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THDP Ch.6 Part 2 – Little White Tiger (II)

With the last green light from the spell touching Chu Tianfeng’s shoulder, his previously frightening black wounds disappeared without a trace. After his injuries recovered, his healthy wheat-colored skin, still wet with cold pond waterdrops, was full of youthful vitality.

Meng Qi took a breath and then suddenly collapsed.

“Be careful!” Chu Tianfeng flew up. He didn’t care about the freezing waterdrops in his body and stretched his hands to support Meng Qi. The girl’s slender body fell into his arms. And her soft, slightly cool black hair brushed his jaws.

Chu Tianfeng’s heart jumped.

Meng Qi pushed him away and stood by herself. “I’m fine,” she shook her head. She has made sufficient preparations, and although the fatigue nearly made her fainted, she stubbornly still managed to stay conscious.

Meng Qi firmly refused Chu Tianfeng’s help and sat down cross-legged. These two days and two nights, she didn’t rest nor sleep. She repeatedly used her spiritual aura to dry and then waited until it recovered; this boring process was done again and again. But the gain was obviously huge.

Meng Qi took a pill from the storage bracelet and stuffed it into her mouth. Spiritual aura quickly came out from her meridian and filled her body. After a while, she finally opened her eyes. Meng Qi then stood up, stretching her body with satisfaction.

“Huh?” She was going to go back to the sect. But when she turned around, she unexpectedly met with a pair of black eyes.

“Why haven’t you left yet?” She looked at Chu Tianfeng, who stood just a few steps away from her.

The young man had worn his clothes again. His face, who until just a moment ago was pale because of the poison, now recovered its color. His suppressed cultivation was also restored, and his whole figure seemed to be much firmer.

“I…” Chu Tianfeng had a lot to say, but Meng Qi’s attitude obviously showed that she didn’t expect his answer.

She immediately strode away: “I’m leaving first. Goodbye.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

“Meng Qi.” He quickly followed, “I have something to say to you.”

“Why did you …” He had many questions to ask and also many things to tell. But Chu Tianfeng hadn’t even finished his sentence when two slender figures approached from the distance and quickly flew towards them.

“Fellow Daoist Chu.” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader greeted Chu Tianfeng.

Lu Qingran followed behind her. The girl’s eyes were still red. After she arrived, her gaze instantly glued to Chu Tianfeng. “Tianfeng, is your poison okay?”

“Mm.” He responded faintly.

“I’m really glad.” Lu Qingran smiled. She was a beautiful girl, and when she smiled, even the frigid area surrounding the cold pond seemed to welcome the spring, full of warmth.

“Junior Sister, thank you.” Lu Qingran thanked Meng Qi. She bowed her head and saluted: “That day, I was too worried about Tianfeng and wrongly accused Junior Sister. I hope Junior Sister didn’t take offense.”

“Senior Sister doesn’t need to be so polite.” Meng Qi returned her bow.

If everything went according to her previous life, the next event should be Demon Realm’s invasion. But with Chu Tianfeng here, Qingfeng Valley wouldn’t be in danger. This time, the chaos should not last that long.

Meng Qi silently made her decision. After stopping the invasion from the Demon Realm, Qingfeng Valley would merge into Fentian Palace. At that time, for the sake of their own safety, except for several sect members who didn’t want to move far away, the entire Qingfeng Valley would move to the area near Fentian Palace.

Qingfeng Valley was originally located on the edge of the Eastern Realm of Three Thousand Worlds, not far from the boundary that separated human territory with two realms of devil and demon. Fentian city, where Fentian Palace was located, was the largest city in the entire southwestern area of the Eastern Realm. However, that southwestern area was also near the border between the Eastern and Western Realm.

Meng Qi had made a plan. She needed to travel far to the west to reach Fentian City. For a cultivator in the Qi Condensation stage, even if she used teleportation arrays in the towns between, it would still take twenty days to get there. Moreover, the road wasn’t safe. With Meng Qi’s current cultivation, it would be difficult to go to the Western Realm by herself. But she could follow Qingfeng Valley’s members to Fentian City and then find a way to go west.

Okay, she decided!

Meng Qi wanted to use the remaining time to do a few things before the demons invaded. She made up her mind and saluted the sect leader: “Sect Leader, this disciple still has something to do, so I will leave first.”

Meng Qi nodded politely towards Lu Qingran, then turned away and quickly went down the mountain. She didn’t have any interest in joining the trio’s conversation. Anyway, it was probably just some sweet nothing between Lu Qingran and Chu Tianfeng, reminiscing about their life and death experience. However, Meng Qi did not notice that Chu Tianfeng’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

“Junior Sister Meng seems to be still angry with me.” Lu Qingran sighed softly. Then with a small voice, she said: “I was too excessive before. I should ask the situation first before accusing her.”

“Especially because she helped me to wake up.” Lu Qingran shuddered lightly. They were very close to the cold pond, and her cultivation was still at the Foundation Establishment stage, so she could not resist the bitter cold.

Chu Tianfeng didn’t seem to notice Lu Qingran’s situation.

“I have to contact my martial uncle and ask him to bring people here as soon as possible.” Somewhat anxious, he looked at Meng Qi’s distancing figure and said: “I still have some business, I’ll leave first.” He quickly strode away, following Meng Qi’s direction.


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  1. I hope Lu Qingran learned her lesson but the story will be boring without an antagonist. hahaha.

  2. The karma story sounding more bs now. Seems the girl calculated Meng qi downfall even when she gave no shits.

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