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THDP Ch 67 Part 1 – Heaven And Earth Book Hall (I)

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“No.” Shen Zhengheng was a bit dumbfounded. “If it’s spirit stones, we have it.”

“Master.” Li Che also said, “This disciple also has spirit stones.”

The master and disciple each took out a small brocade bag from their storage space. Li Che fumbled and handed it to Meng Qi, while Shen Zhengheng directly pushed the brocade bag into her hand.

Meng Qi “…”

Su Junmo and Sikong Xing just stared blankly.

Only Pei Mufeng’s expression remained unchanged. As if for him, everything Meng Qi said or did was normal.

Meng Qi opened the small brocade bags and took a look, then returned one of them. She mentally calculated. Li Che didn’t seem to love Lu Qingran, and the two should be just in a pure friendship. When Lu Qingran had a close relationship with other men, Li Che never showed dissatisfaction or jealousy and instead smiled with blessing every time.

Alright, they must be just ordinary friends.

Meng Qi threw the bag with the smaller amount of spirit stones into her storage space and then said to Shen Zhengheng and Li Che: “I still don’t know what array is it. I have to look at it again.”

“I understand.” Shen Zhengheng nodded, “Then we will trouble Young Daoist Meng.”

Shen Zhengheng didn’t question Meng Qi. Some cultivators put heavy secrecy on the legacy of their sect and wouldn’t divulge it to outsiders. He also knew Su Junmo. Although this man was from Demon Realm, Su Junmo spent a long time in Three Thousand Worlds and made acquaintances with many large sects. Since Su Junmo guaranteed Meng Qi’s expertise in arrays, it must be true. After all, it was said that the knowledge about arrays was much better preserved in the Demon Realm compared with Three Thousand Worlds.

Shen Zhengheng took another look at his disciple and went out of the room before Meng Qi could give another instruction.

Pei Mufeng stared at Meng Qi and said in a low voice, “I will stay outside the door.” Then, he turned around and followed Shen Zhengheng outside.

When Shen Zhengheng left, he also took away other disciples of Canglang Academy.

The door once again closed, and the room became quiet again.

Li Che couldn’t see, and he sat on the bed calmly.

Su Junmo and Sikong Xing sat at the only table in the room.

Sikong Xing glanced at Meng Qi. “You see…” She lowered her voice and leaned toward Su Junmo, “Should we go out too?”

“No!” Su Junmo’s face turned black, “We should be here to protect Meng Qiqi.”

How could he go out? Meng Qi probably was the Lord’s lover, while Li Che was a handsome young man. Even if it was a patient, he couldn’t leave Meng Qi inside a bedroom alone with a half-naked man. If the Lord knew about it…Su Junmo couldn’t help but shudder.

Su Junmo raised his eyes to look at the busy Meng Qi. At this moment, Li Che’s white inner shirt had been taken off to his waist, revealing a slender back without a trace of excess fat. The handsome young man had his long hair dangled around his body. His black hair contrasted with his white skin. Because the poison made him unable to see, he looked a little helpless.

He looked very tempting.

“No!” Su Junmo repeated firmly, “You and I must stay here, and we can’t let them be alone.”

Sikong Xing raised her eyebrows. With both hands propping her cheeks, she stared at Meng Qi intently.

Meng Qi’s hands were stretched out, tracing the array on Li Che’s back little by little. A light shone on her side face, making her long eyelashes seem to be coated by a gentle light. Her skin, which was originally white and tender, looked even more transparent.

“Meng Qiqi is really good-looking.” Sikong Xing changed her posture, “And she is also very strong. When she is so focused and serious like now, she is even more beautiful. Unfortunately…” She sighed softly. “The beautiful flower already has an owner.”

Su Junmo “…”

He should also drive out this damned Sikong Xing.

“Is Meng Qiqi being troubled?” Sikong Xing knocked the table lightly.

Su Junmo returned to his mind. He and Sikong Xing exchanged a glance and then turned their heads helplessly at the Meng Qi, who began to pace forth around the room with her head drooped.

Both of them were from fox clans, who had long not been familiar with the study of arrays. They didn’t know anything about it and couldn’t help Meng Qi at all.

“Is there a way we can help Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing looked for a while and asked Su Junmo. “Didn’t you always follow Lord Demon Monarch? They said that Lord Demon Monarch is a genius in arrays; cannot you ask him to help Meng Qiqi?”

Su Junmo”…”

He also wanted to, but who dared to make such a request to the Lord?


“Huh?” Su Junmo’s expression suddenly stunned. He quickly dug into his storage space.

“Help me guard the place.” Holding a piece of jade slip, Su Junmo hurriedly said to Sikong Xing and immediately closed his eyes without explaining further.

After pacing ten laps around the room, Meng Qi finally figured out an idea. In her previous life, she carefully remembered all the arrays her Master had taught her. In actuality, what she learned from her Master was much more complex than the small array on Li Che’s back.

However, compared with typical Three Thousand Worlds refinery cultivators, the way Meng Qi studied arrays was completely different.


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