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THDP Ch 59 Part 3 – Back to Fentian City (III)

Chu Tianfeng hurriedly discussed the arrangement with the elder from Fentian Palace’s medical hall, packed up casually, then dashed back to Ruyi Inn to find Meng Qi.

In Ruyi Inn, Chu Tianfeng only saw Qin Xiumo. The black-robed young man sat in the courtyard. His complexion wasn’t that good, yet his body was surging with spiritual aura. Chu Tianfeng cautiously walked towards him and asked: “Where is Meng Qi?”

“Picking the jade cicada vine with Sikong Xing.”

“You…” Chu Tianfeng circled Qin Xiumo. “Are you going to breakthrough?”

“Yeah.” Qin Xiumo nodded, “It’s just right. I’m about to go to Fentian Palace to find you.”

“Finding me for what?” Chu Tianfeng replied. “I’m going to find Meng Qi now. My father sends me together with a team to attend the Medical Cultivator Conference. I can go to Xingluo City with her.”

“You can’t!” Qin Xiumo suddenly stood up. “I’m about to breakthrough. You should guard my surrounding. Let’s go.”

“Why should I?!” Chu Tianfeng laughed angrily, “Just take your time and breakthrough slowly. See you later in Xingluo City.”

“You know how strong that person is.” Qin Xiumo raised his eyes and looked at Chu Tianfeng coldly. “So, you have to protect me, lest I got attacked again and failed to return to my peak. Of course…” He said solemnly, “When you need it, I will naturally help you. After all, we are….” Qin Xiumo raised the corner of his lips: “Friend in life and death!”

“Fuck!” Chu Tianfeng cursed loudly. He spat out: “How long will it be?”

“Three to five days.” Qin Xiumo replied. “Let’s go. Show me a safe place to pass the tribulation. You are a native here and more familiar with the surrounding. Lead the way.”

“…” Chu Tianfeng snorted disdainfully, but he didn’t argue. He somewhat understood why Qin Xiumo was called ‘Little Devil Lord’ in the past. This guy was truly unpredictable and insidious.

But Qin Xiumo was right. They were now in the same boat. He trusted this guy and vice versa. When he needed help, Qin Xiumo would definitely lend his hand.

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“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing landed smoothly on the ground with the cold jade box in her hand. “Is this the jade cicada vine?”  She looked curiously at the beautiful jade-like vines inside the cold jade box. The vines had multiple fruits that were shaped like a cicada.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi carefully took the cold jade box and estimated the price. “In the market, these jade cicada vines can be sold for…”

“Wait!” Sikong Xing hurriedly stopped her. “You aren’t going to calculate payment with me, right?!” Without waiting for Meng Qi to reply, she said again: “I’m helping a friend, not working for money!”


“No but!” Sikong Xing held Meng Qi’s shoulders affectionately, “I’m bored anyway, and it’s not a big deal. You can just provide me with food and shelter along the way.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi smiled slightly, “Then, I will thank you.”

“Let’s go!” Sikong Xing shouted. “We will depart to Xingluo City!”

Meanwhile, outside the Huajiang Manor’s Cultivator Alliance.

Lu Qingran followed behind the black-robed man and occasionally raised her eyes to look at him cautiously before quickly turned her eyes away. They have been wandering outside the Huajiang Manor for three or four days. Not to mention immortal devouring vine, they hadn’t even found a single demon cultivator again. The debt they owed had interest. For each day the payment was delayed, the principal amount would only get raised.

The man’s mood gradually became colder and more impatient.

Lu Qingran lowered her head in fear.

“There is no demon cultivators who use immortal devouring vine around Huajiang Manor.” When Lu Qingran was deep in thought, she heard the black-robed man said coldly. “Did you trick me?”

“Trick you? No, no, it was just that two days ago, all the demon cultivators got swept up in one go, so the big crisis at Huajiang Manor has been resolved.” Su Qian, who was manning the Cultivator Alliance office, smiled at the two and explained patiently.

“Hah!” The black-robed man snorted, “Change the mission.”

“The mission with reward in range of seventh to eighth-grade spirit stones is temporarily unavailable. Why don’t you go to Xingluo City? There will be a Medical Cultivator Conference soon. The branch over there should have many tasks.”

The black-robed stopped talking, turned around, and walked out.

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“Old Su, you hear me!” Before he and Lu Qingran left the alliance office, a male cultivator strode in. The man had a beard and looked pretty brash. He yelled as he walked: “Those demon cultivators are all swept out in one go and didn’t even leave us a single crumb. That person…that Foundation Establishment cultivator I met that day, how can she is this strong?!” It was Ji Wenyuan.

When the black-robed man heard the words’ Foundation Establishment cultivator’, he was momentarily stunned.

Could it be…

“Not only is she still in the Foundation Establishment stage, but she is also a medical cultivator? Is it true? Old Su, don’t lie to me! Which medical cultivator can be this ruthless?”

Foundation Establishment stage? Medical cultivator? It’s her again!

The black-robed man clenched his hands tightly.

Very good! It’s that Meng Qi again, right?

He remembered this!


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  1. Hehe it’s so funny when ever he says “Very good! It’s that Meng Qi again, right? I’ll remembered this” it just keep adding up his “remembering” 😂

  2. CTF and QXM bromance continues! After the dad’s comments, it’d be really funny if QXM becomes powerful and takes over his old sect, then CTF comes home one day all like, “hey dad btw this guy is my best buddy”.

  3. i kinda like yhe direction of qxm and ctf’s relationship. they’re like butthead siblings. always going at each other but presenting a united front when it counts.

    that guy, what’s his name, i delight in his pain. torture him more, author. shame him!

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