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THDP Ch 63 Part 2 – Confrontation (II)

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After entering the room, Meng Qi stood next to Su Junmo, the farthest from the bed. But when everyone’s attention was focused on Elder Xue and Pei Mufeng, Meng Qi began to move slowly. She was silently getting closer to the bed, and now she was only two steps away from Xue siblings.

She could even see the makeup on on Xue Lingfeng’s face, her long eyelashes, and even the damp sweat stain on her white dress.

Elder Xue’s tone became more and more aggressive. Pei Mufeng was reticent by nature and only occasionally replied back. But everyone at the scene could see that he would never agree to involve so many ordinary residents.

Meng Qi gritted her teeth. Covered by Eldest Xue’s accusing words, she slowly moved forward with small steps towards the bed. Finally, Meng Qi couldn’t stand it anymore and directly looked at Xue Lingfeng behind the curtain.

“Huh?” Meng Qi’s eyes flashed. She no longer cared about her surroundings and took another step forward to open the curtain.

“Fellow Daoist…Meng Qi?” Xue Chengxuan was pushed aside by her. As soon as Su Junmo arrived, he had noticed Meng Qi’s coming together. But there were too many people here, plus the touch of displeasure that hadn’t been dissipated since their previous separation, so Xue Chengxuan didn’t know how to talk to Meng Qi.

“Fellow Daoist Xue.” Meng Qi nodded casually without turning at Xue Chengxuan. “Miss Xue’s prohibition is caused by an array drawn directly on her body.”

Xue Lingfeng’s face suddenly flushed. She looked at Meng Qi, but found that the person’s eyes were staring straight at the back of her neck. Xue Lingfeng quickly tightened her dress: “What nonsense you are saying?!”

“What a brilliant mind…” Meng Qi murmured. She hadn’t actually seen the injuries on Xue Lingfeng’s body. But when the girl lowered her head, she saw a faint trace on the back of Xue Lingfeng’s neck.

“Fellow Daoist Meng, what do you discover?” Xue Chengxuan asked with a solemn face.

Even Elder Xue stopped speaking and turned to look at them.

Pei Mufeng finally sighed in relief. He stared at Meng Qi, eyes flashed slightly, and the corners of his lips rose inconspicuously.

Su Junmo “…”

He was a bit at a loss. Just now when Meng Qi moved towards the bed, he simply watched. After getting along all this time, he also understood Meng Qi’s character. On their way from Qingfeng Valley to Fentian City, Meng Qi often encountered people seeking medical advice, and she would save them all regardless of whether they were Qi Condensation small cultivators or normal people.

If she saw a bit peculiar symptoms, her eyes would glow.

And from Fentian City to Xingluo City, it was the same.

Su Junmo knew that this girl just liked medical cultivation too much, and had no other motive. So, when Meng Qi asked to tag along, he wasn’t surprised at all.

Seeing Elder Xue turn his gaze sharply at Meng Qi, Su Junmo coughed lightly and quickly stepped forward, blocking her from Elder Xue.

After being startled, Sikong Xing also hurriedly stepped forward, guarding Meng Qi next to Su Junmo.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Pei Mufeng also sensed the tension. Although he didn’t make any movements, sword aura flowed from his body, rippling the bottom of his robe.

It was a warning, but also a threat.

“Miss Xue.” Only Meng Qi’s tone was as calm as usual. “On your neck.”

Meng Qi stretched her finger to touch the back of Xue Lingfeng’s neck. The girl’s hair was very long, draped over her shoulders and covered most of her neck. But when she lowered her head when she sat up just now, Meng Qi happened to see the trace on the exposed neck.

At this time, Xue Chengxuan also overlooked the difference between male and female and directly reached out to move aside Xue Lingfeng’s hair, exposing the slender and white neck. Xue Lingfeng lowered her head slightly, and thin green lines could be seen on the back of her neck—two or three unidentifiable lines.

“What is this?” Xue Chengxuan asked.

Xue Lingfeng raised her eyes and saw Su Junmo standing next to Meng Qi. Her pretty face immediately flushed red. She lowered her eyes quickly, but the rim of her eyes reddened, as if being wronged.

“Miss Xue.” Meng Qi’s voice was cool and calm, “Can you show me your back?”

Xue Lingfeng lowered her head and said nothing.

Xue Chengxuan hesitated for a moment, and took the initiative to concede: “Then, we will trouble fellow Daoist Meng.” He said politely to Meng Qi, then let go of the curtain and took two steps back.

The curtain fell, covering Xue Lingfeng again.

“Excuse me.” Meng Qi reached out to slightly open Xue Lingfeng’s upper dress. The green lines on the back of Xue Lingfeng’s neck were being revealed more and more. From the neck down to the back, the lines gradually formed a pattern—a branch of green plum blossom.

These green plum blossoms were a bit weird. Only the top part of the pattern was exposed on Xue Lingfeng’s neck, the rest was hidden by her dress, and Meng Qi couldn’t see it clearly.

Meng Qi gritted her teeth and stretched out her hand to lower Xue Lingfeng’s dress even more.

The girl trembled slightly, but did not struggle. Her white and slender back was exposed, and as expected, apart from the plum blossoms, an intricate array was drawn between her shoulder ribs.

Meng Qi leaned closer and took a deep breath. A faint plum blossom’s smell penetrated her nostrils. It was calming and slightly cold, very pleasant.

“How is it?” Across the curtain, Xue Chengxuan asked in a low voice.

Meng Qi stared at the array that was so intricate that it could be said to be beautiful. The array was small, about the size of her palm, but the structure was so complex and intriguing.

—The person who drew this array must be very smart.

Four branches protruded from the array and stretched in four directions along Xue Lingfeng’s back. Several plum blossoms bloomed on each branch, so beautiful that it was creepy. Each of their petals exuded a gleaming light—was it actually spiritual aura they sucked from the host’s body to support the array? Meng Qi didn’t dare to touch the plum blossoms rashly.

Meng Qi’s Master taught her about a lot of arrays, but she had never seen this kind of array before.

“Sorry.” Meng Qi took a deep breath and properly put on Xue Lingfeng’s dress again.

The girl lowered her eyes, her long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, didn’t dare to look up at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi walked out of the curtain. Seeing Xue Chengxuan’s hopeful eyes, she said flatly: “Miss Xue has an array drawn on her back, which should be the prohibition array Fellow Daoist Xue said before.”

“What kind of array is it?” Xue Chengxuan asked.

“I don’t know either. However, whoever drew this array must have a very sophisticated mind. The array’s structure is very intricate, and it seems to be drawn using the juice of afterimage grass mixed with green plum blossom.” Meng Qi seemed to ponder for a while. “That array is absorbing Miss Xue’s spiritual aura to sustain itself endlessly.”

“Are you a refinery cultivator?” Before Xue Chengxuan could reply, Elder Xue suddenly asked.

“Oh?” Elder Xue stared at her sternly with a trace of suspicion. “A medical cultivator, but you are so knowledgeable in array?” As soon as his voice fell, the elder flicked his sleeve. Before everyone could react, he was already in front of Meng Qi.

“Meng Qiqi!” Su Junmo and Sikong Xing, who were the nearest, could not react in time.

“Who are you?” Elder Xue’s sleeves already brushed Meng Qi’s shoulder. A tremendous pressure enveloped her body from top to bottom, making her unable to move at all.

Staring into Meng Qi’s eyes coldly, Elder Xue asked sternly, “What is your purpose of coming here? Say!!” As he spoke, his sleeve brushed Meng Qi’s robe once again and threw her to the side.


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