forest behind Sikong Changlie’s group. She commanded: “Now!”

“Eh?” The red foxes were stupefied. Before they could react, a blazing flame suddenly rose from the ground below their feet. The terrifying killing intent was still permeating their bones, and the extreme chilliness they felt was suddenly replaced by a burning hot.

“Aaaahhhh!!!!” Loud screams reverberated. Ordinary red foxes who followed Sikong Changlie here were generally third-rank demon cultivators. After being attacked by the Four Poles Great Array, they didn’t have any strength left to avoid the flame. Their clothes and hair were burned in an instant, and they fell to the ground with a loud scream.

Amidst the burning flame, Chu Tianfeng jumped down from a big tree on the edge of the forest. A flaming red lotus floated above the black-robed youth. Its petals were shaking, radiating a burning aura into the air.

With a gesture of Chu Tianfeng’s finger, the lotus flew over the open space. “One! Step! Lotus! Bloom!” The young man’s cold voice slowly enunciated. With each of his words, the lotus flew towards a certain direction, producing dozens of other lotuses in its wake. When the last word was recited, countless red lotuses filled the space.

“Open!” Chu Tianfeng snapped his fingers. With a loud ‘bang!’, all the floating red lotuses opened their petals. The flames on the ground were instantly magnified several folds, sweeping all the red fox demons inside the arrays.

A more tragic cry resounded.

This time, even Sikong Changlie and other fourth-rank demon cultivators weren’t spared. They moved their hands frantically, trying to extinguish the flame with spells.

A swish came from the tree on the other side: “Myriad of Nature!”

Qin Xiumo was a sword double cultivator. At his root, he was a swordsman first and thorough. Although a sword was not as eye-catching as Chu Tianfeng’s spell, with a flick of Qin Xiumo’s finger, his natal long sword suddenly turned into thousands of sword shadows. Like a beautiful yet frightening illusion, the sword shadows floated in the air, covering the whole open space from top to bottom. Qin Xiumo waved his hand, and countless sword shadows fell down.

Like ruthless assassins, the sharp sword shadows stabbed the group of red fox demons, who were still being burned by Chu Tianfeng’s flames.

“Aaaaagghh!!!!” Unable to escape from the double attack, more and more red foxes fell to the ground with an agonizing scream.

The whole place fell into chaos. Even a few fourth-rank red foxes next to Sikong Changlie could barely maintain their composure and quickly moved closer to him.

“Both are Golden Core cultivators.” One of the two special guards whose cultivation base was the highest whispered. He raised his hand and put on a barrier to block the double attack from the sword shadows and flames. His colleague urged: “Young master! Please give us an order!” The two of them were sent by Sikong Changlie’s father to protect him. No matter what, they had to ensure Sikong Changlie’s safety until they were back to the Demon Realm.

The Four Poles Great Array had put them into a momentary panic. Now that their mind had calmed down, they soon noticed that those flames and sword shadows couldn’t do them much harm—at least, not fatally.

As for the legendary main killing formation of the Four Poles Great Array, if it was truly the Mona—…that person who personally came, could they still be alive now? The main killing formation was an extremely powerful technique that slaughtered their clan’s great ancestor.

Sikong Changlie took a deep breath and stared at Meng Qi. His reddened eyes gradually regained their fierceness: “Go-”

“Sikong Changlie!” Su Junmo’s voice came from a tree behind: “I warned you a long time ago, don’t let me run into you outside the boundary of the red fox’s territory. The day you fell into my hand is your death anniversary. And I also said that I will definitely give you an unsightly death!” Even when he was about to make an attack, Su Junmo always had to say a few more extra words.

“Su Junmo!” Sikong Changlie turned around abruptly. Before he could react, a ‘swish, swish’ sound came from Su Junmo’s direction. The white-robed young man instantly turned into twelve figures, surrounding the trapped group from all directions.

No matter which direction Sikong Changlie looked in, he could see Su Junmo’s white robe fluttering on the treetops. He could ignore the two Golden Core cultivators, but Su Junmo was a fourth-rank demon cultivator just like himself, and even with a higher realm.

“I’m going to take a good look today. Without your father’s help, can you still be so arrogant? Sikong Changlie, if you are still a man, come to fight one on one with me. Don’t just rely on your underlings to save you every time. Are you still a child? Right, ah. I forgot that this place is the Three Thousand Worlds. Even if you wait for reinforcement, it is useless. Your father must be very sad. His cub is going to die today…”

Twelve Su Junmo opened their mouths simultaneously, and the voice seemed to come from twelve directions at the same time. Their voices echoed each other, and even Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo couldn’t help but frown.


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[Q] What is more frightening than talking Su Junmo?

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