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THDP Ch 64 Part 1 – Conflict (I)

Among everyone present, Xue Clan’s First Elder was the one with the highest cultivation base, which already reached the fifth realm of Spirit Severing stage. Although he was a medical cultivator, the absolute strength of a Spirit Severing cultivator was overwhelming, and his movement was as fast as lightning. Before Su Junmo, Sikong Xing, and the others could react, Meng Qi had been thrown away to the side.

Seeing that Meng Qi was about to hit the wall, Sikong Xing quickly lifted her hand. Black water suddenly emerged from the ground, rushing to Meng Qi in a hurry.

Su Junmo’s hand flashed briefly, and a small feather fan appeared on his hands. He raised his hand at Elder Xue, fully knowing that the other party’s cultivation base was much higher than himself. Yet, he did not hesitate to release several rays from his fan towards Elder Xue.

However, Pei Mufeng was faster. The black figure that wasn’t much slower than Elder Xue immediately rushed towards Meng Qi. When Meng Qi returned to her senses, a pair of arms had caught her body, and she landed firmly on the ground.

At that time, the water summoned by Sikong Xing’s spell had just surged out.

Su Junmo’s rays attack hadn’t touched Elder Xue yet.

With a ‘clank’ from the sword, a murderous aura swept across. Meng Qi shivered uncontrollably. The next moment, Pei Mufeng’s long sword was floating in the air, its sharp tip pointed at Elder Xue.

“Here is Xingluo City.” Pei Mufeng took a step forward, guarding Meng Qi behind him. He had always maintained politeness before. No matter how aggressive Elder Xue was, he did not show any impatience or anger. But this time, Pei Mufeng’s voice was cold, and his eyes were colder than his voice, “She is my guest.”

Elder Xue’s eyes flashed.

Pei Mufeng was a genius, and his fame as a sword fanatic didn’t only spread throughout the Eastern Realm, but also reached the Western Realm. This young man was only twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old, but actually had reached the Nascent Soul stage’s peak. He was already half a step into the Spirit Severing stage, and perhaps would make a breakthrough at any moment.

Even though Pei Mufeng’s cultivation base now was still lower than himself, Elder Xue would never underestimate him. His swordsmanship alone was enough to make up the difference in their cultivation base.

Elder Xue’s face was ashen. His eyes flickered, and he slowly turned his gaze from Pei Mufeng to Meng Qi, before turning to Su Junmo and Sikong Xing.

“Young Daoist Su also wants to attack this old man?” Elder Xue asked slowly and coldly.

“She is the one I brought.” Su Junmo also took a step forward and stood between Elder Xue and Meng Qi. “Besides, she is no more than a minor Foundation Establishment cultivator. Even if something makes Elder unhappy, you are still a great senior. Why do you have to fuss over minor matters?”

Xue Chengxuan glanced at Su Junmo in surprise. The other party didn’t even say something like “Meng Qi might have done something wrong that provokes Elder Xue,” but bluntly said that the elder did not like her.

He obviously guarded Meng Qi.

Xue Chengxuan subconsciously glanced at the curtain that had been closed again. As a brother, he more or less knew his sister’s mind. The reason why Xue Lingfeng insisted on departing for Xingluo City earlier without waiting for their father was for this Su Junmo.

“Heh—” Elder Xue sneered. Passing Su Junmo and Pei Mufeng, his eagle-like eyes fell on Meng Qi. “A small Foundation Establishment cultivator, unexpectedly can find Lingfeng’s problem at a glance. I was just a little wary.”

“Brother Xue.” Su Junmo didn’t bother to argue with Elder Xue. He turned his head and looked at Xue Chengxuan, “Meng Qi is someone I brought. Does it mean that Xue Clan refused to trust me?”

Xue Chengxuan was startled.

Even Xue Lingfeng, who was sitting on the bed, suddenly reached out and opened the curtain. She looked at Su Junmo, her eyes wide open. Her originally bright eyes filled with disbelief.

