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THDP Ch 57 Part 3 – The Seventh Lot (III)

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Meng Qi recalled the rumor about the Starfallen Sea that she had read in the books or heard from others. She remembered the black-robed young man she had seen outside the Heaven Auction House just now. Was he really going to enter the Starfallen Sea for ten years?

Meng Qi knew a little about the inheritance method of that young man’s sect. Although Xingluo Pavilion was a sword sect, they were slightly different from typical sword cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds. Their swords were generally very thin and shorter. But when the sword was taken out, it was so dangerous and fierce, and often attacked from the place that the opponent couldn’t even think of.

So when a sword cultivator from Xingluo Pavilion wanted to refine their natal weapon, they had to go to a dangerous place. The more dangerous the place was, the more powerful their natal sword would be. Therefore, it wasn’t strange for that young man to choose the Starfallen Sea. Even without the agreement, sooner or later, he would still go into the Starfallen Sea.

After all, the place where Meng Qi picked him up in her previous life was the edge of the Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi retracted her wandering mind and focused back on the current auction. In most cases, any spells, artifacts, and weapons found inside the Starfallen Sea were generally very powerful. Two thousand profound-grade spirit stones were actually not expensive. After all, having a strong exclusive technique could sometimes allow a medium-ranked sect to rise rapidly, even competing with the top ten sects of their respective realm.

For this reason, the cultivators here would definitely fight for the jade slip fiercely. Even if the final bidding price reached tens of thousands, one hundred thousand profound-grade spirit stones, Meng Qi wouldn’t be surprised. After all, the value of this kind of object couldn’t be measured with mere spirit stones.

Therefore, Meng Qi made a bid simply to join in the fun. After successfully getting the Blazing Feather, she was in a good mood. Knowing that she definitely wouldn’t be able to get the jade slip, she still wanted to enjoy the process. After all, it wasn’t every day she could participate in a transaction worth tens of thousands of profound-grade spirit stones.

She poured herself another cup of tea and slowly sipped the fragrant tea.

Meng Qi waited for a long time, but the valley was still quiet. For a while, no one spoke. She was a bit puzzled. Why did no one make a bid? Was it because the price might get too high, so they had to carefully consider their price beforehand?

Although Meng Qi knew she couldn’t see the guests in other rooms, she couldn’t help but glance around. Suddenly, Meng Qi recalled a rumor she heard in her previous life.

Had the people on the top agreed on a price, so the leaders of the big sects had to be careful when bidding?

How powerful!

Meng Qi took another sip of tea. When would she have that much money?

Contrary to Meng Qi’s guess, the leaders and elders of the great sects that attended today’s auction were currently in a dilemma.

In these past three days, everyone who entered Beyond The Heaven and was eligible to visit Heaven Auction House would receive a message from Beyond The Heaven’s owner via their nameplate: “Beyond The Heaven’s seventh mountain will reappear in three months. The tokens needed to enter the mountain will be auctioned as the thirteenth lot at Heaven Auction House this month. You may get one if you are lucky. I don’t like phoenixes. You must not be greedy and can only choose one.”

The meaning of this message was very clear. Outside Beyond The Heaven City, there were grotto-heavens1 which provided cultivators of the Spirit Severing stage and above an opportunity to explore . Although grotto-heaven was said to be blessed land, it was extremely dangerous. Every once in a while, a mountain peak would reappear in Beyond The Heaven. There was a high probability of a new grotto-heaven or secret realm to also appear in the mountain during that time. Therefore, Beyond The Heaven’s owner would always invite large sects or other prominent figures to explore the place.

The tokens that were going to be auctioned as the thirteenth lot today were needed to enter the mountain that would soon reappear. For each token, a sect could send five people to participate.

The number of the token provided was varied each time. Currently, the highest record was 24 tokens. The grotto-heaven they explored that time was indeed quite vast and dangerous, but the harvest they got was equally very rich.

But the 24 tokens were an exception. Sometimes, only three or four tokens would appear in the auction. Moreover, there had always been additional restrictions for bidding on the token. For example, the owner might only allow spell sects to bid. Other times, only sects who knew certain techniques could participate.

Until now, there was still no info about the number of tokens prepared this time. Before the auction of the thirteenth lot started, everyone could only guess. However, the restriction this time had left them at a loss.

What did it mean by ‘I don’t like phoenixes’?

Blazing Feather was one of the items to be auctioned at Heaven Auction House today, and many sects had received this news beforehand. If it wasn’t for the token, many sects were willing to bid for the Blazing Feather. Anyway, for them, it wasn’t expensive.

The real treasure was the tokens. Compared with that, Blazing Feather was nothing. They didn’t even need to consider before giving up on the feather.

However, this mysterious spell was different. Many sects wanted to win it.


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  1. Grotto-heavens (Chinese: 洞天; pinyin: Dòngtian) is a type of sacred Taoist site. Grotto-heavens are usually caves, grottoes, mountain hollows, or other underground spaces.

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  1. Aha, so it really was a rule for the 13th auction! Meng Qi not only gets the Blazing Feather, she also gets to bid as many times as she wants as long as she can afford it. The benefits of having a rich auction house owner as your future husband is great!

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