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THDP Ch 57 Part 2 – The Seventh Lot (II)

“How much is the starting price?” One person asked, “Fellow Daoist Linghu, please continue.”

The middle-aged man on the stage—his name was Linghu Xie—smiled brightly and said: “The starting price stated by the seller is originally two thousand profound-grade spirit stones.”

Meng Qi was already numb. Except for her Blazing Feather, the starting price of the items sold in this auction was all in profound-grade level.

“But he just told me, since he makes an additional term for selling this item, the starting price now has been reduced to 200 eighth-grade spirit stones.” Linghu Xie looked around with a smile. “And if there is someone who really can crack the seal, he will exchange it with one of the spells he knows.”

Another burst of murmur came from the audience.

Meng Qi poured a cup of tea. Such an experienced way to entice the guests, indeed worthy of the name Heaven Auction House. Meng Qi took another bite of the pastry and watched the situation with gusto. From two thousand profound-grade spirit stones to two hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, even she could participate in the bid.

There were endless whispers and murmur in the valley. Unless someone deliberately spoke aloud, Meng Qi couldn’t comprehend what they were talking about. She threw another piece of candy into her mouth. The fragrant aroma from the tea filled her mouth, complementing the sweet and sour taste of the green plum candy. It was so refreshing and delicious.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but take another look at the boxes of refreshment. Did these pastries and candies come from Beyond The Heaven Restaurant? It’s so delicious, she liked it.

Meng Qi reached out to take another plum candy and popped it into her mouth. She didn’t expect that the service at Heaven Auction House to be so good. Even the complimentary refreshment was so delicious. The next time she had a chance, she had to go to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant to try the food there.

Meng Qi regretted that she left in such a hurry and didn’t take even a single bite that day. With a crunch, she bit into the sweet and sour plum candy. During the time, no one had made a bid for the seventh lot.

Meng Qi: “…”

She contemplated for a while. Since the starting price was just two hundred eight-grade spirit stones, she could make a bid. Meng Qi called out: “Three hundred eighth-grade spirit stones.”

With a starting price of two hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, the increment per bid was only twenty eighth-grade spirit stones. But now, Meng Qi was a rich woman. She could afford to boldly pay for the things she wanted to buy.

Meng Qi noticed that after she made the first bid, the entire valley suddenly quieted down. The whispers and murmurs just now suddenly vanished, and only Linghu Xie’s voice echoed in the place: “A fellow Daoist bids for three hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. Does anyone have a higher price?”

Meng Qi’s eyebrows raised slightly. Maybe they were all stunned by her action. After all, even if the cultivator who originally owned this jade slip had no choice but to sell the thing cheaply, the sects and individual cultivators who wanted to buy it would eventually make the price rose. What made them dissatisfied was the additional term that required them to share the content recorded in the jade slip with the original seller.

In its long history, Three Thousand Worlds had several recorded catastrophes. It was said that tens of thousands of years ago, the Starfallen Sea did not exist. The place where Starfallen Sea was located now was just an abyss connecting the three realms of human, demon, and devil.

Tens of thousands of years ago, a great war broke out between human and devil cultivators. The loss was extremely tragic. Countless people lost their lives or were severely injured, and many large and small sects were destroyed entirely. At that time, the devil cultivators used the Starfallen Sea as the teleportation base to invade the Three Thousand Worlds. Countless human cultivators died there to block the steady stream of invading devil cultivators.

Later, the strongest cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds gathered together and pressed the devil cultivators back into the Starfallen Sea. That battle resulted in countless casualties. Even the powerful figures in the peak of the Comprehending Perfection stage—just one step into the Great Ascension stage—fell in that battle. After that, the grievances and murderous auras gradually spread over the Starfallen Sea, formed the dangerous place people knew today.

Following that great catastrophe, there were many wars between the three realms of Three Thousand Worlds, the Demon Realm, and Devil Realm. Almost every time, Starfallen Sea became the final battlefield. In the span of tens of thousands of years after its formation, the Starfallen Sea grew increasingly dangerous.

Later, the Demon Monarch’s order appeared in the Demon Realm. The most powerful demon seized the order and unified the Demon Realm. The new monarch ruled the Demon Realm, constraining the demon cultivators, and greatly eased the relationship with Three Thousand Worlds. At least, the relationship between the celestial demon and humans had become relatively friendly.

That’s why there were demon cultivators like Su Junmo, who traveled the Three Thousand Worlds for a long time and formed a good relationships with various major sects. Of course, there were also people like Sikong Changlie, who secretly crossed the boundary to the Three Thousand Worlds and killed human cultivators.

On the contrary, the relationship between Devil Realm and Three Thousand Worlds has never been good. The invasion of thousands of years ago, which cut off many legacies and knowledge of medical cultivation, was also done by the devil cultivators who came via the Starfallen Sea.

After tens of thousands of years of accumulation of death and grievances, the Starfallen Sea has become one of the world’s most dangerous places. It was said that there was no water there, only blood, full of killing intent and resentment of countless humans, demons, and devils who died there. Even the strongest cultivator, if they died there, would be swallowed entirely by the place, leaving not even an intact soul.

The Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion promised to hunt in the Starfallen Sea, but the promise merely referred to the peripheral area. Even so, there were so many valuable things there, like the rare flowers and herbs, or the fur and blood of monster beasts, all could be used as medicinal ingredients. On top of that, there were also possessions left behind by the predecessors who died in the Starfallen Sea. Since many who ventured there were extremely strong, the treasures they left behind were enough to entice even the most powerful sects in Ten Thousand Worlds.

Wherever the wealth, there was a danger. For thousands of years, no matter how dangerous the Starfallen Sea was, people kept taking the risk to enter the place.


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  1. how much does her shizun dote on meng qi? for him to consider her part of his clan and teach her all those clan-specific arrays and invent arrays for her and this farce of an auction. and she doesn’t know of his favor? she doesn’t know that he wants to take jome a little bride? this array nerd…

    was he the one to send her back in time? will he remember when she cures him?

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