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THDP Ch 64 Part 2 – Conflict (II)

Meng Qi shook her head and said hoarsely, “It’s okay.”

If she wanted to blame, she should blame her low cultivation level. In her previous life, Meng Qi didn’t pay much attention to her cultivation base, and was often held back by it. Since she redid her life, she should have learned enough lessons from her previous life, and must pay more attention.

Meng Qi made up her mind. When the Medical Cultivator Conference was over, she would find a place to retreat and have a breakthrough.


In any case, she must successfully form her golden core at the least.

“Thank you, Pavilion Master Pei.” Meng Qi thanked Pei Mufeng. She walked towards Su Junmo “Let’s go back.”

To protect her, Su Junmo almost tore his face with Xue Clan. No matter how curious Meng Qi was about Xue Lingfeng’s condition and the prohibition array, it was impossible for her to stay any longer. Besides, Xue Clan Head was coming, and Xue Lingfeng should be fine soon.

“Okay.” Su Junmo nodded. He cupped his hands to Xue Chengxuan: “We are leaving.” Afterward, he took Meng Qi and Sikong Xing and walked towards the door.

Xue Chengxuan still wanted to ask about the array on Xue Lingfeng’s body. But in the end, his mouth was opened without him saying anything. The young man sighed silently. He then turned at Xue Lingfeng, who was watching Su Junmo’s departing figure dazedly. Seeing his sister couldn’t hide her disappointment, he said to her: “Lingfeng, have a good rest. After father arrives tomorrow, he will definitely heal you.”

“Yes.” Xue Lingfeng nodded obediently. “I’m okay. I just hope that Brother Su won’t have any rifts with our family because of this matter. Granduncle just worried too much about me. There is no way he would truly hurt that Foundation Establishment sister. I just don’t know why Brother Su was so angry?” She asked innocently, “What is the relationship of this sister and Brother Su?”

“I don’t know.” Xue Chengxuan shook his head, “Don’t think too much about small things.”

“Okay.” Xue Lingfeng smiled sweetly, “Eldest Brother is here, I’m not afraid.”

Afterward, she smiled at Elder Xue: “Granduncle, you scared a young girl, ah. Do you think everyone is like me and eldest sister, growing up under your teaching?”

“Pavilion Master Pei.” Xue Lingfeng finally looked at Pei Mufeng. The young man’s handsome and cold face made her slightly startled. But Xue Lingfeng quickly recovered and smiled at Pei Mufeng, “Because of Lingfeng, we have brought you trouble. Lingfeng wants to thank you.”

Pei Mufeng shook his head silently: “Miss Xue should have a good rest.” He finally said, “Then I will leave first, and will visit again tomorrow.” Pei Mufeng cupped his hands after he spoke, turned around, and strode out of the room.

As soon as he left, Xue Chengxuan and Elder Xue also left the room.

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Elder Xue stood outside the room, watching Xue Chengxuan carefully closed the door for his sister. The elder looked at the younger man with a sharp gaze: “Chengxuan, you should keep the girl here. She seems to know more than that.” After a pause, he said again: “If you did that, you would have an explanation to your father tomorrow.”

“Regarding father, I have my own consideration.” Xue Chengxuan said in a low voice. “She is the person brought by Brother Su, who is a guest that father has always attached great importance to.”

Xue Chengxuan raised his head to look at Elder Xue. His eyes were no longer gentle and elegant as he was in front of Xue Lingfeng. The young man straightened his back, and his expression was more stern than before. “I saved granduncle face in front of outsiders today. I hope granduncle won’t make it difficult for this grandnephew next time. Please go back and take a rest. Father and the other should arrive early tomorrow.”

Under the night, Meng Qi and Sikong Xing walked slowly side by side.

Su Junmo was by their side. His expression was stiff, and he was still very upset: “Xue Chen is too much! Really infuriating! He attacked Meng Qiqi in front of my eyes and threw her like that….what the hell?! If not for that Pei Mufeng to react fast enough, Meng Qiqi would have been severely injured! I’m angry, really angry!!”

