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THDP Ch 67 Part 2 – Heaven And Earth Book Hall (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 67 Part 1.

In Three Thousand Worlds, arrays were mostly used by refinery cultivators, and the way they studied arrays was not much different than the way medical cultivators studied medical techniques. They would start from the foundation and learned the most basic and simplest arrays first. They learned about materials needed to create each array, how different materials performed differently, and also the varieties of the most basic arrays.

It was said that refinery cultivators were not only required to learn how to use arrays, but also how to dismantle them. This was how a new variety of arrays could be born.

But Meng Qi never studied these things. Her Master had always been: “Okay. You can use this one.”

Then he would proceed to teach Meng Qi the array he thought she could use. All the basics were skipped, and he directly taught her how to use it.

Meng Qi could use wide sets of arrays, but she was not very good at dismantling an unknown array to study its function and principle. Even so, her knowledge base was vast. Although the array she saw on Xue Lingfeng and Li Che’s body was completely unknown for her, she still figured out something after thinking hard all night.

“Meng Qiqi.” Just when Meng Qi began her twelfth lap, Su Junmo called her name.

“Huh?” Meng Qi turned around.

Su Junmo’s expression was strange, and his gaze looking at Meng Qi was somewhat odd. Even his voice seemed to be absent-minded: “If you are not sure yet, do you want to go and take a look at the books about arrays?”

“Huh?” Meng Qi’s eyes lit up, “Where can I go to?”

“Beyond The Heaven.” Su Junmo nodded firmly, “You should find the books you need there.”

“I’ve also looked at it the last time I went to Beyond The Heaven.” Meng Qi said. “But refinery cultivators have been declining for thousands of years, and their re-emergence has just begun in the last hundreds of years. Moreover, refinery cultivators keep even more secrecy towards their sects’ legacy. Whether it is Cloud Immortal Pavilion or Beyond The Heaven, none of them sell books dedicated to the study of arrays.”

After leaving the Huajiang Manor, Meng Qi went to both place to check, but found no books specialized in arrays.

“Um…” Su Junmo pondered for a moment, “I know about this small shop at Beyond The Heaven that sells various books from all over the three realms. From gossip books to history records to biography of great predecessors to spell records…they have all kinds of books. Some are rare, some are odds. Maybe you will find something there.”

Meng Qi glanced suspiciously at Su Junmo. Her heartbeat suddenly accelerated. It was said that whether it was the Demon Realm or the Devil Realm, the legacy about array was far better than the Three Thousand Worlds. Su Junmo came from the Demon Realm. Maybe he really knew something.

Also, after getting drunk in Fentian City last time, she vaguely remembered seeing Master in Beyond The Heaven. At first, she thought that it was just a sweet dream she had after getting drunk. But when she went to Beyond The Heaven again, she was told that Beyond The Heaven indeed had a cloud waterfall that she had seen in her dream.

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered. There was also that mysterious voice she suddenly heard in the forest outside Huajiang Manor. The array formation that was activated at that time was absolutely out of reach with her current ability.

And finally, the record taken by Fentian Palace’s elder at the Demon Realm. The legendary celestial demon white tiger sovereign actually had the exact same face as her Master.

“Where is this shop located?” Meng Qi asked Su Junmo. Her gaze was burning brightly.

“In the northwest corner of Beyond The Heaven.” Su Junmo said hesitantly, “But I can’t give a guarantee. After all, it is only a possibility. But we have no other choice. Meng Qiqi, you should go and try your luck.”

“You are right.” Meng Qi agreed. She took out the jade slip and went straight to Beyond The Heaven.

Su Junmo took a long breath and finally wiped his sweat. “Fortunately, Meng Qiqi believes in me.”

Sikong Xing curled her lips, “What are you planning to do?”

“I can’t tell you!” Su Junmo’s face suddenly became serious. “But……” He raised his head. There was disbelief in that gaze, but also relief after having his previous guess confirmed. “Little girl, you better listen to this brother’s warning. From now on, be respectful and polite to Meng Qiqi. Don’t always pester her for small things.”

Su Junmo sighed and murmured, “Fortunately, I’m smart and always stand firm by Meng Qiqi! But it’s normal. To be honest, I also like this little girl. She is honest, kind, and dedicated…”

“What are you whispering?” Sikong Xing was puzzled.

“Nothing!” Su Junmo returned to his senses, “Anyway…protect Meng Qiqi well. Follow her, and you won’t suffer!”

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