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THDP Ch 59 Part 2 – Back to Fentian City (II)

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

Meng Qi glanced below and broke the silence: “We are here.”

The group landed outside Fentian City smoothly.

“Young Palace Master Chu.” Meng Qi first cupped her hands at Chu Tianfeng, “Farewell.”

“Let’s go.” After she said that, she nodded towards Qin Xiumo and the others and walked towards the city.

“Hey…” Chu Tianfeng was stunned for a moment before caught up hurriedly. “I also have a courtyard in the city. It’s part of Fentian Palace’s property and will be much safer. Meng Qiqi, how about you stay in my courtyard?”

“Thank you.” Meng Qi smiled politely. “Ruyi Inn is also very good. We shouldn’t bother Young Palace Master Chu any longer.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

He watched Meng Qi and the others walked forward. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. But no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t find a reason to follow them.

What to do? What to do? What to do?

What should he do now?

He also wants to follow Meng Qi to Xingluo City!

Qin Xiumo’s situation was not much better. He walked behind Meng Qi with a heavy mood, as if he wasn’t going to heal his injury, but to receive a sentence.

Refuse to accept the treatment? Meng Qi might drive him away immediately.

Pretend his injury still not get healed? What a joke, Meng Qi could easily tell whether he pretended or not!


At this time, both Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo’s minds were actually in sync.

Chu Tianfeng watched until Meng Qi and the others disappeared at the corner of the street. Knowing that he couldn’t get a good idea at this moment, he walked towards Fentian Palace dejectedly.

Fentian Palace was located on the edge of Fentian City and occupied five peaks with the strongest aura. On the highest peak was the sect’s main hall, and the inner disciples usually lived near this peak.

Chu Tianfeng returned home in frustration. Before he walked to his residence, a disciple hurriedly ran towards him.

“Young Palace Master.” The disciple cupped his hands. “Palace Master is looking for you. He asks you to see him immediately.”

“I see.” Chu Tianfeng’s mood didn’t get better. Since he remembered the events in his previous life, there was a gap with his father. Logic told him that his father’s choice was the most correct and the best for Fentian Palace. Although Chu Ji was Chu Tianfeng’s father, he was a sect leader first and foremost. When Chu Tianfeng was deemed unrescuable, it was the best choice to abandon him and train a new heir. As the head of Fentian Palace, Chu Ji did it right.

Chu Tianfeng’s expression slowly faded. Changed to him, perhaps he would make the same choice for the sect.


Chu Tianfeng wiped the emotion in his eyes before stepped into Chu Ji’s room.

“Father.” Chu Tianfeng saluted. “Elder Xun.”

Xun Yan was also in Chu Ji’s room, smiling at Chu Tianfeng. Chu Ji’s eyes flashed across the face of his only child. He was reticent by nature, so Xun Yan spoke to Chu Tianfeng instead: “Young Palace Master, the Palace Master and I met young Daoist Meng Qi at Beyond The Heaven’s Heaven Auction House today.”

“Huh?” Suddenly heard the name ‘Meng Qi’ from Xun Yan, Chu Tianfeng was stunned. “Beyond The Heaven?”


“But isn’t she still in the Foundation Establishment stage?” Chu Tianfeng said subconsciously. Even he was not yet eligible to enter Beyond The Heaven.

“No wonder she always…” Chu Tianfeng said halfway and suddenly closed his mouth. It was no wonder Meng Qi always locked herself inside the room. Was she visiting Beyond The Heaven?

Chu Tianfeng heard many things about this place. It was said that inside Beyond The Heaven, there was nothing you couldn’t buy. Far better than Cloud Immortal Pavilion.

Xun Yan looked at Chu Tianfeng with a smile, but did not ask him what he was about to say. Instead, the elder said: “After leaving Qingfeng Valley, young Daoist Meng seemed to be calmer and more capable. Has Young Palace Master seen her recently?”

“Yeah.” Chu Tianfeng nodded.

Xu Yan glanced at Chu Ji, who was still silent and expressionless, then slowly said: “Medical Cultivators Conference will soon be held in Xingluo City. Cultivators from Fentian Palace’s medical hall is also going to participate.”

Chu Tianfeng’s eyes instantly brightened.

Xun Yan’s smile became wider: “Medical Cultivators Conference is a once in ten years event where the top medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds gather together. It is the most important event for the medical society.”

“Palace Master wants young master to go with the elder who supervises the medical hall. If you encounter suitable talent, you might as well recruit them into Fentian Palace. This is also to gather experience.”

“Okay.” Chu Tianfeng did not hesitate. “Thank you, father. Thank you, Elder Xun!”

“Go back.” Chu Ji finally spoke.

“Yes!” Chu Tianfeng bowed respectfully, then turned back and walked away quickly.

Seeing his son’s excitement, Chu Ji’s face was still without expression. “Her appearance isn’t that outstanding. Her cultivation base is still in the Foundation Establishment stage…” His eyelids drooped slightly. “But Tianfeng rarely shows such an excitement.”

“Young Daoist Meng saved young palace master. Her temperament is excellent. She is kindhearted, careful, and calm. She and young palace master complement each other so well.” Xun Yan said with a smile. “What’s more, she is a Foundation Establishment cultivator who can enter the Heaven Auction House…Palace Master, there is no need to worry too much.”

“You are right.” Chu Ji closed his eyes and stopped talking.


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