The relationship between Su Junmo and Xue Clan has always been good. In the past few years, the two parties had a lot of contacts. Su Junmo was easygoing and friendly, so he got along well with Xue Clan’s members.

He was handsome, elegant, and talented in cultivation. Coupled with his wide knowledge, he occasionally hung out to chat relaxedly with Xue Clan’s siblings, talking about strange and fascinating stories from all walks of life and showing his unique view.

Even the Xue Clan’s head, Xue Chengxuan’s father, appreciated Su Junmo.

Xue Lingfeng had long secretly admired Su Junmo, having her heart stolen by this young man.

“B-brother Su…” Seeing that the relationship between Xue Clan and Su Junmo was about to be in danger, Xue Lingfeng coulnd’t care about who Meng Qi was. She took a deep breath, quickly softened her voice, and said pitifully, “Please don’t be angry. Granduncle is just too worried about me.”

She paused, and then said again: “Granduncle has always been very loving and caring towards younger generations, how can he really hurt this elder sister? This sister only has a Foundation Establishment cultivation base. Granduncle only scared her and didn’t really intend to hurt her.”

When Xue Lingfeng spoke, her soft voice eased the tension a bit.

Xue Chengxuan also sighed in relief, “Lingfeng was injured, poisoned, and unconscious. Granduncle and I were very worried about her. Brother Su, please don’t be offended.” He cupped his hands towards Su Junmo. “We have been rude.”

Although First Elder Xue was Xue siblings’ elder, Xue Chengxuan has been recognized as the future clan head and was also cultivated as the future leader of Feng Alliance. He was humble and gentle, and has always respected his elders. But if he spoke, Xue Clan’s elders would tacitly never refute his words in front of outsiders. Since Xue Chengxuan has said so, it meant that he didn’t want to fell into a conflict with Su Junmo, and Elder Xue had to endure.

Afterward, Xue Chengxuan turned and cupped his hands to Meng Qi, and said in a sincere tone: “Fellow Daoist Meng, we have been rude just now, please don’t be offended.”

Sikong Xing had already run to Meng Qi’s side. Hearing Xue Chengxuan’s words, the red-dressed girl snorted slightly. She turned her face aside, obviously still angry.

Meng Qi shook her head and said hoarsely, “It’s okay.”


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  1. Meng Qi says it’s okay but I say it’s not! This First Elder Xue is either behaving suspiciously or he’s far, far too stupid. He could have killed her for no reason at all and for a guy in his senior position, it seems unlikely he didn’t realise that. Something is going on here.

  2. Omg this was even more satisfying than I thought it would be!!! So many people dramatically rushing to her rescue ahaha I love this novel 😀

  3. Thank you for the update. Hope you are doing well. This is not a spoiler but my theory but Pei Mufeng remembers Meng Qi from their past life. But I want to know how? Looking forward to more chapters.

    1. How can he remember her when the story clearly hasn’t stated that they personally knew each other before? She clearly said she only knew him from rumours. The only people that remembers her are the people she had treated in the past

      1. In her past life, She found him on the outskirts of starfallen sea and rescued him, i assumed she also had a friendly relationship with him since she showed him respect rather than act indifferent, and Lu Qingran wasn’t involved with him either..and she also said something about familiar feeling when she rode together on his sword a few chapters ago.

  4. I agree J, it’s totally not ok.
    Independently that she approached because she was curious or because she wanted to help, if she was acting suspiciously or not or if he was too anxious. That’s in no way a action that can be forgotten with a simple sorry.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  5. Thanks for the hard work!!! I’m curious about Pei Mufeng too and also agree to the theory of Koii. He seems to remember the past. Anywho, excited for the next chaps!!!

  6. Thank you for updating!!!!
    Meng Qi is with me. Is it mean that Xue Clan can’t believe me?
    Sentence sounds awkward

  7. And what if Pei Mufeng was a step late Meng Qi could’ve been seriously hurt. Just because she was rescued in time they are trying to down play their elders actions. Meng qi should stop being so nice. He should give her some compensation

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