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THDP Ch 67 Part 3 – Heaven And Earth Book Hall (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 67 Part 1.

The night in Three Thousand Worlds seemed to have no effect at Beyond The Heaven. The vast city was indeed shrouded by night, and the seven floating islands seemed to look bigger and more prominent in the night sky. But the whole city was still brightly lit and full of activities.

After entering Beyond The Heaven City, Meng Qi went straight to the teleportation array that connected to the northwest area. After leaving the array, she walked along the city wall towards the northwest corner. This area seemed to be more secluded, and many shops had rather weird signs. Meng Qi sometimes couldn’t tell what they were selling just by looking at the shop name.

The closer it was to the northwest corner, the quieter the surroundings became. Meng Qi finally arrived at the shop Su Junmo recommended. It was located in the most extreme corner, its exterior was quite shabby, and there wasn’t even a name on the shop sign.

The shop looked very deserted, but it was open.

Meng Qi raised her head to glance at the empty sign. She then took a deep breath and walked in.

As soon as she entered the door, her eyes suddenly widened. In contrast with the exterior, there were no signs of being deserted inside. The shop interior was very spacious. Numerous bookshelves stood from the ground to the ceiling, filled with countless slips made from bamboo or jade.

However, there seemed to be no classification on the bookshelves, and both bamboo slips and jade slips were all piled around haphazardly.

Meng Qi looked at the rows and rows of bookshelves, her eyes filled with amazement and wonder. This shop looked so small from the outside. But inside, it was a separate space altogether.

Right in front of her, there was a staircase leading to the next floor. Meng Qi looked up. The spiral staircase went up far away, and she couldn’t see its end.

“Fellow Daoist, what are you looking for?” An old man’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Meng Qi turned around and saw an old man with youthful vigor standing behind with a smile.

Maybe it was her illusion, but Meng Qi saw the old man look at her up and down and then nodded with a meaningful smile.

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Meng Qi “???”

“What books does Young Daoist need?” The old man walked to Meng Qi’s side.

“My book halll collects all kinds of books over the years, and there is nothing you cannot find here.” He reached out his hand and took a bamboo slip from a bookshelf in front of Meng Qi. “We have the records of all kinds of legends and history. Of course, if your luck is good, you may also find the cultivation notes left behind by great predecessors, or even an unknown spell. For example, this one…” He handed the bamboo slip to Meng Qi.

The warm bamboo slip made Meng Qi seemed to feel that she was touching a real thing.

The sleeves of the old man’s robe flicked, and a bright light scattered from the bamboo slip. He slightly raised his jaw towards Meng Qi, “You may read it.”


Meng Qi held the bamboo slip curiously.

Weren’t the objects in Beyond The Heaven supposed to be unreal? People couldn’t directly use the things they bought here. Bamboo or jade slip records were no exception. The last time Meng Qi got bamboo slips from Sister Xue, she also had to leave Beyond The Heaven and fetch it at the relay station before she could read it.

Is this ‘Heaven And Earth Book Hall’ so powerful?

She held the bamboo slip and poured a bit of aura into it. The content inside immediately went into her mind.

“Huh?” Meng Qi looked at the title in surprise: “Biography of Celestial Demon White Tiger Sovereigns…what is this?”

Meng Qi quickly scanned the content line by line. This bamboo slip turned to be a record of the life of successive white tiger sovereigns spanned over tens of thousands of years. In addition to their various heroic deeds and brilliant performance, it also recorded the love story of every white tiger sovereigns.

Meng Qi blinked in surprise, but kept devouring the content. Cultivators generally read very quickly, unless it was cultivation notes or other books with similar nature that had to be read carefully and slowly.

This one she was reading right now was akin to an unofficial biography, so Meng Qi could read a few volumes in less than half an incense stick of time.

Meng Qi finished reading two volumes in a daze. Both volumes were writing about white tiger sovereigns from ten thousand years ago. She retracted her spiritual sense from the bamboo slip and looked at the old man, who was still smiling at her. She said embarrassedly: “Senior, I am sorry. I have been distracted.”

“It’s okay.” The old man smiled amiably, “What book does Young Daoist need? Tell this old man. There are too many books here. It will be easier if I find them for you.”

“I wonder if there are any introductory-level books about arrays?” Meng Qi asked.

“Oh?” The old man muttered for a moment and nodded, “Yes, there are. Wait for a moment.” He turned around and slowly walked up the stairs.

Meng Qi glanced at the old man’s back. He was wearing a gray robe. Although he seemed quite old, he was tall and still looked pretty strong.

Thinking that the old man would need some time to fetch the book, Meng Qi couldn’t help taking another look at the bamboo slip’s content.

In the Demon Realm, the white tiger clan was one of the celestial demon’s royal clans. It was said that the number of white tiger demons was very small. Even so, they were still the most dominating existence in the Demon Realm.

The white tigers were too strong. Even among other celestial demon royal clans, few could enter the white tigers’ eyes. They often had to wait for thousands of years until they found a Dao companion with whom they were willing to spend the rest of their life together.

Furthermore, the white tigers were very loyal towards their other half. Once they found their Dao companion, they would never betray or leave.

Meng Qi fell into a daze again, until the old man’s voice suddenly rang again: “Young Daoist, Young Daoist?”

“I’m sorry.” Meng Qi returned to her sense. “It seems I was being distracted again.” She blushed slightly.


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