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THDP Ch 65 Part 1 – Four Orders and Four Seasons Array (I)

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Sikong Xing was totally confused. Su Junmo was still okay. Although he himself wasn’t proficient in arrays, he had followed the Lord for a long time and learned quite a lot in passing, so he could understand what Meng Qi just said.

Precisely because he understood, Su Junmo heart beating uncomfortably, and he asked worriedly: “Do you think the person who poisoned Xue Lingfeng is so powerful?”

What Su Junmo actually wanted to ask was: Is the enemy better than the Lord?

In Su Junmo’s view, Meng Qi’s mastery in arrays was top notch. After all, she could even use the high-ranking arrays exclusive to the celestial demon white tiger clan. As far as he could see, Meng Qi must be taught by the Lord himself.

“Very powerful.” Meng Qi nodded.

Su Junmo “…”

He pondered for a while, and then asked again: “Is it overkill to use such a method to a little girl like Xue Lingfeng?”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded again. Her hand was hanging on one side. Her fingers constantly fidgeted while her mind moved quickly. She had never seen this array before, nor did she had any idea of it beforehand. However, it seemed to open the door to a world she had never known before.

This method was so clever. Since it could be used to seal poison, it should also work on the medicine used for healing treatment.

Meng Qi raised her head slightly. But what exactly was that array? It could be drawn on a person’s body and could draw spiritual aura directly from a person to sustain its effect.

Meng Qi pondered silently. If not because Su Junmo had been rude to Xue clan’s elder for her sake, she even wanted to go back to study the array on Xue Lingfeng’s back.

“…So whoever this person is, they are a despicable villain who hides in the dark and only dares to pick a little girl to bully!” Su Junmo muttered furiously. “The Medical Cultivator Conference is here, when many famous cultivators come to gather at Xingluo City. Not to mention the Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion. If they really want to pick someone, they can choose Pei Mufeng, Xue Chengxuan, or other cultivators. It’s too despicable to do such a thing to a little girl.”

“Su Junmo, do you like that little Xue girl?” Sikong Xing asked suddenly.

“…What nonsense are you talking about?!” Su Junmo was taken aback, “How could I like her?!”

“Humph!” Sikong Xing snorted softly, “Look at the way you get angry for her sake. She also called you ‘Brother Su’ so intimately. You still say you don’t like her!”

“Nonsense!” Su Junmo laughed angrily. “Xue Lingfeng is just a little girl. I have no such a feeling to her.”

Meng Qi had long been used to their quarrels. Although noisy voices came in and out of her ears, she was not affected at all.

As soon as they arrived at their courtyard in Ruyi Inn, Meng Qi quickly returned to her room and closed the door. She released Xiao Qi from the beast house first, then took out a piece of bamboo slip and began to record everything that happened tonight. Finished, she took out another piece of paper and drew the array she saw on Xue Lingfeng’s back.

What is this? Do not read it at wattpad or other places.

Meng Qi’s memory was excellent. Basically, she perfectly remembered anything her Master taught her. Even a few arrays which she still couldn’t use temporarily, Meng Qi still learned their names and appearances.

But it seemed that her study was still far from enough.

Meng Qi’s fingers tapped on the table unconsciously.

Xiao Qi lay on the bed alone. But even after a long time, Meng Qi didn’t show the signs to rest. She was sitting at the table, her back facing the bed. There was a lamp on the table, exuding a bright white light that outlined Meng Qi’s slender figure.

A blue robe tied by a belt and black hair rolled up in a simple manner. Obviously looked so simple and ordinary, but Xiao Qi stared at her back figure for a while. An unknown feeling nagged his heart constantly—a feeling he never had before.

The little white tiger waited for a while. Seeing that Meng Qi still didn’t intend to rest, he suddenly jumped off the bed. The paw that had been completely healed quietly landed on the floor, then he walked towards Meng Qi silently.

“Huh?” Meng Qi suddenly saw a black shadow flickered from behind, and when she raised her eyes, she saw Xiao Qi landed lightly on the table. She reflexively reached out to hold his previously injured front paw. The fluffy little paw was totally clean, without any stains of blood, and the wound had also healed with no trace. His white fur had become soft and shiny again, so fluffy and cute.

Unable to hold back, Meng Qi gently squeezed Xiao Qi’s paw several times.

Xiao Qi “…”

“You go to sleep first.” Meng Qi loosened Xiao Qi’s paws. She then began to stroke his fluffy little head and squeezed his ears. Afterward, she retracted her hand and turned her gaze back to the paper on the table.

Xiao Qi “…”

He took a step forward, and his front paws stepped on the paper with an array drawn on it. It was only Four Orders and Four Seasons Array, but she thought about it so much that she neglected her sleep. Did she want to keep staring at this thing?

Xiao Qi’s eyes flickered.

He could actually teach Meng Qi that this array was nothing remarkable. She could even use the Four Poles Great Array and the white tiger clan’s star array. This Four Orders and Four Seasons Array was effortless for her. If she knew a little, she would understand that whoever used this array hadn’t even touched the threshold of the array mastery.

Just a small shrimp!

He had to think of a way to teach her…

“Huh?” Meng Qi saw Xiao Qi’s paw was on the paper, and quickly pulled it away. She softly reprimanded the little guy: “Don’t make trouble.” Do not read it at wattpad or other places.

She pushed Xiao Qi a little further away and smoothed the paper on the table before stroking his head gently: “Xiao Qi, be good. Go to bed first.”

Meng Qi already had some ideas. When Master taught her the Four Poles Great Array, he once said that learning array was similar to learning medical cultivation. Once a person mastered the core of an array’s basic form, they could utilize thousands of its iterations at will. In the same way, there were similarities between many seemingly different arrays. Although she didn’t see the full form of the array on Xue Lingfeng’s back, it shouldn’t differ too much.


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