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THDP Ch 66 Part 1 – Li Che (I)

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Since this was the person Xingluo Pavilion Master personally admitted as a friend, Canglang Academy’s sect leader didn’t dare to be rude. Shen Zhengheng took a look at Meng Qi. Even after he saw that this girl was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, he still greeted her politely.

“We have visited the Xue Clan tonight.” Pei Mufeng continued, “Miss Xue was also sent back to Xingluo City after being poisoned today. The situation is the same as Li Che. Meng Qi wants to see him.”

“Alright.” Shen Zhengheng hesitated slightly, but he nodded. He stepped aside and waved his hand politely: “We will trouble Young Daoist Meng.”

For someone Shen Zhengheng’s age, it was appropriate to call Meng Qi ‘Young Daoist.’ Although Canglang Academy was one of the three largest medical sects in the Southern Realm, but the medical cultivators in the Southern Realm had declined as the whole, and none of the three medical sects were ranked in the top ten of the Southern Realm.

Shen Zhengheng didn’t want to offend Xingluo Pavilion Master, and didn’t want to add another trouble to his sect. What’s more, lying on the bed now was his most beloved youngest disciple, who was extremely talented. He hoped this child could carry forward their sect’s legacy.

“I can solve the poison in Xiao Che’s body.” Shen Zhengheng led the two towards his injured disciple Li Che’s room and explained: “Since you two have seen Miss Xue, you probably can guess that Xiao Che is also binded by an prohibition array. If a Golden Core or higher cultivator tried to detoxify, it would only bring an oppsite effect.”

“I see.” Pei Mufeng responded with a low voice.

They arrived at Li Che’s bed, and Meng Qi looked at the young man lying on the bed. The person looked younger than Pei Mufeng. His face was relatively delicate and handsome. He was lying on the bed with eyes closed, pale face, and thin lips cracked dry.

Meng Qi’s heart jumped upon seeing the young man—she wasn’t unfamiliar with this face. When she heard the name ‘Li Che’ from Pei Mufeng earlier, she already felt a familiarity. Now that she had seen the man in person, she was sure who he was.

In additions of many ardent suitors, Lu Qingran also had loyal confidants. One of them was Li Che, a fellow medical cultivator whose talent was pretty high. Meng Qi didn’t know what exactly was his relationship with Lu Qingran. But Meng Qi once had seen Lu Qingran said she wanted a rare medicinal ingredient, so Li Che willingly took a risk and went to a place infamous to be a fierce beast lair to get the ingredient for Lu Qingran.

All in all, he did so much just to see Lu Qingran’s smile.

Seeing this person was one of Lu Qingran’s admirers, Meng Qi’s happy mood just now suddenly dimmed and was replaced by hesitation. She frowned and couldn’t help complained silently.

Why should Li Che know Lu Qingran, ah?!

Why cannot he stay nicely in the Southern Realm?!

Are there no other girls in the Southern Realm?!

Meng Qi pursed her lips slightly. Now that she had survived previous ordeals safely, it proved that her method was correct. Therefore, this Li Che…

“What’s wrong?” Pei Mufeng seemed to see her dilemma and asked in a low voice.

“Um…” Meng Qi hesitated, “I’ll take a look first.” She could took a look first, and considered the karmic relationship later.

Pei Mufeng nodded, and reached his hands to lift up the unconscious Li Che. Meng Qi also reached her hands and gently pulled down Li Che’s shirt. As expected, there was flower pattern blooming on the back of the the young man’s neck. Only this time, it wasn’t plum blossom, but a branch of peach blossoms. Still, the peach blossoms were light green in color.

Meng Qi unhesitantly took off Li Che’s clothes.

Shen Zhengheng wanted to say something, but after opening his mouth, he said nothing. Meng Qi was a woman, and his disciple was a man. Since the woman didn’t mind, it seemed that there was no need for him to interfere.

Li Che looked delicate and weak, but his body was not frail at all. Under the firm skin were the muscles that didn’t look conspicious, but were full of strength. Between the shoulder bones on his back, a small yet complex array was drew. Arround the array, four peach blossom branches protruded sideways into four directions.

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered slightly. The array on Li Che’s back looked a little different from that on Xue Lingfeng’s back. She raised her finger subconsciously and slowly traced her slender and cool fingers along the lines on the smooth skin.

Looked similar, but still a bit different. It seemed that the enemy used a set of similar arrays.

Meng Qi had seen many set of arrays before. For example, the Four Poles Great Array her Master taught her, both the original and variatons were part of one complete set. Another example was the Soul Chasing Five Elements Sword refinery array that was auctioned at the Heaven Auction House last time. That was also part of a set.

So, would there be a third or even fourth victim?

“Uh…” Li Che, who was unconscious, suddenly groaned. His eyes opened slowly, and he turned his head to the bedside. “Master…” He called out hoarsely.

“Xiao Che, how are you?” Shen Zhengheng took a step forward and supported his disciple.

“This disciple is alright.” Li Che’s voice was still a bit hoarse, “But, this disciple feels cold all over, as if being affected by a cold poison.”

“It’s the juice of afterimage grass mixed with winter plum blossom.” Meng Qi retracted her hand.

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