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THDP Ch.6 Part 1 – Little White Tiger (I)

Meng Qi blinked and felt the situation was a bit wrong. She pondered for a while and said, “This time, I’ll charge the medicine separately.”

Chu Tianfeng’s face dimmed, and even his eyes became gloomy. His hand fell from the belt. His long eyelashes drooped, blocking the light into his eyes.

“Okay.” Chu Tianfeng responded with a dull tone. Some previous bashfulness still remained on his face. But the black-robed young man, who up until a moment ago was standing tall and straight, now hanged his head, dejected and crestfallen.

Meng Qi put down her worry, then continued: “Although Lu Qingran is my senior sister, she was harmed because of you, so I’ll put the pill I gave her on your tab.”

Chu Tianfeng’s face became totally dejected. He suddenly lifted his eyes to look at Meng Qi. Both his pupils, black like lacquer, were reflecting the girl’s small figure. A loose blue robe, fine black hair. Meng Qi, who was standing on the edge of the cold pond, was full of vitality. Originally, even in Chu Tianfeng’s biased eyes, she was enough a refined beauty. But now, she looked a bit like an immortal fairy.

“Okay.” He whispered. The tone was straight, without a shred of disdain or ridicule. Chu Tianfeng didn’t even wait for Meng Qi to speak again and added: “I don’t have the spirit stones now, so I’ll write you an IOU first.”

After he finished talking, Chu Tianfeng took out a bamboo slip. Just a few days ago, this same action completely enraged him, but now he didn’t even show the slightest displeasure. Chu Tianfeng held the bamboo slip and quickly wrote the IOU. Then he imprinted his spiritual sense in it. This way, no matter where Meng Qi took this bamboo slip, as long it was with a member of Fentian Palace, they would exchange the IOU with the written amount of spirit stones.

Meng Qi: “…”

The black-robed young man silently handed her the bamboo slip. When she took a glance, the number of spirit stones was blanked. He obviously didn’t mind how much Meng Qi would fill it. For the young master of Fentian Palace, a little spirit stone was nothing.

Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi. A strange emotion filled his heart. His eyes gradually softened, and when he spoke again, his voice was gentle: “Let’s get started.” He added: “I’ve troubled you.”

Meng Qi: “A-alright, no problem. I charged you treatment fee, so we’re even.”

While stumping for words, Meng Qi saw Chu Tianfeng untied his belt and once again exposed his straight and firm body. The young man was tall, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The wound on his shoulder exuded a slight black aura visible to naked eyes, which made it looked a bit scary. Chu Tianfeng was a real proud son of heaven—everything about his body was perfect. He nimbly threw his robe on the ground and immersed his whole body into the cold pond.

Meng Qi subconsciously reached out and touched her own face. She was standing next to the cold pond, and its clear water reflected her figure. If she didn’t confirm that her appearance was still unchanged, Meng Qi almost thought that she had transformed into Lu Qingran.

However, it was nothing.

Meng Qi shook her head. Apparently, she has successfully avoided being locked for three months. Even if Chu Tianfeng’s attitude was changed, her method of cutting off the karmic ties was proven to be very useful. Rather than wasting time being entangled with useless matters, she better concentrating on her medical training and cultivation. Although the situation was a bit weird now, it didn’t make much difference anyway.

Still deep in thought, Meng Qi took out the herbs she just collected yesterday from her space bracelet. Then she turned to Chu Tianfeng and pressed his shoulder. Her fingers were white and slender, like spring scallions, with neatly trimmed nails.

During the previous treatment, Chu Tianfeng was too lazy to look at Meng Qi. But this time, when the girl’s slightly cool fingers released a medical aura on his shoulder, he suddenly felt a burning hot and unconsciously shrank back. He felt the scalding hot aura ran alongside Meng Qi’s fingers, penetrating into his wound, and then transformed into a comfortable warmth. This warmth was somehow familiar. It drove the piercing pain away from Chu Tianfeng’s body, bringing along a comfortable and seething touch.

Meng Qi slowly closed her eyes. For her, this was also a part of cultivation training.

The healer and her patient continuously repeated the process from the previous session. Only this time, her spiritual aura consumption was obviously greater. Often, in less than half an incense stick, she already exhausted her aura and has to sit down to wait for recovery.

Once again, her aura was empty. Meng Qi promptly sat cross-legged by the pond. A thin layer of sweat soaking her forehead. Chu Tianfeng, still submerged in the cold pond, was staring at her. A ray of sunshine happened to fall on Meng Qi’s face. If this scene fell into his eyes several days ago, he would only think that this girl was beautiful. But at this moment, even the fine sweat beads on her clean and smooth forehead seemed to be extremely cute.

Chu Tianfeng took a deep breath. Under the sun, this girl, with black hair, blue robe, fair skin, and bright eyes, looked like an ethereal fairy. Until Meng Qi recovered her aura, the young man kept staring at her without a blink.

Meng Qi stood up and walked towards him.

“You…” Chu Tianfeng hesitated. “Rest a bit.” Since Meng Qi went back from collecting herbs, two days and one night have passed. Chu Tianfeng could see that Meng Qi was already at her limit.

“I’m alright.” Meng Qi shook her head. Although she looked very tired, her body was actually full of spiritual aura. In her eyes, Chu Tianfeng wasn’t a genius young cultivator from a famous sect, but a large humanoid medical training tool.

Her hard work these past few days had not been in vain. After reaching the peak of the eighth realm of the Qi Condensation stage, she was promoted into the ninth realm and currently almost reached the ninth realm’s peak. Her Qingfeng spell also made significant progress. Now, each breath she inhaled was full of refreshing aura.


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