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THDP Ch 56 Part 2 – Heaven Auction House (II)


Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly fell on the face of a black-robed man. The man was also very young, with a slender and tall figure, and a black belt tying his long robe, making his figure looked more upright. His hair was tied on the top of his head with a silver headdress, and he had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His facial features were sharp, as being carved from a knife. His whole body emitted the danger from an unsheathed sword: cold, ruthless, but extremely sharp.

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It’s him. Meng Qi’s eyes flickered, and she subconsciously glanced at the man’s arm.

As if sensing Meng Qi’s gaze, the black-robed man turned his head and looked at her. His eyes were cold, just like his whole appearance. His eyes flashed across Meng Qi’s face quickly, then retracted back. From beginning to end, he showed no emotion at all.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and also retracted her gaze.

“Young Daoist Meng?” A surprised and familiar voice suddenly rang from behind. Meng Qi turned around, and saw Elder Xun Yan of Fentian Palace, standing with a black-robed middle-aged man.

“It’s really you?!” Xun Yan was surprised upon seeing her face. “I just saw Young Daoist Meng from a distance and thought I was wrong. I didn’t expect it is really you.” While speaking, Xun Yan gave a few glances at Meng Qi up and down. Although he was smiling, the surprise and doubt in his eyes could not be concealed.

“Elder Xun.” Meng Qi saluted him politely.

“Young Daoist Meng.” Xun Yan returned the greeting. He has always been very polite to Meng Qi and Yan Mingfeng. After interacted for some time, Meng Qi also had a good impression of him.

“This is the leader of our sect.” Xun Yan introduced again.

“Palace Master Chu.” Meng Qi saluted the Fentian Palace Master Chu Ji.

Chu Ji nodded back lightly. His expression was indifferent.

“Unexpectedly, after the farewell in Qingfeng Valley, I could meet Young Daoist again so soon.” Xun Yan’s expression has returned to normal. He was originally an elder in charge of external affairs at Fentian Palace and was very proficient in dealing with people. He smiled and said to Meng Qi: “Young Daoist is still young in age, but outstanding in talent. It seems like it’s just yesterday I last see you, but you are making rapid progress.”

Meng Qi was a little baffled. She had a good impression of Xun Yan. This elder was kind and easy-going, and he never put air in front of a junior like herself. However, he was a bit too polite today.

But Meng Qi didn’t know the reason, and could only smile at Xun Yan politely.

“Is young Daoist perhaps also here to participate in today’s auction?” Xun Yan made a gesture of invitation. As the three of them walked forward slowly, he asked: “Have you seen Tianfeng?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. Just now, they divided the money they earned from the Cultivator Alliance.

“Haha.” Xun Yan laughed happily. “Hearing that young Daoist has arrived at Fentian City, Tianfeng immediately rushed out from his seclusion and ran down the mountain. Afterward, he hasn’t come back to the sect, so I guess he must be with you.”

Hearing Chu Tianfeng’s name, Chu Ji’s expression finally changed. He glanced a bit at Meng Qi, then turned to look at Xun Yan. Xun Yan had the ability to become an elder of a great sect like Fentian Palace. Although his cultivation talent was not very high, he had his own strength. Chu Ji obviously had much trust in Xun Yan. Hearing that his son was with this unknown young woman, he didn’t show any worry.

“These few days, we indeed have been cooperating with Young Palace Master Chu to hunt demon cultivators.” Meng Qi explained briefly.

“I see.” Xun Yan nodded with a smile, “It’s just that compared to you, Tianfeng still needs to learn harder.” He looked at Meng Qi. “Is young Daoist Meng coming alone?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Being able to enter Heaven Auction House at such a young age, young Daoist must be the only one in Beyond The Heaven.” Xun Yan said with a smile.

Meng Qi’s heart leaped.

“Young Daoist, you may.” As they spoke, they arrived outside the Heaven Auction House. Until now, Xun Yan didn’t ask for Meng Qi’s business coming here. He had always been like this: kind and gentle, and never made people uncomfortable. Except for calling Meng Qi ‘Young Daoist Meng’ when they first exchanged greetings, he thoughtfully maintained a proper distance and never mentioned her name again. Compared to Chu Ji, who was somewhat indifferent, Xun Yan was indeed very suitable to handle Fentian Palace’s external affairs.

“Palace Master Chu and Elder Xun, please go first.” Meng Qi was a junior. She politely stepped away and gestured for them to go in first.

“Then, we will go first.” Xun Yan said with a smile: “If young Daoist visit Fentian City again, please come to our sect as a guest. I will definitely give you the utmost hospitality.” Xun Yan smiled and arched his hand politely, then entered the gate of Heaven Auction House with Chu Ji.

Meng Qi watched them in. She never expected to meet an acquaintance in Beyond The Heaven. But thinking about it, the cultivators she saw just outside the city gate did say that all great power of Three Thousand Worlds would come to attend. Fentian Palace was one of the top ten sects in the Eastern Realm, of course they would come.

Don’t think about it!

Meng Qi took a deep breath and walked into the gate. Similar to the Profound Auction House, after stepped in, it seemed that she had entered a separate dimension.

Meng Qi was now in a private room. Like before, there was a tea table in the middle, with three or four cushions next to it. However, something was different. This time, there were also three large food boxes on the table.

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The food box on the left was divided into twelve small compartments, which contained twelve different candies. Rose pine nut candy, sweet-scented osmanthus candy…all were sweet snacks popular among young female cultivators. The food box in the middle had various exquisite pastries, while the one in the right was full of fresh fruits. Some Meng Qi had never seen before, but all of them looked fresh and cute.

Next to the three food boxes, there were also teapot and teacups. Rather than coming to an auction, it more like she was on an outing with friends to have a picnic in the garden.

Is this part of Heaven Auction House service?


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