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THDP Ch 60 Part 3 – Lantern Festival (III)

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“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She turned around to put Xiao Qi back into the beast house.

Sikong Xing also followed into the room. She knew that Meng Qi was busy treating the little white tiger’s injury even when they were on the way. Seeing the fluffy head and cute paws, her hands became itchy.

“How is Xiao Qi?” Sikong Xing asked. She reached out her hand to pet the little guy. She had seen a lot of cute and fluffy cubs in the Demon Realm, but had never seen such a cute little white tiger.

Celestial demon white tiger clan had scarce descendants. Not to mention her, it was even impossible for red fox clan elders to see a little white tiger cub. Moreover, it was said that the white tiger clan, who produced the successive Demon Monarchs, had been very strong the moment they were born, and they were not cute at all.

Xiao Qi lay on the bed lazily. Although he didn’t react at all when Meng Qi picked him up, the moment Sikong Xing’s hand almost touched his body, he suddenly raised his head. A pair of azure eyes coldly swept over Sikong Xing’s hand before meeting her eyes.


Sikong Xing shuddered subconsciously. Her body suddenly stiffened, and a chill rose from her back.

Xiao Qi retracted his gaze and turned back into an obedient cute little furball in Meng Qi’s hand.

Sikong Xing “???”

Why did she felt something was wrong?

Sikong Xing retracted her hand awkwardly and watched Meng Qi put Xiao Qi back into the beast house.

“Let’s go.” Meng Qi said.

“Y-yes.” Sikong Xing returned to her senses and followed Meng Qi out dumbfoundedly.

What happened just now?

She was stiffened by a glance from a spirit beast.

How shameful!

Until the two walked out of Ruyi Inn, Sikong Xing was still absentminded. Meng Qi looked at her several times and couldn’t help but asked, “What’s wrong?”

“…Nothing.” Sikong Xing shook her head. Even she felt that she was being ridiculous. It might be that the celestial demon white tiger clan was too legendary, so she was more or less feeling afraid when seeing the Three Thousand World’s white tiger spirit beast.

Yes, it must be so.

“Sure enough, it’s very lively!” Sikong Xing had always been easygoing and soon forgot the previous thing.

It was night now, and the whole city was lit up brilliantly. Right after they left Ruyi Inn’s compound, Meng Qi saw many lanterns were hanging up on the whole street. Almost every building had two exquisite lanterns at the door. Some were shaped like rabbits, some were shaped like goldfish, some were shaped like lotuses…it was so colorful and beautiful.

“Just now, Su Junmo told me that the lantern festival in Xingluo City is to commemorate the cultivator from Xingluo Pavilion who protected the city thousands of years ago. It is said that he stood in front of the city gate for seven days and seven nights, killing hundreds of devil cultivators to protect the people inside the city.” While admiring the lanterns, Sikong Xing began to narrate the legend she had just heard: “Whenever sword intent emitted from his sword, it was so bright that even eclipsed the starlight in the sky. It was as if he had shot the stars down. So, the people in the city lit up lanterns of various colors to imitate the stars that seemed to be shot down by that predecessor.”

Meng Qi smiled. It was her first time hearing this legend, and it was indeed pretty interesting. Although the noisy fox sometimes talked too much, he was indeed knowledgeable.

“Where is Su Junmo?” Meng Qi asked.

“Went to see some friends.” Sikong Xing pouted, “He wanted to invite us, but you were still in the room, so I stayed to guard outside the door. He ran out alone to drink with his friends.”

“I’ve troubled you.” Meng Qi smiled.

“Nothing, nothing.” Sikong Xing waved her hand quickly.

“Meng Qiqi, I heard you talk about the pavilion master of Xingluo Pavilion before, and today I heard Su Junmo talk about their predecessor who protected the city. I think the cultivators from Three Thousand Worlds are truly amazing.” Sikong Xing held Meng Qi’s arm and kept walking. “I kind of understand why my mother was unwilling to stay in the Demon Realm and insisted on going back to the Three Thousand World. The demons respect strength, and such warmth is truly rare among us.”

“No.” Meng Qi said, “You and Su Junmo are also very good.”

Although the noisy fox was a bit too talkative, he was a good guy.

“Ah.” Sikong Xing smiled embarrassedly.

The two girls were going around to relax, so they didn’t walk too fast. After a short hour of walking and chatting leisurely, they reached Xingluo City’s central square.

There were even more lanterns here, and at the center were twelve sword-shaped lanterns. Hanging in the air, the hilt of the swords pointed to the sky. It looked a bit like the Xingluo Pavilion itself.

There are many small stalls around the square, selling a variety of local snacks. Sikong Xing was full of curiosity. She pulled Meng Qi around and tasted the snacks one by one. In addition, there were many stalls selling lanterns. Besides the common rabbit and lotus shape, the most sold here were the sword-shaped lanterns.

“Two, please.” With food in one hand, Sikong Xing took a handful of spirit stones and handed it to the stall owner. She took two sword-shaped lanterns and put one into Meng Qi’s hand. “Here you are.”

“Thanks.” Meng Qi raised the lantern higher and took a closer look. Pei Mufeng was probably a true Xingluo Pavilion cultivator. That man was as cold as a sword. Meng Qi wondered what he thought when knowing that his sword was made into such a beautiful and bright lantern.

Thinking this way, it was really cute.

Meng Qi became more and more amused. In the eyes of Three Thousand World’s cultivators, Xingluo Pavilion was the sharpest and coldest sword. But in the eyes of Xing Luo City’s common people, they were bright, vivid, and even warm.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but smile. She lowered the sword-shaped lantern in her hand. The moment she raised her head, her smiling gaze met a pair of dark and deep eyes.

Meng Qi was caught off guard.

Not far before them, a tall man wearing black clothes also carried a sword-shaped lantern. The man wore a black mask, which concealed the upper half of his face and only showed the straight bridge of his nose and the firm jaw.

When their eyes met, the two looked at each other for a moment before the man walked towards Meng Qi.

“We meet again.” The man’s voice was a little cold, but he was very polite, “The wine in Xingluo City is not as good as Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. But during the lantern festival, the wine is pretty good.”

“Shall we go for a drink?”


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