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THDP Ch. 55 Part 3 – Counterattack (III)

Surrounded by trusted temporary comrades, Meng Qi closed her eyes in ease and let her consciousness faded away.


Chu Tianfeng was stunned!

He looked down at his empty arms. Just now, when Meng Qi collapsed, he was the closest to her. He hurriedly stepped forward to hold her falling body, and his hands already touched her blue robe. Meng Qi even said, “Thank you,” to him.

But in the next moment, the girl’s right hand smacked his chest and pushed him back a few steps away. The smack was not particularly strong, nor did it had attacking intent, but her movement was so fast and abrupt that Chu Tianfeng was caught off guard. The black-robed youth stood dumbfounded. After being pushed away, his hands still maintained the same holding posture.

Chu Tianfeng stared in a daze.

“Meng Qiqi.” Meng Qi had fallen into Sikong Xing’s arms. The red fox girl didn’t think much and cautiously helped Meng Qi to lean on her.

Meng Qi wasn’t particularly short among female cultivators. But she was thin and slender, just like a seventeen or eighteen years old girl. Sikong Xing was slightly taller than Meng Qi. She stretched out her hand around Meng Qi’s waist and let her head rest on her shoulders.

“She fainted.” Sikong Xing put a finger under Meng Qi’s nose and said: “Her breath is steady.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

When she fainted, why did she refuse to fell into his arms?

Did she instinctively reject his touch?

Chu Tianfeng suddenly felt uncomfortable and slowly walked back in silence.

“She must be fainted due to the severe overdraft of spiritual aura.” Su Junmo said solemnly. “Let’s go back to Huajiang Manor first.” He looked at the fainted Meng Qi inside Sikong Xing’s arms. His gaze was somewhat complicated: “Sikong Xing, I’m leaving her at your care.”

“No problem!” Hearing Su Junmo’s diagnosis, Sikong Xing was relieved. It was no problem for her to lift Meng Qi alone. After all, Sikong Xing was a fourth-rank demon cultivator. Although she looked like a slender young woman, her strength wasn’t low.

Sikong Xing put her right hand around Meng Qi’s shoulder and her left hand below Meng Qi’s knees, then hugged her horizontally. “Meng Qi is so amazing!” Sikong Xing looked at Meng Qi admiringly. The girl’s beautiful face was so pale. Her long eyelashes drooped and cast a shadow on her white cheeks. She clearly looked so weak and thin, so why was she so powerful?!

Sikong Xing’s eyes beamed with longing and admiration: “She is really amazing! I’ve decided, I will stay with Meng Qi from now on. I like a girl like her the most!”

Su Junmo: “…”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

Qin Xiumo: “…”

Inside the beast house in Meng Qi’s storage space, Xiao Qi’s ears suddenly perked. The little white tiger laid weakly on the bamboo bed, as if all his strength had been overdrawn severely. He raised his head. His bright azure eyes were dimmer than before. Blood still slowly oozed from his wound, dirtying the injured front paw that was meticulously treated by Meng Qi every day, even staining the soft white cloth Meng Qi used to bandage his wound. His white fur, which originally was so clean and fluffy, lost its luster.

Xiao Qi’s tiny ears trembled slightly. He finally managed to suppress the dark energy that had been swallowing his spiritual aura. But at this moment, as if noticing his weakened state, the energy began to counterattack fiercely.

Xiao Qi’s body trembled slightly, and he had to lay down again. Sikong Xing still said something more, but Xiao Qi seemed to not hear it and showed no response.

At the same time, outside Huajiang Manor’s city, inside the forest at some distance from Meng Qi’s group.

Lu Qingran followed behind the black-clothed man cautiously. From time to time, she raised her head to look at the tall figure walking in front. The two of them had been combing this area for a long time without a result. At this rate, who knew when they would be able to hunt down the demon cultivators and paid off the debt.

Remembering the scene when she was pressed to pay back the debt that day, Lu Qingran’s eyes became hot. She had been pampered since she was a child and never received such a grievance before. It was as if….the people from the Cultivator Alliance was looking at her like a rascal who ran away from her debt.

Lu Qingran wanted to cry.

“Heh! It turns out that the strongest are fourth-rank demon cultivators.” The black-robed man still wore a gauze hat that covered his face. He stopped under a tree and touched the traces on its trunk with his finger: “Indeed, it’s enough to make those people feel a danger, tsk tsk…”

Lu Qingran glanced at him secretly. She bit her lower lip lightly and tried to speak. But remembering the man’s temper, she finally kept her mouth shut.

“If you have something to say…” The man glanced back at her. His voice was cold. “Just say it.”

“We obviously met two third-rank demon cultivators on the way. Why didn’t you catch them to exchange for spirit stones?” After mustering some courage, Lu Qingran finally asked.

“A group of third and fourth rank demon cultivators still need me to hunt them one by one?” The man turned around casually. A trace of disdain flashed in his eyes. Seeing Lu Qingran biting her lip with an aggrieved face, he finally said: “I will gather them in one place and solve it at once. After this matter is resolved…” His voice suddenly became dangerously cold: “I will let that woman named Meng Qi pay the price for making me suffer such a great shame.”

Meng Qi fell into a long, long dream. In the dream, she returned to the period when she was with her master, back to her most carefree days.

Master was her teacher, friend, and companion. Meng Qi really enjoyed the time they spent together. Although short, she felt that it was the longest period in her life. However, happy days went so fast and in a blink of an eye, it was the time of separation.

The man in the white robe turned around and walked away. His voice came from afar: “Three months later, I will come back here to pick you up. Don’t make me wait.”

“Also, don’t call me Master!”



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  1. And then she carelessly died… How could you Meng Qiqi?
    How disappointing…
    I like seeing that man without a name doing a fool play, but I really don’t want to lose my time with him either.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  2. ThisLaoziIsScared

    My poor Xiao Qi (|°|—|°|)
    Meng Qi, hurry and wake up! Your hubby health is critical. Hurry!!

  3. Eh…how did Meng Qi make that dude suffer great shame? Didn’t he choose to take on the shame by himself. ..

  4. First off Lu Qingran…when you owed someone money it’s only fair that they’ll want it back. It’s not like Meng Qi is keeping your IOU as a decoration or something. And this mysterious dude….its Lu Qingran that put you in such shameless position not Meng Qi. She’s only collecting what is owed to her. But hey…now I see why him and Lu Qingran would make a good pair. They’re both shameless idiots that put the blame on others and refused to acknowledge that they’re the problem.

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