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THDP Ch 60 Part 2 – Lantern Festival (II)

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“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing was still asking, “Which sect are you come from? Will your sect also come this time?”

“I am from Qingfeng Valley.” Meng Qi replied, “but I have quit the sect. I don’t know whether they will come or not.”

Su Junmo glared at Sikong Xing again. Some lids shouldn’t be opened. He personally saw how Meng Qi was ostracized by people from her former sect. Su Junmo cautiously glanced at Meng Qi. Seeing her expression was as indifferent as usual, she probably didn’t take this unpleasant thing seriously.

“Let’s go.” Su Junmo said, “Let’s find a place to stay first. We will probably stay here for a long time. Meng Qiqi, should we try Ruyi Inn?”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded.

Ruyi Inn has branches in every city. In a big and prosperous one like Xingluo City, it even had three branches, located in the bustling commercial districts. Meng Qi and her group simply chose the Ruyi Inn branch in the east district. Since the Medical Cultivator Conference would be held one mile outside the east gate, this location was also very convenient.

After getting a room, Meng Qi released Xiao Qi from the beast house.

From Fentian City to Xingluo City, it took them six days of travel. After getting the Blazing Feather and Jade Cicada Vine, the rest of the medicinal ingredients were easy to get. Meng Qi could buy all of them at Beyond The Heaven.

Meng Qi carefully unwrapped the white bandage on Xiao Qi’s paw, then gently held the small paw to lift it up. “Alright.” She nodded in satisfaction. Xiao Qi’s front paw was poisoned by jackdaw grass, and small silver gleams could be seen inside the wound. After six days of treatment, it has been healed a lot and was obviously much better. This bandage was from yesterday, but there was no new bloodstain on it.

“Just one more day.” As Meng Qi spoke, she took out the remaining medicinal materials from her storage space, “Xiao Qi, your wound will soon be healed.”

She rubbed the little guy’s fluffy head with a smile, “Are you happy?”

Xiao Qi “…”

The little white tiger lay lazily on the bed. In these past few days, his azure eyes gradually regained their original luster.

Meng Qi sat on the edge of the bed. She reached out to hold up his little paw and carefully changed the dressing on the wound for the last time. From her slender and slightly cool fingers, a trace of blazing heat entered Xiao Qi’s paw.

Jade Cicada Vine and the cold pond’s spiritual dew could suppress a rampaging aura. Coupled with a few other medicines, Xiao Qi could feel the chilliness slowly dissipated from his injury. The little guy raised his eyes, and saw that Meng Qi’s forehead was slowly drenched in sweat. But her expression was fully focused, and her fingers were extremely steady.

The Blazing Feather was a phoenix’s feather, one of the most fiery beings in the world. For Meng Qi, whose cultivation base was merely in the Foundation Establishment stage, using the Blazing Feather was tantamount to burning herself on a stove every time.

Xiao Qi slowly lowered his eyelids.

——He really dislikes the phoenixes!

Truly dislikable.

“Hah…” After about two hours, Meng Qi finally exhaled slowly. She put back Xiao Qi’s paw and sat cross-legged.

After a long time, Meng Qi finally recovered some energy and slowly opened her eyes.

“How do you feel?” Meng Qi turned her head at Xiao Qi and asked.

The little white tiger lifted his injured paw and shook it, indicating that he was much better.

Meng Qi reached out to squeeze his pad and claws, then raised the paw a bit to check the wound carefully. Not only was it no longer bleeding, even the wound itself has almost disappeared without a scar. The demon race’s self-healing ability was indeed very strong.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but sigh silently. She even thought that if it were not for the mysterious internal injuries, plus the heavy damage caused by forcefully broke through the boundary into Three Thousand World, the poison of a mere jackdaw grass could never be able to harm this young white tiger demon.

And she, after spending so much time, only cured his lightest injury.

She was still too weak.

Meng Qi put down Xiao Qi’s paw, then she fell into deep thought. She hasn’t been idle either. Even when she was traveling, she still worked hard to cultivate. But Meng Qi’s talent was indeed lacking. After she broke through into the Foundation Establishment stage before leaving Qingfeng Valley, she barely rose from the first realm to the second realm.

In the same amount of time, a talented cultivator could break through several small realms.

Meng Qi stood up and stretched her muscles. She could use the array her Master taught to improve her cultivation base. But if she wanted to break through from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Golden Core stage, the aura from the array would be too strong. On top of that, forming the Golden Core was equal to formally touching the Dao of cultivation, which would incur the heavenly tribulation. Aura backlash plus thunder tribulation. Without someone to guard her during the breakthrough, Meng Qi didn’t dare to be reckless.

She thought for a long time, but still couldn’t think of a good solution for the time being.

In contrast to her cultivation base, Meng Qi’s medical cultivation was improving smoothly. During this period, she had continuously treated many people. Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo, people injured by immortal devouring vine, Xiao Qi’s jackdaw poison…her medical cultivation progressed very quickly, and in no time, had entered the third rank. Now, Meng Qi’s medical cultivation level was at the seventh realm of the third rank.

For a Foundation Establishment cultivator, reaching the third-rank medical cultivation was already very good.

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing’s voice came from outside the door, “Are you resting?”

“What’s the matter?” Meng Qi walked to the door and opened it.

Sikong Xing first glanced at the little white tiger lying on the bed. She knew that this was Meng Qi’s spirit beast. The little tiger was very cute and fluffy, and Meng Qi spoiled it very much.

“If you aren’t resting, let’s go out to stroll.” Sikong Xing said. “I heard from the inn’s waiter that tonight is the last day of Xingluo City’s lantern festival. It is an annual event here. There are many stalls with delicious food, and the lanterns are also very beautiful.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She turned around to put Xiao Qi back into the beast house.


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  1. She planned to rise in the kingdom at the beginning in the other city when she was alone, now she doesn’t dare because ‘she has no one to protect her’?

    1. She previously planned to rise to the peak of Foundation Establishment stage, not enter the Golden Core stage, as the former doesn’t require a tribulation and is therefore safe without protection.

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