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THDP Ch 60 Part 1 – Lantern Festival (I)

“That is Xingluo Pavilion. Don’t be deceived by its unremarkable appearance. Unless you were guided by a person from the sect or having an entry token, any cultivators who come closer would activate the sword array around the valley.” Pointing to a mountain range not far away, Su Junmo said to Meng Qi and Sikong Xing.

Meng Qi looked in the direction Su Junmo pointed. Under the blue sky, twelve sword-like mountain peaks pierced into the sky.

Unremarkable? She couldn’t comprehend Su Junmo’s criteria. Even Fentian Palace did not have such momentum.

Su Junmo continued, “The sword array Xingluo Pavilion uses as its defensive formation is very powerful. Each of the peaks has its own array, then the twelve peaks are connected to form a gigantic array. Once triggered, ten thousand swords will fall within a radius of one hundred miles. It’s extremely dangerous.”

“It is said that Xingluo Pavilion’s disciples practice their sword every day on the sword array of each main peak. Only when enough killing intent gathered will the array become stronger and stronger.”

Meng Qi’s curiosity was piqued. A sword array that could store sword intent and killing intent and turned them into its own use? It must be very powerful.

“So they are a sword cultivation sect, each person is a sword, their sword array is also a sword, and their sect is a group of swords….worthy of the name of number one sword sect in the Eastern Realm.”

After Su Junmo finished explaining, he stood with both hands on the back, gazing at the twelve main peaks of Xingluo Pavilion: “The origin of the name of Xingluo Pavilion is also quite interesting. It is said that ten thousand years ago, when its name was not yet ‘Xingluo Pavilion,’ the sect had a very powerful predecessor who broke through into the Great Ascension stage. When the predecessor’s spiritual aura surged out, the killing intent from his natal long sword filled the sky, eclipsing the stars above the sect, as if going to shoot the stars down. From then on, the sect was renamed Xingluo Pavilion1.”

“How awesome!” Sikong Xing exclaimed. “Seems to be very cool and strong!”

“Of course.” After speaking for a long time, the two girls finally reacted a little, so Su Junmo was also quite contented. “They still can afford the name of number one sword sect. Afterward, Xingluo Pavilion got fallen behind for a while, but fortunately, they managed to rise up again. Speaking of it, there is one thing about Three Thousand Worlds cultivators that I truly admire.” He paused. “Even when they met a catastrophe, as long as the sect can survive, no matter how dire their situation was, sometimes a spark of fire is just what they need to resurrect. The survivors will grasp the opportunity and turn the small spark into a vast burning flame.”

“No wonder my father always said that there are many things I can learn from the Three Thousand World. He also said that we should sometimes learn from the cultivators here.” Sikong Xing said thoughtfully, “Indeed very amazing.”

“That’s of course.” Su Junmo said, “Otherwise, our Demon Realm wouldn’t dispatch one person to travel long-term here from generation to generation.” He glanced at Meng Qi and said again: “For example, this time Meng Qiqi is going to attend the Medical Cultivator Conference. You ask her, how did this conference begin?”

Sikong Xing stared at Meng Qi, her eyes were bright, “Meng Qiqi, how did it begin?

“The medical cultivators from the four realms worried that the legacies of individual sect might be cut off forever. So they decided to hold a conference once every ten years to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.”

Su Junmo “…”

Obviously, it was such an ups-and-downs story with great waves and heroic tales. But when he especially gave the turn to Meng Qi, she explained it so succinctly!

Really disappointing!

Sure enough, it has to be his role!

“I have a bamboo slip here.” Meng Qi handed a slightly yellowed bamboo slip to Sikong Xing. “It records the history of the Medical Cultivator Conference. If you are interested, you can take a look.”

“Okay. Thank you, Meng Qiqi. “Sikong Xing happily took the bamboo slip and began to read.

“Wow! The predecessors of the medical cultivators are really amazing!”

“Wow! You actually exchange spells and sect legacies?! I’m afraid only medical cultivators would have this idea!”

“Really admirable! Meng Qiqi, I also want to become a medical cultivator!”

With Sikong Xing’s voice as the background, the group of three continued moving forward.

Su Junmo tried to speak several times, but he was interrupted mercilessly. “I can read it by myself! The bamboo slip Meng Qiqi gave me is very detailed!”

Su Junmo felt aggrieved and couldn’t help touching his jaw. He was much better than that thing!

When Su Junmo traveled in the Western Realm, he had a good relationship with the four leading clans of Feng Alliance. He also knew many secrets and anecdotes that were definitely not recorded in the bamboo slips!

“Wow! Wow! Wow!” When they finally entered the bustling Xingluo City, Sikong Xing’s eyes were full of brilliance. “Medical cultivators are really amazing! They are so admirable! Meng Qiqi, I want to join a medical sect. Can I?”

“That…” Meng Qi was not sure.

“During Medical Cultivator Conference, they also hold a big tournament.” Su Junmo immediately said. “Cultivators up to Nascent Soul stage can participate. This tournament is actually for the large medical sects to recruit new blood. If you can perform well, you might be able to enter their sect.”

“Really?” Sikong Xing snapped her fingers, “Then I can also participate!”

“But the tournament is definitely about medics, not fighting.” Su Junmo ruthlessly poured cold water. “Are you good at medical cultivation? Moreover, unless you have a token from the major medical sect, there is the threshold to participate in the tournament. For example, Meng Qiqi. She has a token given by Feng Alliance’s crown prince. She definitely can participate.”

“Feng Alliance’s crown prince?” Sikong Xing instantly became curious, “Who is that?”

Sikong Xing rolled her eyes and rushed to hug Meng Qi’s arm. “Meng Qiqi, is that crown prince a young man? Is he good looking?”

Meng Qi thought for a while. Xue Chengxuan was indeed elegant and handsome, and his facial features were also excellent. She nodded, “Very young and very good looking.”

Su Junmo “…”

Sikong Xing “…”

Su Junmo couldn’t help but glare at Sikong Xing. He then looked around in trepidation, as if the Lord was always paying attention to them from the place they didn’t know.

“Let’s find a place to live first.” Meng Qi said.

Xingluo City was originally an extremely prosperous city with a grand scale. Its size was about twice Fentian City, and it was also very lively with countless people coming and going.

Now that there were only a few days left before the Medical Cultivator Conference started, many medical cultivators from all around the four realms have arrived, making the city even more lively.

Xingluo Pavilion has vacated the courtyards they owned in the city and booked several large inns to receive the medical cultivators. However, these accommodations could only be used by members of large sects of wandering cultivators with certain fame and prestige.

A small wandering cultivator like Meng Qi was not part of those people.


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  1. Xingluo literally means ‘falling star’

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  1. That sword array is a bit underwhelming lol.

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