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THDP Ch 66 Part 2 – Li Che (II)

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“It’s the juice of afterimage grass mixed with winter plum blossom.” Meng Qi retracted her hand.

Shen Zhengheng nodded. Although medical cultivation in the Southern Realm was declining, Shen Zhengheng was still the leader of Canglang Academy, a medical sect that had been exist for thousands of years. His medical knowledge was still top notch.

“The poison that affects my disciple isn’t hard to solve. What makes it tricky is the prohibition array on his body.” He said solemnly: “I heard that Xue Lingfeng of the Xue Clan also has the same condition. I wonder what treatment method did Xue Clan use?”

“They are waiting for their Clan Head to arrive.” Meng Qi replied, “Miss Xue also has a similar array drawn on her back.

“Oh?” Shen Zhengheng looked at Meng Qi, “You said a similar array?”

Medical cultivators always had to be careful with their words, and Shen Zhengheng immediately noticed the meaning of Meng Qi’s words: “Young Daoist Meng seems to be proficient in arrays.”

After Li Che got poisoned, Shen Zhengheng personally examined his disciple, and naturally had seen the array on Li Che’s back. However, the study of arrays in Three Thousand Worlds had just begun to re-emerge in the past two hundred years, and still hadn’t been widespread yet. Shen Zhengheng also didn’t know much about arrays. Hearing Meng Qi used the word ‘similar,’ he guessed that the other party probably was proficient in arrays.

Shen Zhengheng cupped his hands at Meng Qi: “Please ask Young Daoist to enlighten me.”

He was being so polite to Meng Qi, half the reason was looking at Pei Mufeng’s face. The other half was because as soon as Meng Qi entered the room, she found the array on Li Che’s back, and even said something more, which rekindled Shen Zhengheng’s hope.

Li Che seemed to only see Meng Qi now. He was still a little groggy. When he turned his head and saw Meng Qi who was standing by the bedside, he frowned. “A-are you…Lu…Qingran?”

Li Che shook his head, trying to dispel the dizziness. His vision now was very hazy, and he could only see the figure of a slender girl in blue robe standing by, plus the faint medicinal fragrance from her direction.

His heartbeat hastened a bit. He subconsciously thought that the person who suddenly appeared in his room was the girl he met on the road that day.

“No.” Meng Qi answered indifferently.

Sure enough, he knew Lu Qingran. Meng Qi sighed inwardly. Disappointment overwhelmed her heart.

“Oh.” Li Che responded softly, seemingly very disappointed. Their voice was different, and this girl’s tone was very cold. The Lu Qingran he knew was a very gentle, kind, and compassionate girl.

“Xiao Che.” Shen Zhengheng coughed briefly and quickly asked, “Do you remember what happened? How did you get poisoned?”

“Yes!” Although Li Che’s expression was still not quite right, but his mind was sobering. “That day, this disciple stayed behind per order to watch over the people at the Lezhou City who were injured by a fierce beast. After three days, they all recovered, so this disciple departed for Xingluo City to join Master and the others.”

“Mm.” Shen Zhengheng nodded slowly.

“When approaching Xingluo City, this disciple met two Qi Condensation cultivators who were hunting in a valley. They were injured by a monster beast and were unable to move. When this disciple treated them, this disciple was attacked from behind and passed out. ”

Li Che paused for a while, his pale face suddenly flushed. “This disciple didn’t know how long I was in coma. Later, a young female medical cultivator rescued this disciple. She said that the person who attacked this disciple was retreating because their old injuries relapsed, so she told this disciple to take this chance to quickly run to Xingluo City to find Master, and never go out of city again.”

“Oh?” Shen Zhengheng was stunned. “Who is that female medical cultivator?”

“She is Lu Qingran whom the disciple mentioned just now.” Li Che shivered suddenly, his face paled. His whole body suddenly stiffened, his teeth clenched and clanked with a loud noise.

Shen Zhengheng quickly reached out and fed his disciple a pill. But Li Che’s teeth were clenched tightly, and he couldn’t open his mouth to swallow the pill. Li Che’s eyes rolled inside. His consciousness clearly still awake, but he was completely unable to control his body.

Shen Zhengheng became anxious. He actually wanted to use a spell to forcibly make Li Che swallow the pill. However, he had tried before. As long as a cultivator with cultivation level of Golden Core or higher used any spell on Li Che, it would only aggreviate his symptomps.

Meng Qi sighed. No matter what, she couldn’t let a medical cultivator who was attacked and poisoned when trying to save wounded people on the road to suffer like this. She gritted her teeth. “Let me do it.” Meng Qi stretched her hand, “I am in the Foundation Establishment.”

Shen Zhengheng was startled. Of course he knew that Meng Qi’s cultivation was still in the Foundation Establishment stage. But it was hard for him to ask for her help. After all, she wasn’t Canglang Academy’s disciple, and she was also Pei Mufeng’s friend.

Meng Qi activated a spell, dissolving the pill, and poured it into Li Che’s mouth little by little.

After about half an incense stick of time, Li Che finally recovered and his body slowly calmed down.

“Excuse me, Sect Leader Shen.” Meng Qi turned her head at Shen Zhengheng and said calmly: “I have to charge you spirit stones for this.”


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