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THDP Ch 66 Part 4 – Li Che (IV)

Li Che sat quietly on the bed. After Pei Mufeng finished sending the instruction, Li Che cupped his hands again: “Many thanks, Pavilion Master Pei.”

“This is our duty.” Pei Mufeng replied flatly. He turned his head at Meng Qi, and asked, “How is it? Do you have an idea?”

“The key is this array.” Meng Qi also felt a little entangled. She glanced at the frail-looking young man sitting quietly on the bed. In fact, she had no bad feeling towards Li Che. On the contrary, she admired him him quite a bit.

Li Che is not only a gentleman as gentle as jade, but also had amazing talent in medical cultivation. He became famous at a young age, and it didn’t take long for him to become the number one medical cultivator in the Southern Realm.

Li Che saved countless people, and was loved by cultivators and ordinary people alike in the Southern Realm.

In her previous life, Meng Qi met him at a well-known poisonous swamp in the Southern Realm. At that time, a small sect near the swamp was suddenly attacked by unknown poisonous insects, and none in that sect was spared. The poisonous insects were ferocious, and the stinged cultivator would be totally paralyzed. Like a living dead, they were unable to move their body even a bit.

To save them, Li Che went deep into the poisonous swamp to find these insects. In order to prescribe the right medicine and devised a treatment method, he must understand the characteristics and toxicity of this poisonous insect first.

At that time, Meng Qi also traveled into the poisonous swamp to look for medicinal ingredients, and happened to run into Li Che who was stung by the poisonous insects. The insects had gone, leaving only Li Che lying alone in the mud. The poison had spread, and he gradually lost the feeling of his body. If it hadn’t been for Meng Qi who passed by, Li Che would have been perished in that poisonous swamp, leaving not even bones behind.

Meng Qi had never seen that kind poisonous insect before. But at that time, she had reached the Golden Core stage, and her medical cultivation level was at the fifth rank. After she rescued Li Che from the poisonous swamp, she simply stayed with him.

After being poisoned, Li Che was paralyzed. He was unable to see, but could still hear and barely speak. He was a medical cultivator himself, and his cultivation base was at the Nascent Soul stage, with medical cultivation level at the seventh realm of the fifth rank. Based on his body condition, Li Che kept giving Meng Qi’s information about the poison in his body and the two cooperated well to get rid of the poison. Finally, Li Che was detoxified, and his vision was the last to be healed.

Then on that day, when Meng Qi went out, she saw a notice that the close friend that betrayed Qin Xiumo was seeking medical treatment for his pregnant wife who was poisoned by a strange poison.

Meng Qi was deeply attracted by the word ‘strange poison.’ She contemplated. Li Che’s poison had been basically solved anyway, and he was also a medical cultivator. He surely would be okay by himself now.

So Meng Qi quickly followed the notice and went to meet the patient. When she saw Li Che again later, the other party had became Lu Qingran’s loyal confidant.

Meng Qi thought nothing about it. She had always known that Senior Sister Lu was always liked by male cultivators.

When Meng Qi met Li Che again, the other party seemed to not recognize her, but Meng Qi didn’t take it seriously. Basically, people who fell with Senior Sister Lu woulnd’t have other female in their eyes.

However, the Li Che of the previous life always adhered to the gentlemanly style to Lu Qingran. Meng Qi didn’t know whether he truly fell in love with Lu Qingran or not. But although Li Che had never crossed the line, he was really good to Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi’s mind returned to present. She retracted her thoughts, and her eyes fell on Li Che’s face again. The young man sat quietly on the bed. His eyes widened blankly, really a bit like their first meeting in the previous life.

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows slightly. Later, she learned that Li Che went into that poisonous swamp for the sake of a small sect who was attacked by poisonous insects. She also knew that after he fully detoxified himself, he immediately went to cure the people in that sect.

But when they first met in that poisonous swamp, he didn’t mention a word about his goal to find poisonous insects to save other people. Only that he was accidentally injured and poisoned.

He was lying on the ground. Unable to move, unable to see, and was about to be swallowed by the mud. Yet, he still didn’t forget to warn Meng Qi to be careful. he warned her that there might be poisonous insects lurking around him, and told her to leave the poisonous swamp as soon as possible without risking herself to save him.

Li Che was indeed a benevolent healer deserved to be respected.

Meng Qi sighed slowly. She wanted to try. It was not just because she felt itchy encountering a poisoning method she had never seen before. The toxicity of the afterimage grass and winter plum blossom juice was not severe, but if let for a long time, it would gradually affect the five senses of the body. Meng Qi couldn’t stand still and watch a person like Li Che suffered without doing anything.

“I can try.” She took a deep breath and said.

“Oh?” Shen Zhengheng’s eyes lit up, as if he had forgotten the previous thing, “Young Daoist Meng remembers what this array is?”

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi shook here head, “But I have seen similar array before.”

Shen Zhengheng seemed to be hesitated.

“Sect Leader Shen might as well let her try.” Su Junmo said suddenly. Since the time they went to see Xue Lingfeng, he could see that Meng Qi was very itchy to try her hand on this poisoning case.

Su Junmo was worried that Shen Zhengheng might back down, and quickly said: “I can guarantee that in this Three Thousands Worlds, even those from a few refinery sects, aren’t much better than Meng Qi in term of array knowledge.”

After all, Meng Qi could even use that legendary Four Poles Great Array.

“Yeah.” Sikong Xing also nodded repeatedly. She was one of those being shocked by Meng Qi’s arrays.

Chen Zhengheng still hesitant, but Li Che spoke up, “Master, please let this Fellow Daoist to try. This disciple trusts Pavilion Master Pei and Brother Su’s words.”

“Alright.” Chen Zhengheng agreed. “Then we will trouble Young Daoist Meng.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded, “But I have to charge spirit stones for the treatment fee.” She added: “The price isn’t cheap.”

Meng Qi saw Shen Zhengheng’s face became stunned again, and quickly said: “If Sect Leader Shen doesn’t have enough spirit stones at hand, you can write IOU first and pay it back slowly. No hurry!”


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  1. Omg not another case of the little mermaid. :V she saved him but someone else gets the credit. Really. Wonder if he’d remember his past life too. But in this case he never learned the truth so…. Would it even matter?

    Many thanks

    1. What bothers me the most about Lu Qingran running into the people Meng Qi heals is that they obviously give credit to Lu Qingran, and even though she’s aware that she wasn’t the one who healed them, she doesn’t correct them about it.

  2. Maybe Lu Qingran and this evil mysterious man poisoned them, so later Lu Qingran can heal them and charge for spirit stones to pay back her debt to Meng Qi 😂

    Hm, it seems strange that a genius like Meng Qi can’t figure out this simple but fancy looking array when she was taught with much more complex arrays.
    But i guess compared to OP ML our FL is average or even below and was just lucky to have met ML in previous life…

    Thanks for the chapter!

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