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THDP Ch. 55 Part 2 – Counterattack (II)

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Sikong Changlie was so furious that his face turned dark: “Su Junmo! If you dare to insult my father, I will…”

“…go back and tell your father? I already know. Except for crying and complaining to his father, what else can he do? Right, Sikong Xing?”

Sikong Xing couldn’t hold her laughter: “He can also go to his grandfather!”

“Hahahaha…” Amidst Su Junmo’s laughter, a dark green net suddenly rose from the ground. As soon as they appeared, the giant net woven from countless dark green vines showed their sinister nature and rushed towards the trapped red fox demons.

Sikong Xing took a step forward and raised her slender hand. Her master was from the black tortoise clan. Although black tortoises weren’t skilled at direct killing, they weren’t weak. In the Demon Realm that respected strength the most, the black tortoise clan could be ranked royal together with the white tiger clan, proving their power above other celestial demon clans.

With a gesture of Sikong Xing’s hand, a huge black wave was set off. Amidst the burning flame, sword shadows, and dark green vines, Sikong Xing’s attack was adding fuel to the tragic situation.

“We are fooled!” One of the guards sternly said: “What Four Poles Great Array, what main killing formation?! All are a ruse! They are obviously tricking us. Otherwise, why need so many methods?! Young master!” He grabbed Sikong Changlie’s arm and pulled him behind. “Don’t be afraid of Four Poles Great Array. That girl is just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. How can she deploy the main killing formation? Let’s fight back!”

“You deceive me! How dare you!” Sikong Changlie immediately reacted. Amidst his subordinates’ wail and scream, he glared at Meng Qi viciously: “After you fell into my hands, I will definitely make your life worse than death, and let you know the consequences of lying to me!”

He suddenly pulled out the red-blood jade on his neck and began to chant.

“Be careful!” Sikong Xing, who was the nearest, hurriedly jumped in front of Meng Qi. Her tone was heavy: “Sikong Changlie is going to use his life-saving item!”

Meng Qi’s expression was still as cold as before. Her arm, which was pointing to the sky, had not yet been put down, and the starlight falling on her body had become denser over time.

“Nothing.” She said indifferently: “Merely a few ants doing tricks.”

“Haha—” Sikong Changlie broke into a sinister laugh. His hand gripped the red-blood jade tightly, and a huge red fox’s phantom slowly formed behind him. The figure became more and more apparent, and the long red fur on the giant fox’s body was lightly swayed with the wind. Behind the red fox, eight tails stretched around majestically.

“Red fox ancestor!”

“Fox ancestor!”

“It’s Blood Jade fox ancestor!”

Even Sikong Xing and Su Junmo’s expressions turned heavy. Although Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo didn’t know who this red fox ancestor was, they also felt the sudden increase in the surrounding pressure.

“Let’s see who is the real ant here!” Sikong Changlie grinned and rushed towards the edge of the array. “How powerful is your ‘Four Poles Great Array’? Can it survive even one blow from my red fox ancestor?!”

“Of course.” Meng Qi said slowly and finally waved her hand down. The starlight on her body had been condensed so much that it was almost tangible. The corner of Meng Qi’s lips raised into a smile and said sharply: “A bunch of idiots!”

No one could comprehend what happened. The array below Meng Qi’s feet suddenly burst into a bright light. The light beamed into the sky, blowing her blue robe vigorously. Her long hairs floated among the light. She was like the lord of the world, looking down at her subjects.

“Seven Planets! It’s Seven Planets Array!” Sikong Changlie screamed in fright. He turned around to the giant red fox behind him and yelled: “An-ancestor…red fox ancestor, please save me!”

“Ha——” With a chuckle, Meng Qi lifted her eyes at the red fox phantom in the sky. “Destroy!” Her hand waved down, and the condensed starlight rushed towards the gigantic phantom. The red fox ancestor, who was full of imposing momentum just a moment ago, instantly was eroded by the starlight and turned into countless small spots of light before dissipating completely.

“That blood jade on your neck, I’ve seen it from the beginning.” Meng Qi’s calm voice rang clearly between Sikong Changlie’s loud scream.

In the open space, Chu Tianfeng’s red lotuses were still blooming in the air, burning flames after flames. Whenever Qin Xiumo pointed his finger, the sword shadows fell upon the red foxes. Between the endless scream, many people tried to run away in desperation, only to be dragged away by a net of dark green vines. The huge black waves, under Sikong Xin’s command, came one after another.

Finally, it was the starlight, brighter than even the summer sun, and seemingly was everywhere. Even the two strongest guards, with the fourth-rank eighth realm’s cultivation level, didn’t dare to open their eyes.

The starlight sucked the remaining strength and aura from all the red fox demons. They gradually lost their strength and collapsed.

The open space surrounded by the dense forest seemed to have turned into a hell on earth. One by one, the red fox demons collapsed. After everything was over, none of them was still standing.

Sikong Xing slowly let out a long exhale. Her back was soaked with sweat. She had experienced more dangerous and intense battles than this one, but never once did she win against such overwhelming numbers as today, and even without casualties on their side.

Sikong Xing lowered her hand and subconsciously turned to look at Meng Qi.

The blue-robed girl had a pale face, and her forehead was full of perspiration. She stood motionlessly inside the array. Her clenched teeth suddenly relaxed, and her body trembled slightly, as if about to fall down.

“Meng Qiqi!” The twelve Su Junmo merged into one and hurriedly jumped down from the treetop. “You…”

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo exchanged a glance, jumped down from the tree, and quickly rushed towards Meng Qi. Four people came to Meng Qi’s side and surrounded her with a worried face.

“Are you okay?” Sikong Xing asked.

“I…” Meng Qi tried to speak, but to her surprise, her voice was so hoarse, as if had been rubbed with rough sandpaper. Not only that, her spiritual sea was completely dry and so painfully overdrawn. She also felt weak all over her body, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

“I…” Before Meng Qi could finish her sentence, she fell backward.

“Be careful!” Chu Tianfeng, who was standing behind Meng Qi, hurriedly reached out to catch her.

Meng Qi was in a daze. She felt as if her body was not her own. Severe pain tore her head, and inside her dry and overdrawn spiritual sea, it was as if countless knives were slashing around. It was so painful. She wanted to struggle, but didn’t know what was tormenting her.

“Be careful!” She heard someone shouted from behind. A pair of hands touched her shoulders, as if to hold her. “Ugh…” Meng Qi groaned. She subconsciously whispered her thanks: “Thank you.”

Surrounded by trusted temporary comrades, Meng Qi closed her eyes in ease and let her consciousness faded away.


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