“Shut up! If you are angry, go back and beat him up! Don’t be so noisy in front of Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing glared at him, “Wasn’t it you who backed off from the fight just now?! Otherwise, even if that old man is in the Spirit Severing stage, how can we lose if we join hands? There is even Pei Mufeng on our side!”

“That’s Xue Clan. You didn’t know. Last time, Xue Chengxuan used Xue Clan’s library to seduce Meng Qiqi, and that time, Meng Qiqi’s eyes were brighter than the stars in the sky. If we beat Xue Clan’s elder now, what’s happen if she wants to join Feng Alliance in the future! Won’t she be mad at us then?!”

“Meng Qiqi won’t! But I don’t like Xue Clan, I don’t like that old man, that poisoned Xue Lingfeng is weird, and her brother is also very annoying. Compared to Pavilion Master Pei, they are really bad. Why should Meng Qi go to Feng Alliance? Xingluo Pavilion is much better!!”

“Feng Alliance is one of the Western Realm’s…no, Three Thousand World’s largest medical sect! That’s the holy land for medical cultivators. Meng Qiqi is also a medical cultivator, why should she go to Xingluo Pavilion? You didn’t see it earlier. When Pei Mufeng’s swords came out, only the two of us were surprised. Those medical cultivators only reacted like they saw a rusted piece of iron. Don’t you understand?”

These two people’s bickering had become a daily occurrence. Meng Qi walked beside Sikong Xing. Although she actually heard what they were saying, those words were like a passing wind, quickly ran out of her mind without leaving a trace.

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing shook Meng Qi’s arm, “What are you thinking about?”

“I don’t know what array is on Xue Lingfeng’s body. But…” She lowered her hand to look at her fingers and couldn’t help sigh again: “What a clever technique, what a clever mind!”

“Even you don’t know?” Sikong Xing and Su Junmo looked at each other. In their eyes, Meng Qi was already a top expert in the study about the array, on the par only with a few other big figures.

There is an array that she doesn’t know?!

“Mm.” Meng Qi nodded, “I wonder who put that array….afterimage grass mixed with green plum blossom juice…It uses Xue Lingfeng’s own aura to activate the prohibition and sustain the array. Even the poison in her body us sealed under the prohibition. Whoever did this, they not only proficient in the study of arrays, but also in medical knowledge.” She looked up at the sky and murmured, “I wonder what kind of person devised this method. It truly…amazing!”

Inside Meng Qi’s storage space, Xiao Qi’s fluffy paw randomly scratched on the ground. Looking carefully, he was drawing the array that Meng Qi had just seen on Xue Lingfeng’s back.

This is amazing?


When Meng Qi’s voice reached his ears, a cold light flashed in Xiao Qi’s azure eyes. His eyelids drooped slightly. With a stroke of his fluffy paw, the half-drawn array on the ground was wiped away.

Merely a Four Orders And Four Seasons Array. He recognized it at a glance.

She thought it was amazing?!

Not to mention the Four Poles Great Array or the white tiger clan’s star array, both were the top-ranked arrays in the Demon Realm. Even the Lihuo Great Fire Array she used for refining medicine and the defensive array from before were far surpassing this Four Orders and Four Seasons Array.

Xiao Qi lazily put away his claws. What the person who attacked Xue Lingfeng did was merely a small trick. It was because Meng Qi had never seen this array before, and the perpetrator also added a little poison to the array, making it looked fancier. This trick was enough to puzzle average people, but actually was nothing to worry about.


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    Even the poison in her body us sealed under the prohibition.

    Even the poison in her body is sealed under prohibition.

    Whoever did this, they not only proficient in the study of arrays, but also in medical skills.”

    Whoever did this, they are not only proficient in the study of arrays, but also in medical skills.

    She looked up at the sky and murmured, “I wonder what kind of person devised this method. It truly…amazing!”

    It’s truly amazing!

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